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How to Find the Right Size Pool Pump

 When choosing a pool pump, knowing a little about the right size pump for your pool can save a lot of time and money. That’s why we have put together this article, a step by step guide about how to find the right sized pump for your pool.
Your pool pump is a crucial component to your filtration system and most people think a higher horsepower rating will lead to greater efficiency. In fact, so many consumers thought that way that manufacturers started changing the way they rated pumps. Unfortunately, a higher horsepower does not make a better pump. Having a properly sized pump will  help you avoid excess wear on your other equipment and keep you from wasting electricity. There are a few variables that play into choosing the right size pump for your pool and we’re going to go over them with you today.
The first thing you want to determine is your desired turnover time, or how long it takes for the pump to cycle all of a swimming pool’s water completely. An ideal turnover time is 8 – 10 hours, so in this example we’re going to look for a pump with an 8 hour turnover time. Once we have the desired turnover time, we need to find the minimum flow rate to achieve that turnover time. The equation for finding your GPM rating (gallons per minute) is:

Pool size (gallons)/ Turnover time / 60 = Minimum flow rate

For example: if our pool is 35,000 gallons and we want a turnover rate of 8 hours, our equation would look like this: 35,000 / 8 / 60 = 73 GPM (gallons per minute)
For this example we will use a 35,000 gallon pool. According to the table above, we need a pump with a 73 GPM rating in order to achieve an 8 hour turnover time. Even though we figured out how much water needs to be pumped, the water can only flow at the maximum rate if the plumbing is big enough to accommodate it. Below is a chart that shows how much water each different size pipe diameter supports:

1-1/2″ = 42 GPM, 2″ = 73 GPM, 2-1/2″ = 120 GPM, 3″ = 160 GPM

The number of intakes you have from your pool (and spa if you have one attached to the pool) also affects the maximum flow rate. For example, if we have two inlets from the pool both plumbed in 2 inch line and a spa that’s also plumbed in 2 inch line, we would have a pool max flow rate of 146 GPM and a spa flow rate of 73 GPM (since we have 2 intakes from the pool, the number is doubled). But if you have two, you want to go with the lowest number, so our maximum flow rate would be 73 GPM.
As our pool water makes it through the line to the pump, it is passed to another restricting element known as the filter. Every filter has a maximum flow rate as well, and if you go over that flow rate your water will not be filtered properly. We have included a chart so you can size your pool filter properly:
Sand Filters
Tank Diameter 19″ 21″ 24″ 30″ 36″
Surface Area 1.8 sq ft 2.3 sq ft 3.1 sq ft 4.9 sq ft 6.9 sq ft
Best Flow Rate 40 GPM 50 GPM 60 GPM 100 GPM 140 GPM
Cartridge Filters
Surface Area 100 sq ft 200 sq ft 300 sq ft 400 sq ft 500 sq ft
Max flow Rate 38 GPM 75 GPM 112 GPM 150 GPM 150 GPM
Best Flow Rate 30 GPM 50 GPM 75 GPM 100 GPM 125 GPM
D.E. Filters
Surface Area 24 sq ft 36 sq ft 48 sq ft 60 sq ft 72 sq ft
Max Flow Rate 48 GPM 72 GPM 96 GPM 120 GPM 144 GPM
Best Flow Rate 36 GPM 54 GPM 72 GPM 90 GPM 108 GPM
Armed with this information you can now narrow down a swimming pool pump that is right for your pool size, plumbing, and filtration system. Click here to browse pool filters.
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  • Tom

    Surface area?

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Tom, pool filters are sized according to the volume of water that can pass through them in a given amount of time. Surface area equals: flow rate divided by filter rate. Flow rate (gallons per minute or GPM) is determined as is presented in the equation in this blog, while filter rate is different for sand, D.E. and cartridge filters.

      The general rule of thumb for filter rate is: sand = 15 GPM, D.E. = 2 GPM, cartridge = .375 GPM. Thus, after you have determined the type of filter you want, divide flow rate by filter rate to determine surface area. Using the 35,000 gallon pool example from this blog (73 GPM), and for this example a cartridge filter, divide the flow rate of 73 GPM by the cartridge filter rate of .375. Thus, 73/.375 = 195. The minimum surface area square footage we would need for our filter would be 195 square feet. However, we recommend slightly over-sizing your filter because, as it is used, a filter will clog, and the larger the filter is in comparison to the need, the less often you will have to clean it to maintain optimal performance.

      Thus, using the table in the blog, while the 200 square foot filter would work, we would recommend going with the 300 square foot filter, for optimal performance. If you have any further questions or would like assistance in finding the pool filter that is right for you, please contact us and we would be more than happy to steer you in the right direction.

  • Anonymous

    my 39,000 gallon pool has a 1 1/2 HP Hayward Superpump, a 36” sand filter and a Hayward 100,000BTU propane heater. These are working great in my pool.

  • Bill Stayrook

    i have a 24′ 48″ above ground round pool with 1 1/2 lines and a Hayward sand filter model S-160T which pump would you suggest? Needs

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Bill, for your 24′ round, 48″ deep above-ground pool, we would recommend the Hayward PowerFlo Matrix 1HP Above-Ground Pool Pump – 115V to pair with your Hayward S160T Sand Filter. Normally, for your size pool, we would recommend a larger filter than the S160T, however, since it is preexisting, just know that you may have to clean the filter more frequently than normal, since it is a bit undersized for your pool. Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

  • Ray

    This is still greek to me. I have a 16′x32′ in ground pool (@ 2100 gallons)with a broken pump. I have a DE filter with 1.5 inch pipe.

    • John

      Ray…21,000 gallons, 8 hour turnover, yields a 43.75gpm flow rate. 1 1/2″ pipe fits right in there. Try Hayward PowerFlo 40 GPM Above Ground Pool Pump with 6′ Cord – 115V. At 40gpm, you are a touch over the lowest “best rate” of 36gpm for a D.E. filter, and you’d have a turnover time of of 8.75 hours.

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Ray, thank you for your question. Which DE filter do you currently have? If you could provide us with either the model number off of your filter or the design flow rate of your filter we will be able to recommend a replacement pump. Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

  • PoolSupplyWorld

    Hi Gustavo, thank you for your question. We apologize for our delay in response. Before we can make a recommendation, could you list for us your current equipment and piping size? What is the shape of your pool and its dimensions? Do you already have a specific kind of heater in mind? If you would contact us with more information, we will be more than happy to provide you with a recommendation.

  • andy

    building a 8 x 8 x 100 horse lap pool ( think i need to increase turnover time – 5 to 6 hours?) have done all the math but not confident in my answer. was originaly thinking 2 returns, 2 skimmers and 2 bottom returns and 2 pumps/ 30″ sand filters- suggestions? i think i need a min of 64 ppm flow rate thanks

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Andy, the recommended turnover time for most pools is 8-10 hours, thus for your 8′ x 8′ x 100′ lap pool, which is approximately 48,000 gallons, your necessary minimum flow rate, to achieve optimal turnover time, would be 100 gallons per minute (GPM) for 8 hours or 80 GPM for 10 hours. To accommodate the necessary flow rate for your pool, we would recommend 2-1/2″ plumbing, which provides for a max flow rate of 120 GPM.

      You would not necessarily need two pumps and filters, as a pump such as the Pentair IntelliFlo 3HP Variable Speed Ultra Energy-Efficient Pool Pump could run at 70-80% and turn your pool over in the optimal time, and a 30″ sand filter, such as the Pentair Triton II Side Mount Sand TR100 In Ground Pool Filter, or a cartridge filter, such as the Pentair Clean and Clear Plus CCP320 Cartridge 320 sq. ft. In Ground Pool Filter, could also handle the job. That said, two pumps and filters would enable you to run your pumps at a much lower speed, easing the stress on the equipment, lessening the need for frequent maintenance (and backwashing or cleaning of the filter), and saving long-term on energy cost.

