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Jandy AquaPure Error Codes Troubleshooting

If you have a Jandy AquaPure 700 or 1400 chlorinator, there’s a chance you may have come across a service code (or error code) before.  A service code is a three digit number that appears on the display panel of an AquaPure control box, letting you know if your AquaPure unit is experiencing any problems.

Service codes are fast, easy to read, and not only identify the problem, but direct you to an available solution.  Below you’ll find a complete list of AquaPure service codes, what they mean and how to correct them—all in one convenient table.

Service Codes:
Code # Possible Cause Corrective Action
120 Low current in forward direction to cell Clean cell if necessary and check DC cord
121 Low current in reverse direction to cell Clean cell if necessary and check DC cord
123 Extremely low current to cell Clean cell if necessary and check DC cord
124 Higher than normal current to cell Contact a pool professional
125 Cell needs to be cleaned Clean cell if necessary
126 Low current in forward direction and VAC input voltage below 100-200 VAC Contact a pool professional
127 Low current in reverse direction and VAC input voltage below 100-200 VAC Contact a pool professional
144 Low Salinity (below 2.0 gpl) Add salt to pool to achieve 3.0 gpl
145 High Salinity (above 4.0 gpl) Backwash filter if a DE filter is installed. Partially drain pool and dilute with fresh water until salinity returns to 3.0 to 3.5 gpl
170 Possible front board service condition or unit not correctly wired to 120 VAC Contact a pool professional
171 Possible backboard service condition Contact a pool professional
172 Flow sensor service condition or flow sensor is unplugged Contact a pool professional
173 Low VAC input voltage and on board power supply is not regulated or unit not correctly wired Unit wired to improper AC voltage. Contact a pool professional
174 Pool temperature is too high for operation of AquaPure Flow/Salinity sensor indicated water temperature at sensor above 108 degrees F. Reduce water temperature
175 Flow sensor air lock condition or very low salinity Verify proper flow/temperature/salinity sensor installation. Check salinity with Myron “L” meter calibrated for NaCl or test strips. Add salt as necessary

Jandy recommends that you contact a pool professional for service if you encounter a Level 2 code.

Level 2 Service Codes:
Code # Possible Cause Corrective Action
180 Heated sensor element not heating. (Generates 172 code) Contact a pool professional.
181 Flow sensor temperature sensor failure. (Generates 172 code – flow sensor service) Contact a pool professional.
182 Salinity Sensor sees less than 0.2 gpl of salt, no salt in pool or sensor air locked. (Generates 175 code – flow sensor air lock) Contact a pool professional.
183, 184, 185, 186 Flow salinity sensor temperature probe error codes. (They will all generate 172 codes which indicate flow sensor service is required) Contact a pool professional.
187 Front board power supply either too low or too high. (Generates 173 – Low input voltage code if Level 2 code 188 is present) (Generates 170 code if 188 is not present) Contact a pool professional.
188 VAC input voltage is too low. (Generates 173 code if Level II code 187 is present) Contact a pool professional.
189 Relay not conducting in the forward direction. (Generates 171 code – Backboard service) Contact a pool professional.
190 Relay not conducting in the reverse direction. (Generates 171code – Backboard service) Contact a pool professional.
191 High cell current (at upper limit of A/D converter) and cell voltage below 19V. (Generates 170 code front board service) Contact a pool professional.
192 High cell current and cell voltage below 19V. (generates 171 code – Backboard service) Contact a pool professional.
193 Measured significant cell current when SCRs were turned off. (Generates 170 code – front board service) Contact a pool professional.
194 Cell Current is 85% lower than desired and cell voltage above 19V (Generates 125 code – Cell dirty or needs replacement) Contact a pool professional.
194 Salinity invalid due to out of range measurements caused by front board error (Generates 170 code – front board service) Contact a pool professional.
Additional Letter Service Codes:
Code Condition Reason
EC External Control ORP unit or external controller has shut off chlorine production.
Lo Low Temperature Cutoff Temperature of Pool is < 50ºF (10°C). Chlorine production stopped.
bo Boost In “Boost” mode unit will operate at 100% production for 24 run time hours.
HH High-High Input has exceeded Maximum Range.
JA AquaLink® RS Online AquaLink RS is controlling the AquaPure and desired output percentages.
Jb Boost (AquaLink RS Interface) AquaLink RS is controlling the AquaPure and “Boost” is active.

Conclusion:  While most service codes can be solved by the pool owner, not all are immediately fixable, and if this happens it’s important to contact a local service technician who can identify and correct the error to ensure safety and warranty compliance. You can also give us a call at 1-800-772-0467 for immediate assistance on any AquaPure service code questions—we’re always happy to help!

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  • Ronnie Key

    i have and 0ld Jandy 1400 salt system with the square cell and was wondering if it makes a difference which way the cell is mounted in the system?

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Ronnie, the Jandy AquaPure cells can be plumbed horizontally or vertically. The old, two-port cells have been replaced with new three-port cells, and while these can still be plumbed vertically or horizontally, the water flow must enter the side of the cell that has the third union. The water then exits out of the port where the terminals are closest to. You can see the different configurations on page 9 of the Owner’s Manual found on the three-port Cell Kit for Pools up to 40,000 Gallons product page. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

  • Mike Dykema

    I am getting an error code of 121 and I have clened the cell and replaced the sensor. Does this mean I may need to replace the cell? What does check the DC cord mean?

