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About Our Spa Covers

PoolSupplyWorld is committed to quality and dependability. Our spa covers are manufactured with customer satisfaction and long product life in mind. All of our spa covers and accessories are backed by our trademark customer service, commitment to excellence and pride for innovation.

A spa cover performs three basic functions:

  • Blocks debris, inclement weather and sunlight from affecting the spa components and water quality
  • Insulates the spa, preventing excessive heat loss and high energy consumption
  • Safeguards against unwanted entry

All of a spa cover’s protective qualities come from the inside out. To protect itself and extend its lifespan, a spa cover needs:

  • A high density foam core wrapped in an industrial grade plastic wrap
  • Appropriately thick taper to encourage water run-off
  • Marine-grade vinyl cover that resists mold and U.V. damage
  • Reinforced hinge for years of repeated use

Spa covers from PoolSupplyWorld boast the following attributes:

Safety Standards: We Meet All ASTM Standards for Spa Covers

We know your family and pets are precious. Our spa covers meet or exceed the safety standards set forth by the ASTM, including the use of four safety straps on every cover. Many municipal building codes require the use of ASTM-compliant spa covers. We recommend checking your local building code regulations before buying a cover that is not ASTM compliant.

EPS Foam Core Offers Superior Density and Moisture Resistance

The density of a spa cover’s foam core affects moisture resistance, heat retention, and the amount of weight the cover can handle from external factors such as rain and snow build-up. Loose, lightweight foam will not insulate your spa, they will sag under heavy weight and begin to rot and deteriorate from saturation.

The foam cores of PoolSupplyWorld’s spa covers are made of virgin Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), a particularly dense foam that has top-rated insulation properties and is available in a variety of thicknesses, rated according to pounds. The higher the pound rating of the foam, the more dense it is.

Tapered Insulation Protects from the Elements

The thickness of the core’s taper is also important in gauging its durability. The gradual slope of the tapered design keeps rainwater from accumulating on the cover, which extends its life and quality. Our tapers are available in 4"-2" or 5"-3".

Heat Saving Seals Prevent Heat Loss and High Energy Consumption

Our spa covers have high density, polyurethane foam moisture seals at the folds to prevent heat loss and excessive energy use.

Marine Grade Vinyl Resists Mold and U.V. Damage

Our spa cover vinyl casings feature premium Marine Grade vinyl with 100% polyester backing that has been treated to guard against mildew and U.V. damage.

Sturdy Handles, Straps, and a Reinforced Hinge Make Our Covers Even More Durable

  • Our handles and straps are triple folded, reinforced vinyl with double-stitched seams. We use marine-grade polyester thread to protect against breaking.
  • The hinge is reinforced with an aluminum channel to add strength and durability.

Safety Locks Add an Extra Layer of Protection

Unlike other spa covers, our Acetal locking buckles unlock with a key.

Designer Colors Complement Any Décor

Choose from a list of 12 beautiful colors to suit your preference.

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