Hayward’s OnCommand is an affordable way to enhance your backyard experience by bringing automation to your swimming pool or spa. With the push of a button, integrate your swimming pool, spa and other backyard functions simply and efficiently. The OnCommand boasts intuitive programming and an easy-to-read display, letting you automatically operate your pump, filter, heater, cleaner, pool, spa, landscape lighting and water features with ease and efficiency. By automating swimming pool functions to operate in off-peak hours, OnCommand can save up to 75% on your energy costs while maintaining regular filtration cycles and regulating heater output. The OnCommand is the perfect retrofit solution for pool owners who want to add automation to their existing swimming pools while saving money.
Bring the convenience and energy efficiency of automating all your swimming pool and spa systems with OnCommand Pool and Spa Combo. Now, with one finger you can control your pump, filter, heater, cleaner, pool, spa, landscape lighting, and water features. OnCommand’s intuitive design fits any existing swimming pool and is the perfect replacement for outdated time clocks. Whether you need a new electrical subpanel or already have an existing one on your equipment pad, OnCommand is the ideal choice for your automation system. Automating tasks with OnCommand can save you up to 75% on energy costs year after year making it the most cost efficient and affordable way to control your pool and backyard features.