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6 Ways to Prep Your Pool for Winter

The weather is changing, and those warm summer days are soon going to be a thing of the past. It's that time of year to winterize your swimming pool, which protects against freeze damage and most of all ensures a clean pool for a quick re-opening next spring. Where to start? Follow the steps below along with the featured product suggestions to make winterizing your pool a quick and easy project.


Finding Balance

Achieving the proper balance in your water prevents the occurrence of staining. Also, improper pH levels may be destructive to the pool and equipment. Testing the water can easily be done by using a water testing kit.
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Ph testing kit
Pool vacuum

Scrub, Brush and Buff

Use a little elbow grease to eliminate dirt and debris from the pool which can cause staining. Don't forget to vacuum the swimming pool bottom to finish the job. Lastly, remove all accessories like skimmer baskets, eyeball return fittings, cleaners, solar covers and ladders for the season.
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Cue the Chemist

Once the pool is clean, it is time to add chemicals specific to the season. To add, simply follow the manufacturer's instructions. Don't forget to circulate the swimming pools water after adding chemicals for at least 1-2 hours to ensure even distribution.
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Properly treat and circulate your water
Protect your skimmer and lines

Luminous Lines (pool lines that is)

Using a shop vacuum or an air compressor, blow air from the skimmer through the equipment and back into the pool. While air is being blown through the lines, plug the returns using a winterization plug. Skim Insure is a plug used in the skimmer line to prevent the line from breaking due to water freezing. When using a Skim Insure plug, there will be no need to drain the swimming pool.
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Withdraw and Wrap

Remove drain plugs from the pump, filter, heater or pool heat pump and chlorinator to allow water to drain out. Make sure all water is drained from these items as any left could cause them to freeze or crack. To further protect the equipment, store in a safe place like a basement. For larger items like the heater, use a specialized heater winter cover.
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Drain your pump, filter and heater
Cover your pool with a winter cover

Cover to Complete

For the final touch, secure your swimming pool with a winter cover. When placing the covers over the pool, it is important to make sure there are no holes or gaps where leaves and debris can sneak in. Next, use water tubes to secure the cover to the deck and protect against high winds. When using water tubes make sure to fill them 2/3 full.
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