Aquabot Hydro EXL Robotic Pool Cleaner with Eco-Friendly, Energy-Saving Technology

Hydro ELX
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About the Aquabot Hydro EXL
The Hydro EXL Robotic Pool Cleaner by Aquabot strives to give your pool a healthier clean with better mixing and filtration capabilities that allow you to use fewer chemicals.

Pool Cleaner Features:

  • Robotic automatic pool cleaner
  • Suitable for all pool surfaces
  • Cleaning Cycle: 1 to 2 hours
  • 2-hour shut off feature
  • Energy efficient and cost efficient
  • Easy to use
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Built in pump and filtration system
  • Vacuum, filters, and circulates water


Better Mix

Better Mix

The Hydro EXL circulates your pool’s water as it navigates around your swimming pool. Mixing the water like this allows the added chemicals to circulate the entire swimming pool ensuring everything is clean and clear.
Better Filtration

Better Filtration

This Aquabot has an internal pump and filtration system that allows it to filter water as it maneuvers around your swimming pool.
Fewer Chemicals

Fewer Chemicals

With the Hydro EXL’s internal pump and filtration system, this robotic pool cleaner helps mix the pool chemicals into your pool water and filters it as it goes. This allows you to use fewer chemicals in your swimming pool, resulting in less pool maintenance for you!
Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient

With all debris being self-contained within the unit, it takes away strain from your existing filtration system allowing you to save on backwashing. With better water circulation, you can save up to 30% on chemical usage.

More Information

The Aquabot Hydro EXL is an eco-friendly and easy to use robotic pool cleaner that gives your pool a fresh and healthy clean and allows you to use fewer chemicals. Simply plug the pool cleaner in, press a button, and watch as the Hydro EXL cleans your pool within one or two hours. This robotic pool cleaner vacuums your pools floor and climbs up half the wall. It also filters and circulates the water giving your pool an all over clean during each cycle. The Aquabot Hydro EXL helps you save water, chemical usage, and electric usage making this the perfect option for a more energy efficient cleaner.

The Hydro EXL by Aquabot creates a healthier swimming environment that your family and friends can enjoy. It navigates around your swimming pool clearing your pool’s floor and climbing half the pool wall to ensure debris is cleared. As it maneuvers around your pool, the Hydro EXL also circulates the water giving it a better mix and resulting in better filtration and clearer pool water that allows you to use fewer chemicals. If you’re looking for a pool cleaner that requires virtually no maintenance and automatically cleans your swimming pool, look no further than the Hydro EXL by Aquabot.

Say goodbye to the constant maintaining of your worn-out pool cleaner and say hello to the Aquabot Hydro EXL Robotic Automatic Pool Cleaner. Thrive in the energy savings, cost savings, and maintenance savings; start enjoying your swimming pool again.

Aquabot Hydro EXL Specifications


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Brasilia said:
Location: Thousand Oaks, CA
3 weeks ago
I just started using Aqua-bot and I like it ok. I have to bush the debris to the middle of the pool so it can get it. It beats the normal auto system I've used for 10 years.
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John T. said:
Location: Arlington, TX
John T
9 months ago
For the money, its a very good deal. It does a good job cleaning exceptionally when I give time. My Aquabot Hydro EXL I think this is a bargain. I have a 43X16 concrete pool and I would recommend this.
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Beverly Y. said:
Location: Temple, TX.
11 months ago
We absolutely LOVE our robotic Pool Cleaner. Don't know how we lived without it.
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graham said:
Location: Australia
graham downie
1 year ago
Rubbish!!!!! owned this cleaner for 2 years and tried everything to make it clean all of pool running it for 12 hours a day in 45,000 ltr tiles pool normal shape. misses 30% everytime. pump inside cleaner takes up 40% of bag volume when in machine. this guy doesnt tell you that. hold no more than other cleaners. tried to get help from company in USA just ignored emails. sold machine. now looking at others?
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Andrea said:
verified buyer
Location: Florence SC
Don't expect TOO much from this.......
1 year ago
For the money, its a very good deal. It doesn't clean exceptionally well, but its just OK. Like someone said before, it will stay in one area forever and just go back and forth. I push it around with the brush and no problem. For $300, I canhelp it around a little. My last cleaner was over $600, looked similiar to this, and cleaned about the same as the Aquabot! I think this is a bargain. I have a 12X25 fiberglass pool and I would recommend this.
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