Spring Opening

The winter season has past and warmer temperatures are rapidly approaching. The time to open your pool is here. Let us help you take the steps to open your pool the easy way. All the supplies you will need are just a click away, so let's get started.

Opening Procedures:

First things first, if you have a winter pool cover on your swimming pool there are a few things you need to do before removing it:

  • Remove leaves from the pool cover
  • Pump the water and debris off of the pool cover

Now that that's done you can remove, wash, dry and store your pool cover with ease. Next, remove any winterizing plugs or plates and check for obstructions or cracks.

Equipment Check:

Next, you will need to check your swimming pools equipment. In this step, the first thing you'll want to do is cross your fingers for good luck. Now, get a pen ready to check off each item on the to-do list below:

Pool Pump


Turn on the motor for a couple seconds to make sure it is not seized, then turn it off immediately. If there is anything wrong, have it serviced immediately.
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Pool Filter


Check your filter system and skimmer basket. Remember to follow your owner's manual! For best result, run your filter continuously for two to three days or at least 10 hours a day.
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IntelliFlo 011012

Filter Cartridges:

If you have a cartridge filter, open it up and double check to make sure you don't need to get a replacement filter cartridge before running your system.
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Pool Timer

Time Clocks:

This small piece of equipment tends to freeze or break in the cold temperatures during winter. Check to make sure it's still intact and working properly.
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Check and Balance Water

Water testing

Water Testing

Now, it's time to check your water's chemistry. Take out your test strips or systems to see what needs to be balanced or simply take a water sample to your local pool store.

Pool Chemicals


Once you figure that out, start balancing using the following order: mineral remover, alkalinity, pH, shock, algaecide, and then chlorine.

Take Away the Chill:

Since you're pool is going to need a little more than the sun to keep warm, you will need to give it some help to get to the temperature you desire using one of the following products:

Jandy LRZ


Can be used in any environment, are easy-to-install, have a low purchase price, and offer higher BTUs, but cost more to operate.

IntelliFlo 011012

Heat Pumps

Require proper air temperature and have a higher initial cost. However, operating costs are lower and they are better for the environment.