  • Wayne Coates

    I have a 1400 and this year had to replace my chlorine sensor as our dog ate off the wires. I cleaned the cell as directed in the manual. I replaced the sensor and cord back to the panel. I get error code 172 as well as a 186. I do not know what the second one refers to. My salinity check reading is always 3.3 My chlorinator is not working. I bought the sensor off E-bay from a location in California. My question is: How can I know the sensor is in fact good and working? Can a serviceman determine that or do I have to send it to the factory for checking?

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Wayne,
      A 183-186 code will generate a 172 code which is a “Flow Sensor Service” code. A 186 code means that the temperature probe on the sensor has failed. Usually in most cases you would just have to replace the sensor. It is also possible that the problem is the circuit board. I would recommend calling Jandy at (800) 822-7933 to have them troubleshoot the system. They may need to refer you to a local tech but often they can do it over the phone. Let me know if you have any questions! -Christian

  • Wayne K

    I have received 3 different codes, 145, 172 and 180.. for 145 im draining part of the pool to bring the salt content down, but not sure about the other 2 codes. can you please help?

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Wayne,
      Those two codes are related. 180 – Heated sensor element not heating, which causes 172 – flow sensor service condition. At this point there is something wrong with your flow switch and you will need to have a technician come out and diagnose the problem. Let me know if you have any questions! -Christian

      • Fiddlerman

        How do I check my flow switch/heated sensor element? I have 172 and 180 as well. I don’t want to hire a technician to do something that I can do myself.

        • Dylan (PoolSupplyWorld)

          Both the error codes you currently have are going to be related to an issue with either the flow switch or the front circuit board.

          1) Ensure there is proper water flow through the piping. Clean filter and make sure there are no blockages. Did you replace your motor with the same model?

          2) Check that the flow sensor is properly mounted in the piping and has not become loose or shifted during the install of your new motor.

          3) Inspect all the wiring for any loose connections or damage.
          4) Inspect the front circuit board for any signs of damage.

          Due to the electrical nature of these items, I would recommend having them inspected by a trained electrician. And at the least give Jandy (Zodiac) a phone call to run through any troubleshooting over the phone. More than likely it is going to be either the flow sensor or the circuit board that will need replacing.

          *I am going to email you a PDF document with some in-depth troubleshooting that should be helpful for you.

          • Fiddlerman

            Thanks :-)

  • Scott Phillips

    I bought and installed a new Jandy 1400 cell, front board, and back board last year since my system was 7 years old. Everything worked perfectly through this past summer. I was recently out of town for three days. When I returned, I found my pool pump motor stopped working. The timer had continued to supply power to my Jandy system but no water was circulated through the pump. I replaced the pump and motor a few days ago and now I find the system is displaying service code 121. Is it possible that the lack of water circulating through the cell has caused the cell to become damaged? I cleanded the cell and performed the recommended diagnostics to find about 104 mVDC from points 4 and 5. I am also reading 36 VDC at the DC cable. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Scott,
      It is possible the cell is damaged. I would advise contacting Jandy at (800) 822-7933 and having them troubleshoot your system. Have a great day! -Christian

  • Fred Drysdale

    How do I disconnect the service code ring signal.

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Fred,
      I’m not sure where you would disconnect it. I would recommend calling Jandy at (800) 822-7933 for tech support on that. Let me know if you have any questions! -Christian

      • Edwin

        when aqua pure shows an error code of ‘lo’ does this prevent the aqua pure readings to show up on the equipment status of the Jandy PDA as well? I am getting Lo, and not getting any aqua pure readings on my PDA.

        • Ben Blythe (PoolSupplyWorld)

          Hey there Edwin, this one honestly has me stumped. I don’t see any reason why you still wouldn’t get readings. Usually when I get stumped like this I call an expert at the manufacturer, but they seemed to think there is something more going on. I was told that you may want to turn the power off at the breaker for 5 seconds, and turn it back on. Then, if there is a larger issue you should see error codes that will help you troubleshoot the problem.

          Suffice it to say, this problem seems to be unique. You may want to have a quick chat with Jandy by calling (800) 822-7933. If you get some more information let me know and I will be happy to help.

          • Edwin

            Ben, thanks for the response. When I got home from work yesterday and checked the PDA, the Aquapure readings showed up. The air temperature was around 46 and the water temp was 48. I did not go out and check to see if the box was showing ‘lo’ though. This is the second time I have noticed this phenomenon. I may call Jandy just to see if they have seen this behavior before.

          • Ben Blythe (PoolSupplyWorld)

            Happy to help Edwin, sorry I couldn’t do more. Keep me posted as the situation develops, but hopefully the coldest part of the year is behind us and we can look forward to warmer weather.

    • Fiddlerman

      Did you get an answer to this? I am getting the same codes after replacing my pump motor, lol. What caused yours to give this error code?