      If you have further questions or would like more information, please feel free to contact us.

  • Jeff Seger

    Help? I have been researching a new pump. I have a 24,000 gallon pool,buil in spa-fountain, 4 total 2 inch returns, a heater and a cleaner with booster and a 72 Sta-rite DE filter. Longest pipe run is 106ft, shortest 55ft and the others 70ft, replacing a 2hp Sta-rite….factor 1.1……I almost pulled trigger on SP4020 Hayward Northstar- full rated 2hp X 1.20= 2.4, but I found a SP4015 Northstar – max rated 1.50hp x 1.60= 2.4..are these motors the same thing? What will be the actual difference for me? thanks, Jeff Seger Texas

  • Manny

    Building a small 7 x 30 in ground pool (Less than 5,000 gal). I am putting a salt chlorinator in. I am confused with the turn over time. Since the pool is so small, will I be Ok with running the pump only 4 hrs a day? I was planning on 2 inch pipes, a 1 hp pump and a 100 or 200 sq ft cartridge filter. Any recommendations?

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Manny, the recommended turnover time for most average-sized pools is 8-10 hours, though pools that are smaller, such as your 5,000 gallon pool, may have shorter turnover times. That said, we do not recommend running your pool pump for only four hours per day as circulation is crucial to maintaining healthy, chemically balanced pool water. It is not necessary to run your filtration system 24 hours per day, but running it longer will turn your water over more frequently, which promotes the dispersing of chemicals, keeps your water healthy and could actually cut down on overall cost in the long run.

      For your sized pool, with 2″ plumbing, a Hayward Star-Clear Plus 175 Square Foot Cartridge Filter with 2″ SLIP should provide superior filtration with minimal required maintenance, and a one horsepower pump, such as the Hayward TriStar Energy Efficient Dual Speed 1HP Pool Pump – 208-230V, should efficiently turn your pool over in your desired time, while evenly distributing chemicals and introducing chlorine generated by your salt chlorinator.

      As for a salt chlorinator, for your pool, we would recommend the Hayward Aqua Rite In-Ground Chlorine Generator up to 15,000 Gallons. Aqua Rite chlorinators have a track record of excellence, and the cell sized for up to 15,000 gallons will allow for wiggle room when you encounter increased chlorine demand due to factors that include, but are not limited to, heat, direct sunlight and increased swimmer usage. Salt cells generally have a three to five year life expectancy, but slightly over-sized cells will not have to work as hard to keep up with chlorine demand, which could help extend their longevity.

      If you have further questions on equipment for your new pool, or would like immediate assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

    • Manny

      Thanks a bunch for the info!!! I can’t find any info as far as the amp draw on low speed speed of the Hayward SP32102EE. There is a company that claims their 2 speed pump (1hp) only draws 1.4 amps on its circulate (low speed) mode. [link to outside site has been removed, per our Terms and Conditions] Are they for real??? Can’t find many reviews since the company appears to be relatively new. There are only a few good reviews. I have not been able to find any negative ones.

    • Manny

      OOPs!! sorry my bad. Just wanted your two cents and advise on these new eco pumps. Didn’t mean to break the terms and conditions by writing the website.

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      No problem, Manny. The Hayward TriStar Energy Efficient Dual Speed 1HP Pool Pump – 208-230V draws between 2.8 and 3.0 amps, when operating on low speed, and while this draw may not be as low as the EcoPump you mentioned, it can save you up to 75% on energy costs. Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

  • Dawn

    new pool owner…many questions..pool sat over 6 months, purchasing short sale. Measured pool-30×15 rectangle, with seperate spa, heater, cleaning system and appears 2 missing pumps. Deep end about 5-6 feet. Looking to purchase needed items. Will one pump be possible, cheaper? The existing brand is Hayward.

  • ANDY

    I have a 14′x28′ inground pool with one skimmer and 5 returns.I have a solar heater and 1 1/2 ” pipes and a 1200 Hayward filter . I use a Cuda to clean the bottom. I had a Hayward pump which died. Which pump shouold I buy to operate the cuda and the solar heater and why? Should I consider a the InteliFlo VS-AU 3 HP pump?

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Andy, because your pool requires a pump for multiple applications, we highly recommend the Pentair IntelliFlo 3HP Variable Speed Ultra Energy-Efficient Pool Pump, which is made for power, efficiency, and energy savings.

      The IntelliFlo VS is designed to operate at up to eight different speeds, ranging between 1/2HP and 3HP (or 450 RPM to 3450 RPM) for diversified performance, and can be easily controlled and monitored through its included LED screen. Because of this, you can easily switch the IntelliFlo’s speed based on the desired application. For example, you can set the IntelliFlo VS’s speed to a higher setting when using your solar heating system and Baracuda pool cleaner, and to a lower speed for general pump circulation.

      Because of these variable speeds, you can save greatly on electricity costs by using less energy. The IntelliFlo VS also includes an internal timer that can be set throughout the week for automatically scheduling varied speeds, making it both convenient and efficient.

      If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us for immediate assistance.

  • bill balbach

    have a 20by 35 in ground pool very confused by all choices unfortuntly price is a big factor.bought new above ground pump and of course not enough.any help would be greatly appr. thanks bill

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Bill, the proper pump for your pool will depend on several factors, including the volume of your pool (in gallons), the size of your pool system’s plumbing (1-1/2″, 2″, 2-1/2″ or 3″), the size of your pool filter, and the number of water features you have on your pool.

      Without knowing the shape and depth of your pool, we cannot know its exact gallon capacity, but speculating that it is rectangular and has an 8′ deep end and 3′ shallow end, the average depth is likely around 5′. Based on the formula in our blog “How Can I Calculate My Swimming Pool’s Capacity?”, the approximate volume of your pool is 26,000 gallons. The reason gallon capacity is important when determining the size pool pump you need is because your pump (and filter) needs to be able to turn your entire pool’s body of water over in a given amount of time, which means it needs to be able to provide a specific minimum gallons per minute flow rate.

      For most residential pools, it is recommended you turn over your water at least once per day, and the recommended turnover time is eight to 10 hours. Thus, based on the formula in the middle of this page, the “minimum flow rate” your pool pump will need to provide for a 10 hour turnover is 43 GPM (26,000/10/60). If you want an eight hour turnover, the minimum flow rate for your pool would be 54 GPM (26,000/8/60). Now that you know the minimum flow rate you will need from your pump for regular pool filtration, you have to make sure your system can handle it.

      Using the guide on this page, 1-1/2″ plumbing supports a maximum flow rate of only 42 GPM, thus, 1-1/2″ plumbing will not support your pool’s needs. 2″ plumbing can support 73 GPM, 2-1/2″ plumbing can support 120 GPM and 3″ plumbing can support 160 GPM. Also, you need to be certain your pool filter will be able to handle the flow rate of your new pump. For instance, referencing the chart at the bottom of this page, a 100 square foot cartridge filter can only handle a maximum flow rate of 38 GPM, so a pump that will supply a flow rate over that could damage your filter.

      When you operate pool features or equipment such as a suction-side or pressure-side pool cleaner, waterfall, slide or spa, your required flow rate for operation increases. Each feature will need a different amount of water flow, and you will want to be certain your pool pump can provide enough flow to support them. While they can initially be more expensive than single-speed pumps, we highly recommend dual-speed or variable-speed pumps because they allow you to run your pump at a lower speed for regular filtration and a higher speed for pool cleaning or other features. This can save significantly on energy costs.

      While dual-speed pumps simply have a high and low speed setting, variable-speed pumps enable you to set up to eight different speeds for up to eight different functions, and can save you up to 90 percent on energy costs when compared to single-speed pumps. A variable-speed pump like the Pentair IntelliFlo VS is extremely efficient, quiet and will give you the ability to program your pump at specific speeds to meet your pool’s needs, which can save you significantly on monthly energy costs.

