All IntelliTouch Pool or Spa Only Products:

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Power Centers

Power Centers
The Pentair Power Center provides the electrical foundation for your IntelliTouch automation system. You can select between the IntelliTouch Load Center and the Power Center. The Load Center includes a built-in sub-panel (125 Amps) and can hold up to eight – 1" breakers. Also includes five 25 Amp 3 HP relays, 120V/240V transformer with secondary side circuit protection. Multiple knockouts for ½" to 1" conduit are supplied as well as a GFCI side knock out. The Load Center provides ample space for all high and low voltage wiring needs. Load Center dimensions are: 17" W x 24" H. The Power Center offers a smaller footprint (17" W x 17" H) than the Load Center. The Power Center does not include a circuit breaker base. You can use this enclosure if you already have existing circuit breakers/sub-panel for your equipment.

Power Centers:
Sku # Product Description Price
520137 IntelliTouch Power Center $390.99
520136 IntelliTouch Load Center $438.99
521215 IntelliTouch Load Center without IntelliChlor Transformer $490.99
521213 IntelliTouch Load Center with IntelliChlor Transformer $642.99
521216 IntelliTouch Power Center without IntelliChlor Transformer $398.99
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Personality Kits

Personality Kits
The Pentair IntelliTouch Personality kits are designed for the typical backyard pool and spa combination where the pool and spa share one set of pool equipment. Each IntelliTouch unit controls the filter pump plus up to 40 accessory functions. There is a personality kit available for every swimming pool and spa configuration. The IntelliTouch is completely customizable, offering you the ability to design programs for your pool or spa needs or take advantage of the programs already created by Pentair. With everything from a one- time-use program, salt generation interface for popular salt chlorinators, spectacular colored pool and spa light shows, along with solar control capabilities. In addition, there are various options available including light dimming, smart home interface, spa-side remote switches, valve actuators for water flow control, additional indoor wired or wireless user interface control panels, and even telephone remote control.

Personality Kits:
Sku # Product Description Price
520508 IntelliTouch i9 3S Single Equipment Pool Only or Spa Only Applications $1,203.99
521220 IntelliTouch i7 + 3 Shared Equipment Pool and Spa Combinations Personality Kit (Replaces 520507) $1,149.99
521223 IntelliTouch i5+3S 5 Circuit Personality Kit for Pool Only or Spa Only Applications $501.99
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Interface Kits

Interface Kits
One or more of the Standard or ScreenLogic Interface Kits can be used with IntelliTouch Personality Kits. They can be mixed and matched to suit your needs. At least one of these Kits is required to Program and operate the Personality Kit. You choose the interface kit that suits your personality, if you love technology and want all the bells and whistles, the iTC45 Kit that includes a wireless Tablet with color touch screen and wireless router might be perfect for you. If you want something that still offers mobility but is a little simpler the iTC15 Kit might be the route for you. You can also choose the indoor control panel kit that is hardwired to the Personality board located in either the load or power center.

Interface Kits:
Sku # Product Description Price
520138 Indoor Control Panel for IntelliTouch Systems (White), additional $505.99
520500 ScreenLogic2 IntelliTouch and EasyTouch Systems iPhone/iPad/iPod/iPod Touch/PC and Mac Interface Kit $369.99
520501 IntelliTouch iTC25 Interface Kit $1,530.99
520502 IntelliTouch iTC35 Interface Kit $2,421.99
520503 IntelliTouch iTC45 Interface Kit $3,273.99
520906 MobileTouch Wireless Accessory Kit $858.99
522104 ScreenLogic Interface and Wireless Connection Kit Bundle $384.99
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Spa Side Remotes

Spa Side Remotes
The Pentair spa-side remotes installs next to your spa either in-deck or tile, semi-flush surface mounted. The spa-side remotes can control up to 10 features ranging from the spa itself to spa jets, spa lights, temperature and so much more. The controllers can operate up to 150 feet range from the Load or Power Center. The spa-side controls are fully programmable so you can customize it to your own needs. The Pentair iS10 spa-side remote also has a digital temperature display and temperature control. The iS4 spa-side remotes are available in white, black or gray and with varying cord lengths depending on your needs. The iS10 is available in bisque color with a 150’ cable.

