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Pentair Kreepy Krauly Sta-Rite Great White Pool Cleaner Review

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The Pentair Kreepy Krauly Sta-Rite Great White pool cleaner is a suction side pool cleaner that employs brushes on the bottom of the unit to scrub the bottom and sides of your swimming pool. This allows the Great White to clean small stubborn debris from the pool, giving it a polished look. While the brushes provide the scrubbing, the 15” cleaning head provides the suction for any large debris. The Great White tends to feed in any type of in-ground swimming pool from gunite to vinyl making it the ideal pool cleaner.
Just as a shark moves gracefully and swiftly through the ocean, the Great White cleaner features a unique turning mechanism that allows it to easily and quickly move into hard-to-reach spots and escape difficult areas. Some might even say the Great White cleaner is a truly efficient cleaning machine.
Let’s take a look at the features:
  • 15” cleaning head
  • Fast and easy setup right out of the box
  • Powered by patented bristle drive for quick and thorough cleaning
  • Works in any type of in-ground swimming pool
  • Includes a telescoping pole for manual cleaning
  • Can reach steps and other difficult cleaning areas
  • 2-year limited warranty
The Pentair Kreepy Krauly Sta-Rite Great White swimming pool cleaner is a great pool cleaner that will quickly and efficiently clean your swimming pool.
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  • JustinBeersonx

    Hi – I am really glad to find this. Good job!

  • Mike M

    Just bought this one last weekend. Nothing but frustration with it at first. Constantly getting stuck in same spots. Did some research and confirmed with visually observation, the turning brush was not popping out. Took it apart and found the check spring was not engagingthe ratchet gear… so as the mechanism rotated back and forth, it was turning the gears back and forth. The ratchet gear is supposed to turn in one direction, with the check spring preventing it from oscilating. Adjusted the check spring to lock the ratchet gear and now the vac works like a champ. Easy fix and all it took as a screw driver.

  • HollyRobsonq

    Hey – I am certainly delighted to discover this. Good job!

  • Sergio S Cutie

    My great white stays in the same point for more than 1/2 hour. I do not know what is the turning brush mechanism or how to troubleshoot it.

  • Leslie

    my great white worked great for 8 years – then it started getting stuck at the drains and the corners. We have replaced all the parts and bought new hoses.The unit glides across the pool fine and then stops at the wall. I have adjusted water flow – cleaned filter – I do not use a gage like the video shows but I have never needed one. Do you have any other suggestions? I have invested a couple of hundred dollars and would hate to have to buy a new one. Thank you

  • Jean

    I am having a problem with the unit getting stuck on the side of the pool. The suction seems to be fine. It moves along at a pretty good pace and then goes directly to the side and will not move from there.

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hello Jean. We spoke to the manufacturer about your cleaner and they felt the issue could be that if the pool had no incline, and 90 degree angled walls, the cleaner would have a problem that would cause it to stall in it’s cleaning cycle. The Great White MUST have an incline at the walls or it will not climb. They suggested if this is not the case with the walls of your pool, that you call their customer service department and they can work through a list of possible troubleshooting solutions.

  • Jean

    I am having a problem with the unit getting stuck on the side of the pool. The suction seems to be fine. It moves along pretty good and then goes directly to the side and will not move from there.

  • Melvin Pervis

    I have a problem with this unit getting stuck at drain grills on bottom of pool wont go over or around them happens constantly, have to move unit and will happen again. tried different suction settings not even a year old… any ideas????started this 4 months ago thinking of a different make??? help!!!

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Patrich, we’re so sorry to hear you’ve been having challenges with your cleaner and Unicover set up. Typically, when cleaners will not leave the drains there is a problem with the lift brush. Properly functioning lift brushes should break suction every two minutes. A good way to check to see if this is the problem is to pull the cleaner to the side of the pool while it is still running and pull it up but keep the head under the water. You should visually be able to see the moving lift brush pop out and the back in every few minutes. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

    • Patrich

      I already have the Polaris Unicovers on my drains and my vac continues to go to the drains and stays there. This is a new pool and a new vac. Very unhappy with the performance. Just about ready to give up.

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hey Melvin, before you switch out your cleaner you might want to try a Polaris Unicover for you drain. The Unicover is made to help prevent your pool cleaner from getting stuck on the main drain of your swimming pool. The Unicover fits over most raised anti-vortex main drain covers, creating a surface for pool cleaners to travel over without obstruction. This should solve your problem at a fraction of the cost for a new cleaner. The part number for that product is POL5820.

  • Anonymous

    I have owend the Sta-Rite pool shark and it worked great, never a problem. Need a new cleaner thought the Greaat White would be the answer to a cleaner and quicker pool clean, Boy was I wrong, I can not get this cleaner to operate, I have gone over and over the install process, the cleaner flips on it’s back low suction, High suction. none of them work, trying all kinds of combinations of settings. Same pool same pump as with the Pool shark. I would not recommend this cleaner.

  • Mary

    why is the vac CONSTANTLY either curling its hose into a spiral and staying put until I go out and uncurl it several times per day(crazy) to just find it that way a few minutes later, as well as popping a wheely and going nowhere fast??? We have had this vac for about 2 months now and it worked great but SUPER NOISY EVEN THROUGHOUT THE HOUSE for a short time then became posessed. My husband adjusted different things to help, but to no avail!! We had an expensive vac before this that broke in the first year but the company we purchased from is no longer. Can you help? We don’t have a Sta rite dist. in our town. Thank you for your help.