      A dual-speed pump, such as the Pentair SuperFlo Energy Efficient 1-1/2HP Dual Speed Pool Pump – 7.8/3.0A 230V, will allow you to run regular filtration of your 26,000 gallon pool at low speed and increase to high speed for pool cleaning or another feature. If you do not have a pool cleaner or water feature that would demand an increased flow rate, and are just looking for a single-speed pump that will run at the same speed all the time to handle regular filtration, the Pentair SuperFlo 1HP Single Speed Pool Pump – 14.2/7.1A 115/230V should be sufficient for your size pool.

      If you have further questions or would like additional information, please feel free to give us a call, and one of our customer service representative will be more than happy to help!

  • Sam M

    Hi I have a hayward 1.5 HP super pumpII 2004 model and 3/4 Hawyard booster pump. The supper II it starting to leak. The pool DIM are: 12900 Gallons, 1.5′ pipe X 234′ total pipe. 2 skimmers + 2 bottom suctions, each pair is combined into one return fitting. and 6 discharge outlets. I have a suction side cleaner, and a sheer decent in the mix at 3 feet hi. Looking to save $$, please give me 3 best options Thanks Sam

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Sam, because your plumbing is only 1-1/2″, that is going to create limitations on the horsepower pump you can use for your pool. 1-1/2″ plumbing can only accommodate a flow rate of approximately 42 GPM to and from your pump, and using a horsepower that provides a higher flow rate could damage your pool filter, plumbing and pump.

      If the 1-1/2 HP pump you currently have was doing the job and providing you with enough water flow to meet the demand of your pool, you may want to consider a 1-1/2 HP dual-speed pump, like the Pentair WFDS-6 WhisperFlo Full Rated Dual Speed Energy Efficient 1-1/2HP Pool Pump – 10.0/3.5A 230V. A dual-speed pump will allow you to run the pump at high speed when your cleaner or waterfall is operating and low speed for regular pool filtration, to save energy.

      That said, we highly recommend either the Pentair IntelliFlo VS variable-speed pump or Pentair IntelliFlo VF variable-flow pump, both of which can save you up to 90% on energy costs. While these pumps have the ability to provide a maximum of 3 HP, they are designed to be able to run at varying speeds and flows to meet a pool’s needs, so you can adjust them to a lower speed or flow to fit the maximum flow rate of your 1-1/2″ plumbing. Additionally, while a traditional 1-1/2 HP pump runs at 3,450 RPM on high speed, at 1-1/2 HP, an IntelliFlo pump will run at half that speed, so its energy efficiency will be much greater than a traditional pump.

      With the IntelliFlo VS, you can set up to eight different speeds for up to eight different pool functions, including your waterfall, suction-side cleaner and regular filtration. With the IntelliFlo VF, your pump will self-set and self-adjust to meet the needs of your pool, and if it senses the flow through your system is too much for the system to handle, it will automatically adjust to accommodate.

      If you were to increase your plumbing size to 2″ or 2-1/2″, your system would be able to accommodate flow rates of 73 GPM or 120 GPM respectively, and you could take more advantage of the IntelliFlos’ wide range of speeds and flows. You would also have more options for higher horsepower dual-speed pumps. Please note, if you were to upgrade your plumbing, you would need to make sure your filter could handle the increased flow rates.

      As your system currently stands, an IntelliFlo pump or dual-speed 1-1/2 HP pump would be a good option for your pool. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us directly for immediate assistance.

  • Greg

    Hi we have a ~35 years old, In-ground 12 x 24 pool (10,125 Gallons) . It has skimmer and two returns through 1.5″ pipes (piples replaced 5 years ago). it also has a S21OT Sandfilter, which has an effective filtration area of 2.2 ft, with a design flow rate of 44 GPM, so in 8 hours it would turnover 21,120 gallons. I wonder if my sand filter is to big? The 1/2 HP Hayward Super pump I have started making awful sounds toward the end of the season, so I would like to replace it. The problem is that this pump would always overheat as the “automatic thermal overload protector” would kick in so I did not run it much during the day. Instead I put it on a timer and ran it mostly at night and I would turn it on for a few intermittent hours during the day. So it seams the current pump could not keep up. The pool/pump came with the house when we bought it 8 years ago, but the pump always seemed weak. Could you tell me what pump would you recommend? Thanks

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Greg, the size of your pool filter should not pose any problems for your 10,000 gallon pool. In fact, its being slightly larger than necessary is a good thing because it can easily accommodate the size of your pool, and it should also mean less frequent backwashing.

      In regard to your 1/2 HP pool pump, because it has always performed weakly and was overheating during the day, it almost certainly means it wasn’t sized properly for your pool. The distance your pump is from the pool and the feet of plumbing that run from your skimmer and returns to the pump creates pressure that is referred to as Total Dynamic Head. The higher the head of your pool, the lower the water flow rate becomes. A 1/2 HP pool pump is normally capable of providing flow rates of 55 GPM at 20 feet of head, 45 GPM at 30 feet of head and 29 GPM at 40 feet of head. Since your pump couldn’t keep up with demand, chances are your pool has a Total Head higher than 40 feet.

      The easiest way to determine your pool’s Total Head is to calculate the feet of plumbing from your skimmer and return lines to your pump and then divide by three (since you have a total of three lines). This will give you an estimate of Total Head for your pool. You can use this estimate to properly size a pump to fit your system. Also, since your pool filter can accommodate a flow rate of 44 GPM and your 1-1/2″ plumbing can accommodate 42 GPM, your pump needs to be able to generate a flow rate below 42 GPM but high enough to filter your pool in the recommended eight to 10 hours.

      A 3/4 HP pump can provide 47 GPM at 40 feet of head and 31 GPM at 50 feet of head. A 1 HP pump can provide 50 GPM at 50 feet of head and 27 GPM at 60 feet of head. If your pool has between 40 and 50 feet of head, a 3/4 HP pump, such as the Hayward Super Pump High Performance 3/4HP Pool Pump – 115/230V, should be suitable. If your total head is between 50 and 60 feet, a 1 HP pump, like the Hayward Super Pump High Performance 1HP Pool Pump – 115/230V, would be a better option.

      If you use a suction-side or pressure-side pool cleaner, as well, your necessary GPM is going to increase when your cleaner is in use. Thus, you could also consider a dual-speed pump, which will allow you to run regular pool filtration at low speed (lower GPM) while increasing to high speed (higher GPM) to accommodate your cleaner. The Hayward Super Pump Full Rated High Performance Dual Speed 1HP Pool Pump – 230V is an excellent 1 HP, dual-speed option.

      If you have further questions or would like help in better determining the best pump for your pool, please feel free to give us a call for immediate assistance.

    • Greg

      Thanks I guesstimate I have about 105 feet of lines so about 105/3 = 35 feet of head. Does the 3/4 pump still sound like a match? Thanks.

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi again Greg, since you have about 35 feet of head, your 1/2 HP Super Pump was pushing about 30 GPM of water, which is sufficient (though moderate) for water filtration, but wouldn’t be if you added on any water features or an automatic cleaner. We have spoken to Hayward on your behalf, and they suggest that the 3/4 HP Super Pump should be a good match for your pool setup (capacity, plumbing and filter), and should still provide enough power to operate a suction-side cleaner. Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

  • Cameron

    I am going to buy an above ground 12′ x 48″ . 3,300 gal. With one wide mouth skimmer / return. What would be the best sand fiter and pump size. I am also getting a salt chlorinator. What would be the right choice ? Do I need anything else? I’m putting it “inground.” Thanks

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Cameron, thank you for your interest in a 12′ round above ground pool. The proper pump and filter combination for your pool will depend on what other equipment you plan to use, such as an automatic pool cleaner, so we’ve forwarded your inquiry to our customer service team, and a representative will be in contact with you shortly to help set you up with everything you need for your pool, including a pump, filter and salt chlorinator.


