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AquaLink RS OneTouch Systems

AquaLink RS OneTouch Systems
The Dual Equipment System is designed for the situation where the pool and spa do not share equipment. In other words, the pool and spa each have their own pump, filter, and heater. Each set of equipment is controlled separately with the personality kit. The system is also offered in a wireless version which greatly simplifies installation and offers another level of versatility. Systems all require one or more power centers (sold separately). Each unit controls the filter pump plus up to 32 auxiliary circuits. With customized programming of unlimited on/off times and activation of a variety of equipment with the AquaLink RS OneTouch you are able to manage your backyard oasis with ease. You can relax and enjoy your pool or spa anytime, knowing that lighting, heating, and cleaning cycles are all automatic. It will also monitor water temperature to safeguard from freezing or superheated water. The addition of an AquaLink RS OneTouch also allows you to be eco-friendly, by activating seasonal adjustments, automatically optimizing your filtration and purification based on seasonal needs.

AquaLink RS OneTouch Systems:
Sku # Product Description Price
RS2-14 AquaLink RS OneTouch RS 2/14 Dual Equipment (Pump, Heater + 14 Aux) $2,616.99
RS2-30 AquaLink RS OneTouch RS 2/30 Dual Equipment (Pump, Heater + 30 Aux) $3,639.99
RS2-22 AquaLink RS OneTouch RS 2/22 Dual Equipment (Pump, Heater + 22 Aux) $3,127.99
RS2-10 AquaLink RS OneTouch RS 2/10 Dual Equipment (Pump, Heater + 10 Aux) $2,050.99
RS2-6 AquaLink RS OneTouch RS 2/6 Dual Equipment (Pump, Heater + 6 Aux) $1,668.99
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Power Centers

Power Centers
The AquaLink RS OneTouch Power Center is an electrical panel that is installed at the equipment pad. It is what actually controls and communicates with the rest of the pool and spa equipment. When you purchase a load center, you get the metal case and 4 relays. The Load Center houses the main circuit board and service control panel which comes with the control system. The AquaLink RS Power Center comes in two models. The standard power center does not include breakers; the sub-panel power center includes a breaker panel. It comes with four 3 HP relays. If a system requires more relays, those additional relays come with the control system.

Power Centers:
Sku # Product Description Price
6613AP PureLink Standard Power Center $670.99
6614AP-L PureLink Sub Panel Power Center 12 Breaker Base $802.99
APUREM AquaPure Powerpack Foundation Power Center $524.99
6614-LD AquaLink RS Sub Panel Power Center 12 Breaker Base $557.99
6613 AquaLink RS Standard Power Center $467.99
6612F AquaLink RS Foundation Power Center $267.99
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PureLink Cell Kits

PureLink Cell Kits
These cell kits now replace all cells with 7 and 14 plates. This is the only cell Jandy will produce for these systems and it is now the standard. All old cell types will need re-plumbed to accommodate this cell. You can plumb 3-ways or if you have a 2-port cell now you can use a union cap supplied to cap it. PureLink offers convenient plug-and-play installation with the AquaPure electronics integrated into AquaLink RS Power Centers. Jandy Power Centers are available in PureLink Sub Panel, AquaLink Standard and AquaLink Sub Panel models. Sub Panel models have breaker mount plates and GFCI outlets power centers are required for all AquaLink RS Control Systems. PureLink is available in two models for pools up to 12,000 gallons or 40,000 gallons.

