Cover Type

In-Ground Winter Covers

If you dread cleaning leaves, dirt, and debris from your swimming pool each time spring comes around, you should consider investing in a winter pool cover for your in-ground pool. Winter pool covers make spring clean-up a breeze because each cover is constructed of high-quality, durable polyethylene mesh material designed to stand up to winter’s worst. Besides shielding your pool from the elements, its tightly woven fabric does not allow sunlight to pass through effectively preventing algae growth. These covers are made specifically for rectangular pools.
Rectangle Winter Pool Covers
In-ground winter pool covers ensure that when it comes time to close your pool for the season, you know you will save time, money and effort by protecting your pool from the chilly weather. The 12 x 20’ covers provide added safety by anchoring it to a deck and pulling it taut over the pool. Covers are designed according to their pool shape.

Additional Information
The in-ground winter pool covers come with a 5’ overlap of extra material and rugged poly loops every four feet around the exterior of the cover to hold water bags designed to keep your pool cover firmly in place. The best part about these winter pool covers is that they are built to last season after season and they are available with an 8, 12, or 15-year warranty. Let PoolSupplyWorld protect your pool this winter season with our great selection of winter pool covers to best fit your specific needs –you will be glad you did.