    In Ground Pool size 20 ft x 40 ft, 3 ft to 8 ft @ deep /rectangle Flohr Pools, Hagerstown, MD Put in April 1990 2000 gallons of water We have always had Hayward pumps/filters this will be the 3RD pump/filter system What size should we get? I like the idea of the EcoStar SP3400VSP & ProGrid SPO715xr50 Is the EcoStar SVPVR THE SAME AS ABOVE? We are getting older & would like the best price, least amount of work & least time & expense…. etc We do not want the heat pump. Just got the TigerShark as a gift from the grown children. Please help us with your recommendations J. L. Cunningham [contact information removed to protect customer privacy]

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi J.L., the Hayward EcoStar Variable Speed Energy Efficient Pool Pump would be an excellent, cost effective, low-maintenance choice as a replacement pump for your pool. The Ecostar’s variable-speeds enable you to program speeds and run times that meet the needs of your pool, saving you up to 90% on energy costs when compared to traditional single-speed or dual-speed pumps. It also boasts a user-friendly digital control interface that can be rotated or removed and wall-mounted, for convenience.

      The only difference between the SP3400VSP and SP3400VSPVR is that the latter features a safety vacuum release system that adds a level of entrapment protection for your pool that is compliant with the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act.

      As for the best filter for your pool, if you have had and are happy with D.E. filters, we would recommend the Hayward Pro-Grid Vertical Grid D.E. 48 sq. ft. In Ground Pool Filter, which will pair with the Hayward Pro Grid 2″ FIP Vari-Flo Multiport DE Valve (SP0715XR50) you mentioned to provide efficient filtration for your pool. Your 20′ x 40′ pool is more likely between 25,000 and 30,000 gallons, and thus requires a filter that can adequately turn over such a capacity in between eight and 10 hours. We generally recommend over-sizing your pool filter to help provide consistent filtration with less strain and also extend the time between necessary backwashings. The 48 square foot Pro-Grid filter will easily provide adequate filtration for your pool, as it can turn over up to 46,000 gallons in eight hours.

      If you have further questions or would like additional assistance choosing a pump and filter for your pool, please give us a call, and one of our friendly, knowledgeable customer service representatives will be happy to assist you.

  • walter drost

    17000 gallon pool-cartridge filter 400 2′-plumbing 2″ 2 intakes- 24 in floor cleaning pops-what pump size do you recomend and the manufacture. Thanks

  • John W.

    I have a 32,000 gallon inground pool, two skimmer returns and 3 main supplies, all 2 inch pipe and all between 25-50 feet. The pump is an Emerson 1081 for the primary, a Polaris 380 is driven by a booster that’s too rusted to read. The booster is only 1 inch pipe. I want to replace the existing DE with a cartridge and chlorine generator. I picked out the Jandy AquaPure 1400 and the CL580 filter, but I’d like to get any other suggestions. The current pump is single speed with a simple dial timer, I’d also like to know what’s involved with switching to a dual speed pump. Thanks!!!

  • Larry

    Hi, I have a 20×47 Lazy L with a 3 foot small end 8 foot deep end, and appx. 90 feet of plumbing. I am considering getting a hayward tristar pump. I was wondering what the appropriate HP would be for this pool

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Larry, since your 20′ x 47′ lazy “L” pool is likely between 30,000 and 35,000 gallons and has approximately 90 feet of head, rather than using a 1-1/2 HP to 2 HP single-speed or dual-speed Tristar pump, we would recommend the Hayward EcoStar Variable-Speed Pump.

      A variable-speed pump can save you up to 90 percent on energy consumption when compared to a standard single-speed pump. The Ecostar does this by allowing you to set up to eight custom speeds to meet your pool’s needs. Its speeds range from 600 to 3,450 RPM. You can set general filtration at a lower speed for a longer amount of time, and then increase the speed for water features, a spa or an automatic pool cleaner.

      If you have additional questions about the best pump for your pool, please feel free to contact us for immediate assistance.

  • John K Vignocchi

    I am trying to build a water fall feature that will contain approx 800 gal of water. I am more interested in the water fall than the size of the pool. I would like the water fall width to be 4′ wide by 1″. So what size pump? I want a variable speed so I can adjust the vol over the water fall.

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi again, John! Sounds like a great project. A rep from our support team will be in touch with you shortly to make some recommendations for a pool pump and get some more details on your setup.

  • Jim

    16′ x32′ x6′ pool with one skimmer and one main drain. Four returns (two at steps, one shallow, one deep). Pipe is 1.5 and distance to pump house is approximately 87″. Sand filter is 62GPM rated (300lbs of sand). Ten year old pool and on second 1HP pump. Questions: is it safe to assume that a 1.5HP will meet the requirements and have a little longer durability than three years?!! Should a twin pwr pump be considered?

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Jim, 1-1/2″ plumbing can provide a maximum flow rate of 42 GPM, and while two intakes (skimmer and main drain) can double flow rates to 84 GPM, we recommend using the lower flow rate as a rule of thumb when equipping a pool. For your size in-ground pool (23,000 gallons), with your plumbing configuration and a sand filter that is rated for 62 GPM, you will need a replacement pump that can provide at least 39 GPM to filter your entire pool in 10 hours. The pump for the job will depend on the Total Dynamic Head of your pool, which is basically the number of feet water has to travel from your pump to your pool. Total Dynamic Head can be calculated with the following calculation: (Vacuum pressure at the pump x 1.13) + (Clean filter pressure x 2.31) = feet of head.

      If you have a very low Total Dynamic Head, your 1 HP pump could have been having issues because it was creating flow rates too high for your pool configuration, in turn causing pump cavitation. If your Total Dynamic Head is high, it could be that your 1 HP pump was working too hard to create the flow rate needed to work properly. In order to determine the best pump for your pool, we would first need to know the feet of head for your pool.

      Regardless which pump size is the proper choice, we would highly recommend a dual-speed pump, as you would be able to run regular filtration at low-speed to conserve energy and then increase to high-speed for water features or an automatic pool cleaner. If you have further questions or would like immediate assistance, please feel free to contact us directly.

  • Laurie Volk

    We have a 16,000-gallon in-ground pool, with a 24 inch diameter sand filter, and 1 1/2-inch piping. The pump is located in the basement, approximately six feet below the level of the pool water. We have two skimmers, a bottom drain, and a bottom drain to an attached spa. In addition, we have a Polaris pool cleaner that has a separate booster pump. We need to replace a burned-out 1 1/2 HP single-speed Hayward pump. Pool gets light use. What would be the most efficient pump?

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Laurie, based on your pool configuration, and since you have a spa and automatic pool cleaner for your pool, we would recommend you replace your single-speed pump with a variable-speed pump like the Hayward EcoStar. Variable-speed pumps can save up to 90 percent on energy consumption when compared to standard single-speed pumps.

      The EcoStar can be programmed for up to eight custom speed and timer functions, so you will be able to run general filtration at a very low speed to conserve energy, and then increase the pump’s speed as necessary to accommodate your spa or pool cleaner. The EcoStar has auto-priming capability, and a suction lift of up to 10′ above your water level. Its control interface is also versatile, as it can be rotated or removed and mounted to a wall. If you have any further questions on the best replacement pump for your pool, please feel free to contact us for immediate assistance.

  • Anonymous

    Hi, I am about to purchase the Sharkline Hertiage 33′ x 52″ from you guys. However, I am concerned about getting the right pump and filter. I think I need 2″ piping to flow what this pool will need. Could you recommened the correct size pump and filter that will fit perfect with this pool? Thanks for any help.