PureLink Cell Kits:
Sku # Product Description Price
PLC1400-25 AquaLink Cell Kit Pools up to 40,000 Gallons 25' Cables $753.99
PLC1400 AquaLink Cell Kit for Pools up to 40,000 Gallons with 16' Cable $549.99
PLC700-25 AquaLink Cell Kit for Pools up to 12,000 Gallons 25' Cable $568.99
PLC700 AquaPure PureLink 7-Blade Cell Kit up to 12,000 Gallons $378.99
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User Interface Controls

User Interface Controls
The Jandy AquaLink system can be controlled from the Power Center box outdoors, but Jandy offers a wide variety of interfaces that allow you more freedom. Choose from the new touch screen, or a wireless system that will allow you to control the system from inside the home, the car, the office or wherever you like using the telephone or a PC connection. Or take advantage of the spa-side remotes which come in both a wired and a wireless version. AquaLink RS Control Systems also offers a battery wireless OneTouch control that offers complete pool and spa control in a battery powered portable desktop unit. There is a Jandy AquaLink interface control for everyone; all you have to do is decide how much you want to control.

User Interface Controls:
Sku # Product Description Price
6891 AquaLink RS All Button Wired Only P4 White Control Panel $412.99
6890 AquaLink RS All Button Wired Combo PS4 White Control Panel $468.99
6888 AquaLink RS All Button Wired Combo PS6 White Control Panel $499.99
RSOTRF AquaLink RS OneTouch Wireless Black Control Panel $1,314.99
7954 AquaLink RS OneTouch Wired Black Control Panel $543.99
6892 AquaLink RS All Button Wired Dual 2/6 White Control Panel $516.99
6889 AquaLink RS All Button Wired Only P6 White Control Panel $455.99
7953 AquaLink RS OneTouch Wired White Control Panel $537.99
TCHLNK-WS AquaLink RS TouchLink Wired, Surface Mount Control Panel $1,028.99
TCHLNK-WF AquaLink RS TouchLink Wired, Flush Mount Control Panel $954.99
TCHLNK-RF AquaLink RS TouchLink, Desktop, Wireless $1,479.99
6886 AquaLink RS All Button Wired Combo PS8 White Control Panel $515.99
6887 All Button Wired Only White Control Panel $541.99
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Jandy offers all the accessories you need to take full advantage of your automatic control system. Whether it’s using a Wi-Fi connection to program the automatic control system over the internet, a wired spa-side remote or light dimming module, PoolSupplyWorld has you covered, no matter what your needs. If you are not sure what accessories you may need, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (800) 772-0467.

Sku # Product Description Price
6587 Incandescent Light Dimming Module $235.99
6590 Tele-Link Kit, Home Phone Interface $860.99
R0560000 AquaLink RS OneTouch Wireless Remote Battery Pack $132.99
INTERLINK AquaLink RS Module (control 3 or more bodies of water) with Wireless Remote $225.99
6996 Freeze Protection Kit for Dual Equipments $231.99
6588 Dual Spa Side Kit more than 1 Spa Side Remote $177.99
7341 Outdoor Enclosure for All Button Control Panel $294.99
7887 Spa-Side Remote 8 Button Grey with 150' Cord $599.99
C1900 ChemLink ORP/pH Interface to AquaLink RS OneTouch and PDA Interface $1,015.99
6584 Multiplex PCB Kit connecting more than 2 sets of wires $82.99
SPK8 AquaLink RS Sprinkler Module (controls up to 8 sprinkler valves from OneTouch) $138.99
7444 Spa-Side Remote 4 Button Black with 150' Cord $260.99
7489 SpaLink RS 8 Function Remote SpaLink 200' Cord, White $655.99
7888 Spa-Side Remote 8 Button Black with 150' Cord $619.99
7443 Spa-Side Remote 4 Button White with 150' Cord $261.99
6796 2 Speed Motor Relay Kit for 2-Speed Pump Operation $56.99
7786 AquaLink RS Temperature Sensor Kit, Gray (Water, Air, Solar) with 50' Cord $113.99
7620 Serial Adapter Interface with Home Automation $429.99
4424 AquaLink RS JVA 24Valve Actuator 180 Degree $160.99
AQPLM AquaPalm Wireless Remote with J-Box $607.99
7227 Spa-Side Remote 8 Button White with 150' Cord $616.99
6908 Surge Protection Kit (1 Power Center) $458.99