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Starting at $299.99 - Free Standard Delivery
SpaShield Hot Tub & Spa Covers are competitively priced and made from high-quality materials that will protect your investment and complement your backyard décor. Because a spa cover is best protected from the inside out, we take special interest in ensuring that our covers meet or exceed industry standards to ensure long life and maximum energy retention. From here, you can proceed to build your own custom spa cover or continue reading to learn more about the options available for your SpaShield cover.

SpaShield Models

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Why is Taper Important?
The primary function of the taper is to encourage water runoff instead of letting it collect in the middle, damaging the vinyl cover and saturating the foam core. A thick taper and dense foam will maximize energy retention.
Why is Insulating Value Important?
The R-Value of a spa cover refers to the foam core's ability to resist heat loss. This rating is determined by comparing the density of the foam and the thickness of the taper against the air temperature on the cold side of the insulation at the time of testing. The higher the R-Value, the better the insulating factor of the cover. An R-Value rating of 13 is pretty standard, but they can go as high as 30.
Upgrading Your Cover
All of our spa cover models can be upgraded to 1.5# or 2.0# foam density, fitted with additional handles or tie-downs, lined with vapor barriers to prevent long-term damage, or shipped with easy-to-use cover lifts to keep your cover pristine for years to come. We also sell every cover shape in 14 different colors to match every patio or yard decor!
Taper & Foam Options
SpaShield Standard Galvanized
  • 4x2" Taper and 1.0# Density Foam
  • Standard Galvanized Channelling
  • Topstitch Construction
  • Four Tie Downs with Keyed Lock Fastener
  • Includes Two Handles, and 4" Steam Stoppers
  • Insulating Value - R-13
$299.99 start building
SpaShield Deluxe Aluminum
  • 4x2" Taper and 1.0# Density Foam
  • Features Aluminum Channelling
  • Premium Double Topstitch Construction
  • Four Tie Downs with Keyed Lock Fastener
  • Includes Two Handles, and 4" Steam Stoppers
  • Insulating Value - R-14
$329.99 start building
SpaShield Premium Aluminum
  • 5x3" Taper and 1.0# Density Foam
  • Features Aluminum Channelling
  • Reinforced Topstitch Construction
  • Four Padded Handles (Two Inside Hinge, Two Outside)
  • Four Bow "X" Tie Downs with Keyed Lock Fastener
  • Full Length Steam Stopper
  • Insulating Value - R-18 and Double Sided Vapor Barrier
$409.99 start building
SpaShield DuraMax Aluminum
  • 6x4" Taper and 2.0# Density Foam
  • Features Reinforced Aluminum Channelling
  • Premium Double Topstitch Construction
  • Four Padded Handles (Two Inside Hinge, Two Outside)
  • Four Tie Downs with Keyed Lock Fastener
  • Full Length Steam Stopper
  • Insulating Value - R-23 and PermaLiner Vapor Barrier
$429.99 start building

Features of All SpaShield Spa & Hot Tub Covers

spa cover features
  • No-rust, no-corrosion, heavy-duty nylon zippers allow for easy core removal
  • Reinforced handles of matching vinyl
  • Plastic sealed foam core to help prevent water absorption
  • High-quality YKK zippers - stitched with strong polyester thread
  • Double laminated vinyl bottom fabric
  • Durable all-steel C-Channel support beam for added strength
  • Premium Grade Marine Vinyl - twice the life expectancy of standard grade vinyl
  • 1500+ Hrs rating on "Weatherometer"
  • Fire Retardant, 29 oz. material
  • 100% polyester backing
  • Treated for ultra-violet resistance
  • Mildew resistant throughout
  • Chlorine resistant
  • Coldcrack -20°F,ISO 9001 Suppliers
  • Anti-wicking, 100% Polyester thread treated with UV and mold inhibitors
  • Heat sealed EPS virgin foam insulation
  • Insulation R-values range from 13 to 23
  • Sealing, adjustable, heat-stopper padded fingers at hinge
  • Every spa cover meets ASTM F1346-91 standard for manual safety covers and features
  • 4 Deluxe Child Safety Locks, side-release tie down straps.

SpaShield Premium Vinyl Outer Cover

spacover premium cover
Built to Last
We use only the highest quality materials for our spa and hot tub covers. The marine-grade vinyl is a premium 29 oz. with 100% polyester backing. It is fire retardant, treated for ultra-violet resistance (1500 hr. rating), and mildew and chlorine resistant. The Energy Shield II is built with Reflective Laminated Fabric, which is ideal for energy savings. Choose from 12 designer colors to complete any landscape.

SpaShield Warranty

spacover warranty
Long Lasting Value
SpaShield covers are precision manufactured from the highest quality materials, ensuring the greatest durability and longevity. All of our covers include a comprehensive, non-prorated 5- year warranty.

SpaShield Custom Spa Covers at Factory Direct Prices

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SpaShield Custom Spa Covers at Factory Direct Prices
At PoolSupplyWorld we pride ourselves in bringing you outstanding products for the lowest possible prices. A spa cover is a serious investment in the health and energy efficiency of your spa. A poorly made cover that saves you money upfront might last one or two years at most, but will probably also cost you a bundle in energy bills because of its poor insulating value.

High quality covers, like those sold at PoolSupplyWorld, have a much longer lifespan, are manufactured to meet and exceed industry standards, and are made of materials designed to insulate your spa, saving you money on your energy bills. What's the catch, you ask? There isn't one. Because our spa covers are well made and affordably priced, we sell enough of them to have high buying power with our manufacturer, which translates into low prices for our customers.

If you're thinking we'll make up our costs by charging you huge shipping fees or selling you an expensive warranty, we assure you that kind of business practice isn't our style. We offer free shipping, regardless of the size or weight of your cover or the number of accessories you add. The non-prorated 5-year warranty for these spa covers is included in the sale. Also, our convenient on-line ordering guide makes it easy to order from home, and we always welcome you to contact our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives should you have any questions. If this is your first time ordering a spa cover, our spa measuring guide will walk you through the process, and it's designed to be printed out and taken with you to the back patio.

We are eager to prove to you that custom spa covers from PoolSupplyWorld are the best in quality, prices, and service. We encourage you to browse through our site and then do some comparison shopping. When you're ready to place your order, we'll be here.