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Chad, thank you for your interest in a pump and filter to pair with a 33′ round Sharline Heritage pool. A member of our sales team will be in contact with you shortly to recommend the best pump and filter combination for this particular pool.

  • Tay Metzmeier

    I have a 15ft x 48 in pool that holds 4,440 gal looking for a stronger pump and filter I like the Haywards and Dynamo’s what size should I get??

  • Lisa

    I am replacing a hayward pool pump and motor. I have 1.5″ piping and the old motor was a 1hp. Can I go to 1.5hp? I have a DE filter DE4820 that is about 20″ wide. My pool is approx 18x 32 (solar cover size) I am looking for something in the $350.00 range. (pump) Can you suggest a pool pump and motor please.

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Lisa, for your 18′ x 32′ pool in the price range you have specified, the 1-1/2HP pool pump we would recommend is the Hayward Super Pump High Performance 1-1/2HP Pool Pump – 115/230V. This pump can provide flow rates of more than 90 GPM at less than 10 feet of head, which means it should pair well with your 48 square foot D.E. filter, which can handle a maximum flow rate of 96 GPM.

      While this pump will work well for your pool, we highly recommend considering a dual-speed pump instead, such as the Hayward Super Pump Full Rated High Performance Dual Speed 1-1/2HP Pool Pump – 230V. While the upfront cost is greater for a dual-speed pump, it will help save on energy cost in the long run by allowing you to run general pool filtration at low speed (1725 RPM) and then switch to high speed (3,450 RPM) to accommodate an automatic pool cleaner or water feature.

      Your 18′ x 32′ pool is approximately 21,000 gallons, which means you will only need a flow rate of 35-45 GPM in order to turnover the entire pool in the recommended 8-10 hours. Running general filtration on low speed for a longer amount of time will save more energy than running your pump on full speed all the time, which is what a single-speed pump does. If you have further questions on the best replacement pump for your pool, please feel free to contact us directly for immediate assistance.

  • David

    Hello, First thank you for all the info give to all us pool owners. I have a 20×40 32gal old school pool. My pump just died and was wondering what I should replace it with. I have a DE 48 GPM filter, 1 hp Hayward pump with 2 1.5″ intakes and a 2″ output line. What would be a good pump for me use. 115v with about 25Ft + of line from the pump to the pool.

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi David, in terms of your pool filter, is it a 48 square foot filter or is it rated for a maximum flow rate of 48 gallons per minute? Based on the size of your pool (32,000 gallons), for proper filtration in the recommended eight to 10 hours, you will need a pump and filter that can accommodate at least 54-66 GPM.

      If your filter is actually 48 square feet, the flow rate it can handle should be fine, but each model will vary. For example, the Hayward Pro-Grid Vertical Grid D.E. 48 sq. ft. In Ground Pool Filter can handle flow rates up to 96 GPM.

      If your 1HP pump was sufficiently handling your pool’s filtration and you simply want to replace it with another single-speed pump, the Hayward Super Pump High Performance 1HP Pool Pump – 115/230V should be able to provide you with the proper flow rate for filtration based on the information you provided. We do, however, highly recommend considering a dual-speed or variable-speed pump, both of which will save significantly on energy consumption.

      A dual-speed pump, like the Hayward Super Pump Full Rated High Performance Dual Speed 1-1/2HP Pool Pump – 230V, will enable you to run regular filtration at low speed and then switch to high speed for the operation of an automatic pool cleaner or water feature.

      A variable-speed pump, like the Hayward EcoStar, allows you to program up to eight precise speeds to meet the specific needs of your pool. You can set filtration at a very low speed for a longer amount of time, and then set higher speeds for a cleaner, spa or water feature. A variable-speed pump can save as much as 90% on energy consumption when compared to a traditional single-speed pump.

      Please note, both the dual-speed Super Pump and EcoStar are 230V pumps. If you have any further questions on the best replacement pump for your pool, please feel free to contact us directly for immediate assistance.

  • Chuck Davis

    Hello, I would appreciate your recommendation(s) for solving a pool pump performance problem. 15,000 gallon inground pool. Hayward SuperPump, 2-speed, 1.5 hp, 230 volt, 13-14 years old but motor recently rebuilt. Pump is located approximately 3-4 feet above water level. Water feature height is approximately 3 feet above water level. All plumbing, including inground, is 1.5 inch. Suction side: Three 1.5 inch pipes (main drain and 2 skimmers) “T” into a sort of manifold Mechanicals: Pump, Tagelus TA-60 filter (24″) with zeolite filter media, heat pump, Jandy check valve, chlorinator Return side: *single* 1.5 inch pipe for two returns and 1.5 inch pipe to water feature (valve normally partially closed) The problem: Heat pump was installed last year. It had to be located 30 feet away from the pump. Total pipe run is around 60 feet, including several 90-degree bends plus the heat exchanger itself. Last year, after adding the heat pump with its extended pipe run, the system performance was marginal with the pool pump running at low speed. The system was just barely able to run the chlorinator and water feature. This year, net of some problems with the filter (long story) the pool pump running at low speed is unable to operate the water feature (can’t lift water to that level) or the chlorinator. Even if I resolve the filter problems, system performance will still be marginal. Current backpressure at the filter with the pump on high speed is 23-24 lbs., up from 20-21 lbs. last year, and 5-6 lbs. at low speed. With the heat pump on bypass the backpressures are 18-19 lbs. and 4 lbs. Options would appear to be to replace the pool pump and/or upsize to 2 inch pipe (note single 1.5 inch underground return, however). What would you recommend? Thanks!

    • Chuck Davis

      Some additional information: I was just told by my local pool store that the low-speed hp rating for 2-speed pumps is pretty much the same, 1/4 hp, regardless of the high-speed hp rating. This would indicate there is no benefit from going to a 2 hp, 2-speed pump. (The Hayward specs on SuperPumps show a higher gpm at low speed with the higher horsepower units, but the same maximum head regardless of horsepower.) I have also heard a concern from several sources that going to a 2 hp pump (or a 3 hp variable speed pump) would risk blowing out some components of my system due to excess pressure.

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Chuck, part of your pool pump’s performance problem is your 1-1/2″ plumbing. 1-1/2″ plumbing will have difficulty accommodating the flow rate needed based on the feet of head (basically, feet of plumbing) you have on your pool. 2″ plumbing would certainly help. You could also try switching your pump to high speed for your water feature, which is what the high speed on a dual-speed pump is intended for.

      Low speed is not the same on every dual-speed pump. Dual speed pumps generally run at 3,450 RPM on high speed and 1,750 RPM on low speed. So if you have a 1-1/2 HP pump, its low speed should be running at about 3/4 HP. A 2 HP pump would have about a 1 HP low speed. If your current configuration isn’t keeping up with general filtration requirements, replacing the pump is a good idea, and we highly recommend a variable-speed pump over a dual-speed pump.

      Variable-speed pumps can create more pressure if not programmed correctly, but the beauty of a variable-speed pump, like the Pentair IntelliFlo VS, is you can set it precisely to meet the specific needs of your pool. You can set it at a lower speed for general filtration and higher speeds for water features, a pool cleaner or spa. The IntelliFlo VS works best with 2″ plumbing, but can be used with 1-1/2″ plumbing.

      In order to properly diagnose your pool pump/water flow issue, we highly recommend contacting a local pool service technician. If we can be of any further assistance, please feel free to contact us directly.

  • bk

    I have a 15,000 Gallons, 16′x30′ in gound pool. The intake pipe is about 1.5″ and we have an old Haywood Super Pump 2.5 HP 115/230 Single speed i think. Runs on Hayward Perflex E-65. We have a single intake like 1.5″ and two output lines 1.5″. My problem is that: The pool is always dirty when we open it because of its proximity to pine trees. DE clogged up quickly and the water flow rate is not great. What pump should I upgrade to and what filteration system should I use? Sand? DE?, etc. Please advise.

