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King Technology is the expert in water treatment solutions and has been manufacturing superior water purification equipment since 1978. POOL FROG offers a unique a mineral system with four components that cut chlorine use by 50% over standard systems. The first component is the vessel; holding the cycler, the mineral reservoir, and the pre-filled chlorine Bac Pac. The mineral reservoir acts as a neutralizer, continually balancing your pool’s pH and protecting against bacteria. Finally, the pre-filled chlorine Bac Pac dispenses low levels of chlorine for 1-3 weeks. King Technology also offers solutions for spas. SPA FROG Mineral Sanitizers are the only mineral systems for spas that work with low levels of bromine or chlorine for the highest water quality. Innovation extends to the POOL FROG’s line of chemical feeders, offering erosion technology with exact metering capabilities.