Sharkline Matrix
Sharkline Matrix
Sharkline Above Ground Swimming Pools

The Matrix is Sharkline’s premium hybrid above ground pool, engineered with injection molded 8" resin Vari-Width top rails, 6" Vari-Width uprights, and full 1" bottom rails to give you the most durable above ground pool on the market. The Matrix’s resin top rails and uprights are Soft-Touch, meaning they do not retain heat like steel for a comfortable environment on the hottest summer days. The Matrix also features 18 top rails and uprights that serve to further strengthen the pool’s structure as opposed to the other models that have 16 top rails and uprights.

The Matrix’s beautiful flowing design and variable width top rails and uprights lend a great deal of personality to this premium pool. Its defining feature, however, is its snap-fit installation. On round models, the only hardware you’ll need are the wall bolts and skimmer mount; the rest of the components snap easily together for an excellent do-it-yourself weekend project. The oval models are similarly easy to assemble, but require a few more bolts for the Yardmore space saving buttresses. The steel walls of the Matrix are galvanized and corrugated to provide enhanced structural memory, making this model a perfect choice for regions that freeze in the winter. The Matrix’s steel walls are generously layered with Krystal Kote, a patented protective coating that provides outstanding protection against chemical and U.V. damage. This pool is available in 54" wall heights to support a host of pool games and activities.

  • Hybrid Swimming Pool
  • 8” variable width injection molded resin top rails
  • 6” injection molded resin uprights
  • 54” high galvanized steel walls
  • Full 1” resin bottom rail system
  • Has 18 top rails and uprights for enhanced structural stability
  • Soft-touch rails are radius design and stay cooler than steel
  • Available in round and oval
  • Oval pools have Yardmore space saving design
  • Round pools have resin lock-down fasteners for an excellent DIY project
  • Interlocking stabilizer rails
  • Flo-Pro II wide mouth skimmer
  • Steel walls treated with Krystal Kote steel protector
  • Sixty-year warranty with a five-year full warrranty
  • Made in the USA
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54" Sharkline Matrix
54" pools have a larger gallon capacity than other sizes. Their deeper water makes them ideal for adult swimmers and families with older children.

Oval Pool Only
15' x 26' Sharkline Matrix 15' x 26' x 54" Oval Above Ground Swimming Pool $2,606.99
15' x 30' Sharkline Matrix 15' x 30' x 54" Oval Above Ground Swimming Pool $2,835.99
18' x 33' Sharkline Matrix 18' x 33' x 54" Oval Above Ground Swimming Pool $3,004.99
18' x 40' Sharkline Matrix 18' x 40' x 54" Oval Above Ground Swimming Pool $3,373.99
Round Pool Only
18' Sharkline Matrix 18' x 54" Round Above Ground Swimming Pool $1,339.99
20' Sharkline Matrix 20' x 54" Round Above Ground Swimming Pool $1,484.99
24' Sharkline Matrix 24' x 54" Round Above Ground Swimming Pool $1,691.99
28' Sharkline Matrix 28' x 54" Round Above Ground Swimming Pool $2,054.99
33' Sharkline Matrix 33' x 54" Round Above Ground Swimming Pool $2,334.99