  • ACash

    I have a 18×40 inground vinyl pool. The pipes are 1.5in, there are 2 skimmers and 3 returns. There is also a slide and 4 fountains but these are not on all th time. The filter is a Jacuzzi triclops 300sqin. I would like to upgrade the pump I have to a Hayward tristar SP32152EE. The info states needs 2in pipe. Can I get this pump. Please advise.

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi ACash, you can certainly use the Hayward TriStar Energy Efficient Dual Speed 1-1/2HP Pool Pump, however, you will need to use reducers with it to adapt the TriStar’s 2″ piping to your 1-1/2″ piping, and reducers can be found at any local hardware store. However, because your pool includes a slide and water features, it may interest you to consider a variable-speed pump.

      Variable-speed umps are designed to maximize energy efficiency, saving on costly electricity bills by allowing the pool owner to choose the precise speed they want their pump to run at. The IntelliFlo VS is a variable-speed pump that includes eight different speed settings. It is designed with an integrated timer that allows for easy scheduling of different speeds throughout the week, so you can set it to run on a low speed for general circulation and then a higher speed that offers the necessary pressure for your water features. Because you only run your fountains at certain times, this specific scheduling can also be programmed into the IntelliFlo VS. Likewise, you can also program the IntelliFlo VS to match the size of your filter to ensure proper compatibility.

      Like the TriStar, the IntelliFlo VS also works best with 2″ piping, so you’ll need reducers to use this pump, and therefore the maximum flow rates for your pool will be slightly lower than pools with 2″ piping. If you’re interested in learning more about variable-speed pumps, please feel free to contact us, and a customer service representative will be happy to offer assistance.

  • Kim

    I am looking to replace my Hayward 1 hp Super Pump with something more energy efficient. I have a 17 X 35 inground pools with one intake, 2 returns and 1.5 inch piping and a sand filter, not sure of the size. Any suggestions?

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Kim, if you’re looking for a more energy efficient pump, you’ll definitely want to consider either a dual-speed or variable-speed pool pump.

      First, the Hayward TriStar Energy Efficient Dual-Speed 1HP Pool Pump – 208-230V is designed to save on energy by utilizing high and low speeds. Please note that dual-speed pumps do not include an integrated control panel, and the only way their two speeds can be accessed, besides rewiring, is through an external timer, like the Intermatic T106M/T104M in Outdoor Enclosure.

      Variable-speed pumps, like the Pentair IntelliFlo VS, can be set precisely to meet the specific needs of your pool; these pumps are designed to save up to 90% on energy consumption when compared to traditional single-speed pumps. Most variable-speed pumps include eight speeds to choose from, which means that you can set it at a lower speed for general filtration and higher speeds for water features, a pool cleaner or spa. The IntelliFlo VS works best with 2″ plumbing.

      If you have any further questions on the best energy efficient pump for your pool, please feel free to contact us for immediate assistance.

  • Brian McDonough

    I have a freeform inground concrete pool that is 32000 gallons. I am looking to switch to a sand filter/pump system but am not sure of proper filter/pump size. Would a 27inch sand filter system apply or do I need a different size? Currently have a DE filter with a one horsepower hayward super pump. The problem is flow rate continues to rise and shut off heater, have cleaned filter religiously, soaked overnite with cleaners etc. Have 2 inch pool lines but 1 1/2 inch to filter from pump yet 2 inch into heater and return. Could you please advise proper filter and pump size as well as if I should have all 2 inch lines for the system. Thank you

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Brian, if possible, 2″ lines throughout your system would be beneficial to provide the flow rate necessary to properly turn over your pool in the recommend eight to 10 hours; to properly turn over your pool in eight hours, you would need a flow rate of 67 GPM, and to turn it over in 10 hours, you would need a flow rate of 54 GPM. 1-1/2″ plumbing has a maximum flow rate of approximately 42 GPM, while 2″ plumbing can accommodate up to 73 GPM.

      Since you are looking specifically for a sand filter for your 32,000 gallon pool, we would suggest the Pentair Triton II Side Mount Sand TR100 In Ground Pool Filter, as it will be sized large enough to provide proper filtration while also helping to extend the time between necessary backwashings. The valve for this filter is sold separately, and the proper valve for 2″ plumbing is the Pentair Triton Multiport Valve Kit 2″.

      If you are looking for a new pump to pair with this filter, we would highly recommend the Pentair IntelliFlo VS, as it is a variable-speed pump that will help save significantly on energy consumption (up to 90%) by allowing you to program up to eight precise speeds to meet the needs of your pool. You can set general filtration for a very low speed, and then increase the speed of the pump for an automatic pool cleaner, spa or other water feature. It also boasts an integrated time clock that will allow you to program schedules into the pump.

      If you have further questions about your plumbing configuration or the best filter and pump for your pool, please feel free to contact us directly for immediate assistance.

  • Anonymous

    Need a new pump. Pool is about 35,000 gal. All plumbing 1.5″ 2 returns can easily convert to 3 if needed. 2 skimmers and a drain. Current pump is a Pentair Super flo getting worn and will need replaced (very soon) Performed well but always loud. Want something quieter and more efficient. Filter Pentair TR100, also have an Aqua Logic Plus Salt Gen. (not pro) Finally the questions 1. Does Pentair offer a Dual speed pump? 2. if I go with Hayward Tristar Dual speed do I need the additional Intermatic controller, or will the Aqua Logic Plus be able to controll the speeds? Other wise a variable speed would most likely be my only option and they are so expensive. Thanks

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Jamie, based on your setup, the ideal pump for you will be the Pentair Intelliflo 3HP Variable Speed Ultra Energy Efficient Pool Pump. It works best with 2” plumbing but can work with 1-1/2”, though it will have to work harder when running at higher speeds.

      The great thing about the IntelliFlo is that you can program up to 8 speeds to custom fit the needs of your pool. It also saves you up to 90% on energy consumption. Although, variable speed pumps are more expensive up front, they save you more money in the long run.

      Pentair does offer your SuperFlo in a dual speed version, but it will have the same noise factor as your existing pump. If you decide to go with the Hayward Tristar, your current automation system from Hayward should be able to operate a dual speed pump without an additional timer. We recommend contacting Hayward for the best way to set it up. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

  • Anonymous

    I forgot a question. If I go with the Hayward Tristar pump which size would be best the 1.5 hp or could I get by with 1.5hp uprated? Thanks

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi again Jamie, if you were to go with a TriStar pump and you’re choosing between 1-1/2HP or 1-1/2HP Uprated, we would recommend the regular 1-1/2HP, as it will provide you with more total brake horsepower. If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

  • cindy watts

    We have an inground pool, 16 by 30ft, 17,500 gallons of water. Our pool is 12 years old. We were sold a Pentair model sd 40 sand filter and an Optiflo Plastic Pump 1 HP, 2 SP. I question that decision. Will you provide your opinion? Thank you.

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Cindy, the Pentair Sand Dollar SD60 is large enough to turn over your 17,500 gallon pool in under eights hours when supplied with a 40 GPM flow rate. However, it sounds like your existing system is a pump-filter combination, usually meant for above ground pools. The Pentair OptiFlo 1HP pool pump is designed as a smaller pump for an above ground pool, which works best with low head configurations (essentially, a small amount of piping), so there may be somewhat of a problem if you have a lot of piping.

      The OptiFlo has a maximum flow rate of 85 GPM at 15′ of head. If your piping configuration matches this, it should work fine, but the more piping you have, the less efficiently the OptiFlo will work. You may need to consider a larger pump, and if this is the case, please feel free to contact us, and a customer service representative will be happy to assist you.