      • Dylan (PoolSupplyWorld)

        Please refer to my response in your other post a few questions down. Thanks!

  • Linda Baker

    Hi, I am receiving error messages 171 and 182. 182 says there is no salt in the pool. My pool maintenance guy said he has not been adding any salt because the limestone coping of my pool is showing signs of erosion and he thought the salt addition was causing this. How often should salt be added? A technician from my pool company is coming out today to check on the problem.

    • http://www.poolsupplyworld.com/ Daniel Henson(PoolSupplyWorld)

      We would recommend that you manually check the salt/chlorine levels. It sounds like you may have a bad sensor, however, since this is a level 2 service code, we recommend you or your pool professional contact Jandy directly.

  • Heather

    Hi. I am receiving error messages 144 and 145. Why would this be?

    • Dylan (PoolSupplyWorld)

      That is very strange that you are receiving both of those error codes simultaneously. I contacted our rep at the manufacturer and she did state she has never heard of that before. I would suggest going through the calibration steps to correct the reading and then contacting Jandy directly at 800-772-0467. Their techs may be able to discover the issue over the phone. Thanks!

  • Sam

    I am getting a “Jo” code along with 172 and 186. I can find the explanation for the 172 and 186 but can’t find “Jo” in any manuals. It sounds like the flow sensor is out but the “Jo” has me confused. Thoughts?

    • Alex Nash

      its “Ja” and means that the unit is in remote control. Do you have the Jandy in home or PDA remote control systems?

    • Dylan (PoolSupplyWorld)

      The error codes that are currently displayed typically indicate a problem with the sensor. Both codes of 172/186 share the same meaning. However, this could sometime be an issue with your PIB (power interface board) on your system. I would suggest cleaning the cell and sensor as well as your filters if you haven’t already done so. The “JO” message on the board indicates the AquaPure is being controlled by a Jandy AquaLink RS system. I would suggest getting a hold of the manufacturer, Jandy, directly at 800-822-7933 for more in-depth troubleshooting.

  • John

    My PureLink System (AquaPure PLC1400 + AuqaLink RS) system was giving codes 175 & 182. I determined this to be an error with the Front PCB by running the tests on the PCB with the buttons. The Salinity test showed “–” gpl instead of 2.8gpl and the PDA was showing 25500 PPM Salt. I was able to repair the PCB by heating it up with a heat gun (old trick to fixing cold solder joints on PCB’s). Board is working, cell is on and running, all tests pass on PCB Front Board using test buttons. Problem is AquaLink PDA no longer registers the AquaPure. The AquaPure PCB no longer shows “JA” on the LCD when a button is pushed. The connector between the PCB and the Multiplex board is good. Is there a way to change/toggle the mode of the Front PCB to “Auto Mode” so the AquaLink can control the AquaPure again? Not sure if the Front PCB is dead. I ordered one of Amazon, used, but these are almost impossible to find. Tri-Flow cell and chlorine cell are new.
    Thanks in advance!!!

    • Dylan (PoolSupplyWorld)

      I did forward your question on directly to the manufacturer to hopefully get some further insight. The technicians at Zodiac were not too sure of a specific item that could be causing the issue. They advised replacing the board as it’s possible it is no longer operating properly due to changes made to the board. The error codes potentially indicate there is an issue with the flow sensor as both the 175 and 182 point to the flow sensor being the issue. I would ensure the sensor is receiving proper water flow, is connected properly, and is not damaged in any way.

  • Shawn

    I am not getting any code it says wait, either to much pressure and then it goes down to low pressure is the pump going out?

    • Dylan (PoolSupplyWorld)

      When the system is reading “wait”, it is going through a self calibration process. For example, the first time you install and start the system this “wait” period can last a few minutes as the system and the sensor attempt to calibrate. If your display is reading “wait” for longer than 6 minutes I would suggest contacting the manufacturer directly at 800-822-7933 for further assistance trying to identify the issue. This should not be directly related to the pump unless the pump is turned off or has very low flow, and thus the system is having a hard time calibrating the sensor properly. The salt system does require in the range of 15-20 GPM to operate properly. If you have a weak water flow then ensure there are no obstructions in piping or pump, and also clean your filter.

  • Wire Paladin

    My jandy 1400 salt cell sensor is reading low, while the actual level is much higher, almost double. What do you think I should do? Cell is working fine and was cleaned a couple of months ago.

    • Dylan (PoolSupplyWorld)

      First step I would take is to clean the sensor per the instructions in the manual. This is something that should be done at least once a year, you want to ensure the contacts are clean.

      When the salt level reading begins to differ from the true results, this is a sign that the cell is aging. Cells typically last 3-5 years and will slowly begin to read the salt incorrectly as they get older. If the cell is still operating then it’s OK for the reading to be off, you are just going to have to keep an eye on the salt level using an independent tester. You also may need to increase the production level over what you have done in the past.

  • Tracy Grissett

    I am getting an error 47 and cant find a solution. Any suggestions?

  • PoolSupplyWorld

    Hi Mike,
    Usually once you get a 120 or 121 error it means it’s time to replace your cell. How old is the cell? – Christian