Pentair IntelliFlo VS

The savings come standard

A tough, authentic legend that was born for energy efficiency, cost friendliness, and long life, the Pentair IntelliFlo VS Pool Pump was made to outsell all other variable speed brands combined. Pool owners everywhere thrive in the savings they make with their IntelliFlo VS.

Save Energy

The IntelliFlo blends cutting-edge technology that can save you up to 90% in energy savings. Save money and protect the environment with this energy-efficient pool pump.

Save Money

The Intelliflo VS Pool Pump works only as hard as it needs to, providing maximum savings while using minimal energy.

Save Your System

Equipped with a motor that produces less heat and vibration, the IntelliFlo sees less stress and wear on its components. Its lower rate of water flow over longer periods of time reduces algae buildup - benefiting your existing filtration system.

See-Thru Canister Lid

The see-thru canister lid allows you to easily watch and judge when it’s time to clean out your filter canister.

Sophisticated and Simple

The IntelliFlo VS features a design that amplifies high performance and easy to use controls that keep servicing and headaches to a minimum.

Innovative Control Panel

The control panel features 8 speeds with a programmable time clock and an LCD screen that displays current settings as well as wattage consumption.
Customize your pump to your pool
8 programmable speeds address the specific needs of your entire system. Now waterfalls, jets, heating and cleaning can run at their optimal speed and time.



will you save?

Optimized settings bring you energy savings! Save up to 90% on energy costs while taking simple and total control over your pool with the IntelliFlo Pool Pump.
To find out exactly how much you’ll save, check out our Pool Savings Calculator →

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Pentair IntelliFlo Family

High Performance Meets Your Expectations

Available IntelliFlo models

IntelliFlo VF

Features a state of the art onboard computer that auto-adjusts flow rates for every pool task

IntelliFlo VS

Our featured pump is the latest member of the IntelliFlo family and gives you maximum control with 8 programmable settings

IntelliFlo SVRS

First Variable Speed Pump with Safety Vacuum Release System for added protection