  • John

    Hi, I have a 1 yr old above ground, 27′ round (approx 18,500 gal). I have a Hayward Power-Flo LX 1.5 HP pump rated at 70 GPM. For filter, I have a Hayward Star Clear C100, with a 100 sq ft cartridge filter. The label on outside of the filter states Design Flow Rate Residential 100 GPM, which contradicts the 38 GPM on the chart above. In fact, it seems to be commonplace for manufacturers to label 100 sq ft filters as having 100 GPM, which is a very different number than 38. I have 1.5″ plumbing, 1 return. So it seems kind of like a mish mash of different rated products. I actually had to replace a hose this year that was cracking in multiple places…not sure if that is because of my equipment ratings or they used a cheap hose. Do you have any thoughts on this system, whether my pump is too much? I have been loosely considering a multi-speed pump for a variety of reasons.

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi John, the Hayward Star C100 is a much smaller filter, and 100 square foot filters are engineered with a maximum GPM of 38. They are designed specifically for use with smaller plumbing, such as 1-1/2″ piping. If your pump is rated for 70 GPM, your 1-1/2″ piping will only allow a maximum flow rate of 42 GPM, and the higher flow rate can create pressure that can damage both your plumbing and filter.

      A dual-speed or variable-speed pump may not work well with your piping configuration and filter, but if you decide on a dual-speed, you may want to consider the Pentair OptiFlo Vertical Discharge 1-1/2HP Above Ground Pool Pump Dual Speed Motor – 115V – 3′ Cord with Twist-Lock Plug. It is a dual-speed pump designed specifically for above ground pools, and offers both a lower speed (1750 RPM) and a high speed (3450 RPM). However, again, you’ll want to consider the size of your filter to prevent any premature damage to it. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us directly for immediate assistance.

  • Dave

    I have a pool with an attached spa and a single pump. I have a friend with similar pool/spa arrangement with two pumps. I assume the second pump is dedicated to the spa. Is there an advantage to one approach or the other?

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Dave, the main advantage to having separate plumbing for your pool and spa is individual control. For example, bathers interested in using a spa alone can rely on their spa pump to power it, rather than on a pool/spa pump that draws considerably more energy and can hike up electricity bills. Separate equipment also means a pump’s horsepower doesn’t require a division between the pool and spa. Rather, an individual spa pump can dedicate pressure to spa jets and can be used solely for the circulation needed to heat a spa.

      For more information on the different advantages of having separate equipment for your pool and spa, please feel free to contact us for immediate assistance.

  • Dave R

    I am installing two solar panels on my roof to connect to my above ground pool filtration system which is pretty much away from each other. What is the horsepower that I need to be able to push the right amount of water circulation? I am guessing it is about between 50 to 60 feet from the sand filter to the nearest point where i will be connecting to on the solar panel

  • TJ

    Can you please tell me the gph/flow rate of a haward/emerson pump that is 3/4HP and 3450 rpm. thank you

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi TJ, we’ll need to know which pump you’re looking at specifically in order to give you a general idea of what the GPM/GPH is of that particular pump, as all pumps vary in performance. If you would like immediate assistance, please feel free to contact us directly for immediate assistance.

  • Anonymous

    We just bought the sharkline venture. Its 21 feet round and 52″ deep. We need a pump and filter system. Do they come together or do you buy them seperate? Also which one would be the best for our size of pool? Thanks!

  • Don Allen

    Please advise of a recommended filter housing (and maybe new pump) to replace a “cracked” housing Hayward C-1500, 2 cartridges, 150 sq/ft filter, 120 GPM max, 2″ or 2 1/2″ pipes in/out Challenger High Flow Pump 2 1/2 HP, 230 volts, for 40,000 gal. in-ground pool (eqpt all above-ground). I probably want more filter surface, maybe up to 240 or 320 sq/ft. Thanks.

  • Steve

    I have a 15,000 gallon above ground pool and I wanted to get a sand filter and pump for it. What is the best size and hp for this ? thanks.

  • martin mclawhorn

    could you suggest the best pump and filter for a 14×28 inground pool with salt. I understand two speed pump is better. Thanks

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Martin, For a pump we would recommend the Pentair IntelliFlo for your pool. What kind of filter do you have now and are you happy with it?

  • Michelle

    I have a 27′ round pool with 1 1/2″ plumbing and a hayward 21″ sand filter. I also have a solar panel on a ground rack in close proximity to the pool. I run the filter at least 8 hours everyday in order to heat the water. I would like to choose the most efficient pump i can get away with. I have read that is better to get a lower hp pump with an oversized filter. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

  • Heidi

    We have a 1 HP pump and a Hayward S180T filter that came with the used pool we just purchased. Is this system what we need for a 30′ round above ground pool to do a good job?

  • Linda I

    We have a rectangular above ground pool that holds 15,000 gallons. Our piping is 1.5″ and there is 12 ft of it at suction and 12 ft at return. We are looking to replace our 1.5 hp pump because it seems a bit too much. What hp should we be using. We want to get a dual or variable speed pump to save energy. Our filter is a Hayward S220T. I’m lost as to what pump to purchase. Thank you for any help you can give us!!!

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Linda, I need a bit more information to recommend a specific pump, would you please email me at christian@poolsupplyworld.com? Thanks!

  • PoolSupplyWorld

    Hi Jeff, The valve can be replaced without replacing the entire filter. Someone from our customer support team will be contacting you shortly to get some additional information and help you find the correct replacements. Let me know if you have any questions! -Christian

  • Richard

    I have a 5,000 gal. underground pool with attached spa. The pump is a 1.5HP Hayward Super Pump and the filter is a Hayward 210T filter, which has sprung a leak toward the top of the filter. I have tried patching it several times but the leak always returns within a few days. I’ve been told that patching never really works because of the amount of water pressure the patch has to endure, and because my pool is small, I’ve been recommended to switch to a cartridge filter. For my size pool, is this pump/filter combination good, or would I be better off switching to a smaller cartridge filter?

  • Anonymous

    We bought a foreclosure with a 33000 gal in ground concrete swamp late last year that has a 1 HP Jacuzzi Magnum force pump, a Hayward Sand filter, and a non working with no cleaner unit Polaris pool cleaner. We got an aquabot cleaner and are not looking for a replacement. Our Jacuzzi pump just died and we have planned a birthday pool party in two weeks. Before I tell my wife how much more we need to spend on our pool this year, I want to make sure I know the facts. If my math is correct, our pool should be 68/69 gpm to cycle in 8 hrs, however on the sand filter that says it has a 60gpm rating. Therefore I need to find a pool pump that has a 60 gpm rating, correct? Would you recommend any of the following: the Hayward Pro-Grid Vertical Grid D.E. 48 sq. ft. In Ground Pool Filter, the Hayward Super Pump High Performance 1HP Pool Pump – 115/230V, the Hayward Super Pump Full Rated High Performance Dual Speed 1-1/2HP Pool Pump – 230V, the Hayward EcoStar, or the Pentair IntelliFlo VS? Are there any other pumps that will work for us? Thank you.

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Jay, Someone from our customer support team will be contacting you shortly to assist with some options. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks! – Christian

  • reggie

    does the whisperflo and the intelliflo have the same size volute?? if so, can i just connect the back end of the intelliflo to the volute of the whisperflo when i switch pumps??

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Reggie,
      The IntelliFlo and the WhisperFlo do share a wet end so you would be able to do that! Let me know if you have any other questions!

  • John B

    Hi, I have a few questions. With a 100 sq ft cartridge filter and 1 1/2″ plumbing, would a 1 HP dual speed pump work ok without having to replace filter and plumbing? My above ground pool (round) holds around 18,000 gal. Secondly, I have a 1 1/2 HP single speed pump today. Even though it is probably too much for my filter, the plumbing is actually throttling the water flow to the filter, correct? Also, is there any significant difference between horizontal and vertical discharge, other than the obvious? I notice the prices tend to vary between the two.

