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Fiber Optic Cables

Fiber Optic Cables add a touch of personal style to any backyard, walkway, deck, pool, or spa. Extremely low maintenance, Fiber Optic Cables are UV protected and have an algaecide treated exterior jacket for protection against extreme weather and water corrosion. Virtually unbreakable and energy efficient, Fiber Optic Cables use no heat or electricity within their cables and are available in many different sizes and lengths, making them extremely versatile. Install underwater, highlight perimeters, and use in accent lights to create a beautifully illuminated landscape. PoolSupplyWorld carries a variety of Fiber Optic Cables to suit any interior or exterior application. Choose from a selection of EndGlow and SideGlow Cables, Specialty Fibers, and Fiber Optic Tracks to create the design that’s unique to you.
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