Spa Side Remotes:
Sku # Product Description Price
520092 iS4 Four-Function Spa-Side Remote Control, White, 100' Cable $181.99
520090 iS4 Four-Function Spa-Side Remote, White, 50' Cable $173.99
520257 iS4 Four-Function Spa-Side Remote, Black, 100' Cable $213.99
520091 iS4 Four-Function Spa-Side Remote, Grey, 50' Cable $183.99
520093 iS4 Four-Function Spa-Side Remote, Grey, 100' Cable $188.99
520094 iS4 Four-Function Spa-Side Remote, White, 150' Cable $220.99
520095 iS4 Four-Function Spa-Side Remote, Grey, 150' Cable $276.99
520258 iS4 Four-Function Spa-Side Remote, Black, 150' Cable $207.99
520098 iS4 Four-Function Spa-Side Remote, White, 250' Cable $249.99
520099 iS4 Four-Function Spa-Side Remote, Grey, 250' Cable $269.99
520260 iS4 Four-Function Spa-Side Remote, Black, 250' Cable $269.99
521179 SpaCommand Spa-Side Remote Control with 250' Cable, White $484.99
521178 SpaCommand Spa-Side Remote Control with 150' Cable, White $468.99
521176 SpaCommand Spa-Side Remote Control with 150' Cable, Black $447.99
521177 SpaCommand Spa-Side Remote Control with 250' Cable, Black $480.99
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Valve Actuators

Valve Actuators
Pentair Valve Actuator 3 port prevents dead-heading of pumps. Has a corrosion-proof enclosure and includes 25’ of cable.

Valve Actuators:
Sku # Product Description Price
263044 CVA24Y Valve Actuator, 24 VAC, 3-Wire 25', and 120 Degree Rotation $185.99
263045 CVA24T Valve Actuator, 24VAC, for 3-Way Valves $136.99
263043 CVA24L Valve Actuator, 24 VAC, 3-Wire 25', and 90 Degree Rotation $143.99
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Pentair offers all the accessories you need to take full advantage of your automatic control system. Whether it’s using a Wi-Fi connection to program the automatic control system over the internet with the IntelliTouch ScreenLogic Wireless Connection Kit, the MobileTouch Wireless Control or using the ScreenLogic Video and Lighting Protocol, you can program a light show, control speed, color and motion for your Pentair lights. Pentair offers a Dimmer Switch module to help you set the mood for a romantic evening. PoolSupplyWorld has all of this and much more. If you are not sure what accessories you may need, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (800) 772-0467.

Sku # Product Description Price
520354 Colored Faceplate Kit for Recessed-Mount $48.99
520355 is10 Faceplate Pack for Spa-Side Remote $48.99
520106 3HP Relay for IntelliTouch $61.99
520818 IntelliTouch Expansion Com Port $61.99
520199 1,000' Cable, Four Conductor, 22 AWG $275.99
520406 IntelliTouch Dimmer Module $244.99
520639 IntelliTouch ScreenLogic Wireless Connection Kit $355.99
520442 i-Link Home Automation Adapter Interface for IntelliTouch $534.99
520497 Panel Touch, Acc iTC35 $1,100.99
520498 Indoor Control Panel for IntelliTouch (White), additional $2,607.99
520138 Indoor Control Panel for IntelliTouch Systems (White), additional $505.99
520396 IntelliTouch Systems Sales & Service Tools Service Panel $490.99
520400 IntelliTouch Laptop Trainer $961.99
520967 Light Direct Connect $81.99
520148 QuickTouch 4 Button Wireless Remote Control $200.99
AI101 Surge Suppressor for 115V Transformer Wiring $237.99
520499 Tablet, Acc iTC45 $3,623.99
6870002 Telephone Remote Control for any Single Circuit $466.99
520272 Temperature Sensor (Air/Water/Solar, 20' Cable) $45.99
520198 Two-Speed 3HP Relay $103.99
520285 Valve Module for adding up to 3 Valve Actuators $172.99
RLYLX3HP Additional 25 Amp, 3 HP Power Relay $110.99
RLYLXD Relay Kit for 2 Speed Pumps $108.99
521109 IntelliCom II Interface Adapter $170.99
521180 SpaCommand Mudbox Accessory $36.99
521209 QuickTouch II Wireless Remote Control for Control Systems $170.99