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Safety Covers
  • Protects loved ones in the event of an accidental pool intrusion
  • Reduces debris, contaminants and pool maintenance
  • Starting at $318.99 for standard sizes.
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Safety covers are a great way to add security while cutting back on pool maintenance in the fall and winter months. They're secured by anchors that have been mounted to your pool deck for a tight fit, preventing accidental intrusion of your pool. Mesh covers allow water to pass through, preventing snow and water buildup on the cover, while solid covers protect you pool water from contaminants and sunlight, significantly reducing bacteria, algae growth and cutback on pool chemicals and maintenance.
Winter Covers
  • Protects against dirt, debris and algae growth
  • Reduces the need for chemicals and maintenance during winter
  • Starting as low as $23.99!
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Winter covers are a great way to keep your pool clean and balanced during the winter months while your pool is not in use. They protect your pool from the entry of dirt, debris and reduce sunlight; a major contributor of algae growth. Our safety covers are made with high quality woven strands to promote longevity and durability. The covers come in multiple shapes and sizes with warranties ranging from 8 to 10 years, making it easy to pick the best winter cover for just about any pool.
Solar Covers
  • Increases water temperature by up to 10-15 degrees
  • Save money and energy all summer long
  • Starting as low as $32.99!
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Solar covers are an eco-friendly, cost effective way to heat your pool. Our covers are made of thousands of small bubbles which trap heat from sunlight and transfer it into your pool water, increasing temperature by up to 10-15 degrees. In addition to increasing the heat, solar covers prevent the evaporation of water, keeping water warm and reducing the loss of chemicals through evaporation, saving on costs. All solar covers are made from a strong UV resistant material and are backed by a 3 year warranty.
Cover Reels
Solar Sun Rings
  • Heat your pool with less hassle than full covers
  • Designed to work with automatic pool cleaners
  • Starting at $21.49 per ring!
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Solar Sun Rings are a great way to heat you pool easily and conveniently for all pool shapes and sizes. The rings utilize the suns heat by absorbing UV rays and converting it to heat. In addition to heating the pool, the rings insulate and prevent the evaporation of water, keeping water warm and reducing the loss of pool chemicals. The Solar Sun Rings are made from two sheets of heavy-duty, UV resistant vinyl that bind together with magnets that release and re-attach when in contact with an automatic pool cleaner. Solar Sun Rings work in, both, chlorine and salt water pools and easily work with peanut shaped pools.
Liquid Solar

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