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hello Mary, There could be a couple different reasons for this. One thing you may want to check is the turning brush mechanism. The turning brush should be in the down position within 2 minutes or less. To check this you’ll have to turn the cleaner over while it is running and submerged. Another thing to check on is the hose. Sometimes if it is stored coiled too tightly it could cause problems. It should be stored uncoiled, flat, and straight if possible. Hopefully this helps you out. Thanks for the great question.

  • WT

    The Great White pool shark turning bruch stays out and the thing turns in circles, remedy?

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi WT, when your Kreepy Krauly Great White cleaning brush stays out, it may mean something is blocking it from moving back in, which is likely what is causing your cleaner to move in circles. We recommend checking to make sure the brush is free of debris. If the brush is free of debris, we suggest contacting the manufacturer at (800) 831-7133 for further troubleshooting. Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.



    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Dianne, when your Kreepy Krauly Great White quickly runs up the side of your pool, climbs past the water line and loses suction, it is likely caused by the oscillator running too fast. To remedy this, make sure the vacuum regulator is properly installed and adjusted, per the owner’s manual instructions. If this does not solve the problem, slightly open the main drain valve until the cleaner slows down and doesn’t climb out of the pool. This should also regulate its beelining across your pool.

      If these tips don’t work, we would suggest contacting Pentair directly for additional troubleshooting. Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

  • Jim

    How frequently is the turning brush supposed to extend? On my cleaner, the brush seems to extend every few seconds. Full retraction is a problem as well. There’s plenty of slop in mechanism and little sign of wear. Perhaps I should apply teflon grease or tape?

  • Joel Faircloth

    old Great White 15years??? has stopped “spinning” so it gets hung up….what parts should be replaced or the spring tension adjusted??? Thanks in advance …. Joel

  • Adam

    Hello Joel, The oscillator on my unit stopped working. The unit is less than 10 months old. Do I need to replace the oscillator kit?

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Adam, if your oscillator on your Great White is not jammed with debris (please also check for strands of hair that may have stopped its movement), you may need to replace it with the Pentair Pool Products (WG) Oscillator Assembly Kit (W/Seals). However, we highly recommend having your cleaner inspected by a certified Pentair service technician, as it should still be under warranty if it is only 10 months old. For more information, we recommend contacting Pentair at (800) 831-7133. Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

  • marco

    Good clener works well but it wount come out of the deep end. Any suggestions on how to correct this. Marco.

  • stanley

    great white pool cleaner worked well for a number of years. Now the cleaner will lay down on its back until I straighten it. After a short while same problem.

  • Jim

    Great white shark vac just spinns in a circle- i just replaced the housing and gears r fine . If I pull the house, the hose comes detached. Could it be the top hose connection that is worn?

  • richard

    I bought this about 3 months ago and now it just spins and moves side to side won’t go forward anymore..I need to warranty replace this how do I do so? The unit is spinning in circles all the time now really moving anywhere..let me know how to get it fixed, ASAP as my pool is getting dirty

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Richard,
      Someone from our RMA team will be contacting you shortly to assist with the warranty process. Let me know if you have any questions! -Christian

  • PoolSupplyWorld

    Hi Jim, the Great White’s turning brush mechanism should only be extending every two minutes. If it is extending every few seconds and is showing difficulties of full retraction, your cleaner may have a manufacturer defect located in the gears, which a qualified technician will need to inspect. It is highly recommended to contact the manufacturer to locate a service center, particularly if your cleaner is still under warranty. Pentair can be reached at (800) 831-7133. Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

  • PoolSupplyWorld

    Hi Joel, if your Kreepy Krauly Great White does not move or is stuck in one spot, first make sure your pool filter is clean and your pump and skimmer baskets are empty. Also make sure there is no debris in the oscillator chamber, hose or vac-plate bypass, if you have one. Make sure there are not air leaks in the system (cracked vac plate, vac plate or reducer cone not properly seated, cracks in the hose, vac regulator too loose). Also, adjust the valves to give your cleaner maximum vacuum power, and make sure other drains or skimmers are shut off or reduced.

    Finally, examine the lift brush mechanism as the cleaner is operating and submerged. If it does not move to the “down” position within two minutes, you may need a new Pentair Pool Products Brush, Lift, but before replacing any parts, we would suggest contacting the manufacturer directly for additional troubleshooting. They can be reached at (800) 831-7133. Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

  • PoolSupplyWorld

    Hi Marco, when your Kreepy Krauly Great White will not clean the shallow end of your pool, make sure the bumper inserts are properly installed from the bottom of the cleaner, as they make the cleaner more buoyant and allow it to better access the shallow end of your pool. If the bumper inserts seems to lift the cleaner to the surface of the pool, make sure there is no air trapped in the cleaner’s hose. If there’s no air in the hose, remove one bumper insert block at a time until the cleaner sits properly on the pool floor and will transition to your shallow end.

    Please note, the Kreepy Krauly Great White is not recommended for pools greater than 6′ deep. If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

  • PoolSupplyWorld

    Hi Stanley, The first thing we would try is laying the hose out straight and flat in the sun on a warm day for a few hours. Let us know if that helps. Thanks!

  • PoolSupplyWorld

    Hi Jim, It sounds like one of two things. Either the gears are installed wrong or there is a small piece of debris somewhere in the gears. The gears are the only thing turning the unit so if it is spinning in circles it is 99% of the time something to do with the gears. Let me know if that helps! -Christian