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi John,
      A 1 HP dual speed is plenty of power for your pool and will work fine with the filter and plumbing you have now. The piping will limit the flow somewhat but probably not enough to make a difference with your setup. Your current 1.5 HP is probably a bit much for the filter you have, you should get better filtration with the 1 HP. As far as horizontal vs. vertical there is no significant difference other than the direction of the discharge. Let me know if you have any other questions! -Christian

  • Steve Keesee

    How much energy can I expect to save with Pentair energy efficient vs. a new Hayward Superpump? I have a 1 HP Hayward Superpump now and will be buying another pump very soon. Wze pump will I need? My pool is 20×40 and is 8 ft 4 in. deep and is 26 years old. All was replaced last year( coping, liner, concrete and 150 pounds of Zeobrite in the filter to replace the 300 pounds on sand.) The pump is shot and will be replaced. Thanks

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Steve,
      Someone from our customer care team will be contacting you shortly to get some additional information and answer your questions. Let me know if you have any other questions! -Christian

  • ray

    I’m remodeling my yard. can my new pool and spa motor be 70 feet away the pool and spa? At that distance will it effectively heat the spa and have enought power for six jets? please advise.

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Ray, That can definitely be done. You will need a pump powerful enough to counteract the 70 feet of head created by having the pump that far away. How many gallons is your pool? What about the spa? Are you using a single pump and heater for both pool and spa? What size is your piping? Let me know and I’ll crunch some numbers for you! -Christian

  • Nick Karagias

    I have a 15,000 gal pool with 1 1/2 inch lines. What size Pentair super flow pump do I need?

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Nick,
      Depending on what kind of cleaner you plan to use I would recommend either a 3/4 HP or 1 HP pump. Do you use an automatic cleaner? If so what kind? -Christian

  • JUDY


    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Judy,
      Algae is usually a sign of something wrong with your pool chemistry. Usually it means one of two things. Either there is not enough chlorine or there is too much CYA. Can you get me the results of a current test on your water? I’ll be happy to help you get it back in shape! -Christian

  • Jon

    I have an 8000 gallon in ground pool with 1.5 inch plumbing and solor panels on the single story roof with 2 inch plumbing. Looking to save on electricity bill. Need pump and appropriate cartridge filter.

  • Anthony

    I have a question. I wanna try to run my pump this fall/winter for the least amount of time possible. What would be a reasonable amount of time needed to turn my pool. I have a D.E filter SMBW2036 It says 87 GPM on it. I am using a 1hp pool pump model ST1102. I think its about 1.5 pipes. My pool is an older pool size is about 16′X30′ deep end about 9 ft shallow around 3 1/2 ft. so as an estimate since i don’t know for sure lets say 21,000 gallons. The main drain is bypassed. There are two return lines and the side skimmer basket. How long should I run this pump to turn the water over at least once a day? or the minimum needed to run per day? This past summer I had to run it almost 10 hours a day some weeks 12 hours as it was really hot here in southern California this summer to keep allege away.. Any help or advice would be great.. as I am clueless and my pool guy doesn’t really talk to me about running times he just cleans once a week and add chemicals when needed. He runs a simmer in pool also once a week. Hay help is greatly appreciated!

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Anthony,
      Based on the information provided your turnover time should be about 4.6 hours. Let me know if you have any questions! -Christian

  • Jerry

    We have a 21 ft round, 52 inch deep above ground pool. We also have a 150000 BTU Hayward pool heater. What size of Hayward pump and cartridge filter system would you recommend. The whole system is piped with 1.5 inch PVC. I would also like a turn around of 8 hours.

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Jerry,
      Someone from our customer care team will be contacting you shortly to get some additional information and help you pick the right equipment for your pool. Let me know if you have any questions! -Christian

  • Frank

    Hello, I bought a foreclosed home and it has a 21,000 gallon in ground pool, I’ll be cleaning it myself with a brush and filtration system w/hose attachment, It has a 60sqft. Hayward micro-clear D.E. filter and the pump was stolen, I was wondering what size pump would be sufficient a 1.5 hp or a 2hp

    • Brad (PoolSupplyWorld)

      Hi Frank! Based on the information you provided here I would recommend no larger than a 1.5 HP pump for your size pool and filter.

  • Charles

    Hi, I’m looking to put in a two speed 1HP Hayward Super Pump to replace my 1HP Jacuzzi 1000 magnum pump. My sand filter is rated for 63 GPM. My intake plumbing is 1.5 inches. I have a 18×36 inground pool. I have a LM2-24 salt water system.I have a
    barracua x7 pool cleaner.
    Will the hayward move enough water in low speed to run my salt generator properly? Is it a proper fit the equipment I have? Or am I better off with the higher head magnum I have?
    Based on common estimator I estimate I will have 50 GPM flow at high rate which seems good for 1.5″ piping based on ~40 ft of head. I am quite unclear on the flow rate I will get at low speed however. Will the TDH drop to 10 or 15 at low speed? How can this be estimated?

    • Brad (PoolSupplyWorld)

      Hi Charles! The 1 HP Hayward Super pump is not powerful enough to run the LM2024 salt chlorinator on low speed. It will need to run on the high speed to activate the chlorinator, as the LM2-24 requires a flow rate of at 11 GPM. The flow rate on the low speed of the pump is 32 GPM at 10 feet of head. Determining the TDH is a lengthy step-by-step process. If you would like me to discuss that with you please give me a call at 800.772.0467 ext. 218 and I would be happy to go over that with you.

  • Anthony

    Hi, I need a filter/ pump system my pool is a above ground about 20ft circle and 4 ft deep, I would like a DE filter do you have any recommendations

  • Douglas Guma

    I have a 16×48 Above Ground pool, metal frame. I am looking to replace the standard small a/c cartridge pump that come with it. it is about 5100 gallons & is difficult to maintain with the lack of water flow. what would you reccomend? Thanks.

  • Steve Snyder

    I have a 1,300 gallon “spool” that was recently constructed in our backyard. It has a sheer descent waterfall about 2.5 feet above the waterline (plumbed together with the returns), and 2″ piping to and from the pump pad, about 50 linear feet away from the “spool”. Our pool contractor recommended we get a Pentair 3/4 hp pump and a Pentair Clean and Clear 50 sq. ft. filter. I’m wondering if those calculations are correct, and if the 50 sq. ft. filter is a good match for the 3/4 hp pump? Thanks.

    • Dylan (PoolSupplyWorld)

      I would agree with your pool contractor that a 3/4 hp pump and a 50 sq. ft. cartridge filter would be appropriate to use for your setup. If you can afford to go larger with the filter that is always a good thing as it will extend the life of the cartridges and cut down on maintenance. But the 50 sq. ft. would be just fine to use. I also would agree with the Pentair recommendation as it is my personal favorite brand as well. If you have any further questions that come up feel free to give us a call at 800-772-0467.

  • clive evans

    I have a 10,000 litre freeform pool (surface area approx. 30 sqm just completed but am concerned as to the sizing of the filter and the pump as there appears to be a small amount of air to the top clear section of the filter in the pump. Also in the filter I release the air valve which has quite a lot of air to release before water comes out and even after an hour or so there is more air in the filter when I understood there should be none in this sealed system. The pipes are 2 inch and the pump is waterco supastream 75 and the filter waterco cc100 which in the tech data says it is for pols of 136,800 litres.
    Can you advise please.

    • Dylan (PoolSupplyWorld)

      I would suggest inspecting the plumbing in the system for any leaks or cracks that could be causing a loss of water and/or introducing air into the system. Be sure to also check any unions or O-rings to ensure they are in good condition and have no cracks as well. It is normal for there to be a small amount of air in the top of the pump basket, however, if it does seem to be a significant amount of air then there is a leak somewhere in the system.

  • david carpenter

    Can you can help? I have a swim pro filter with a surface area of 2.53sq ft. My hayward valve is rated for 75gpm and a 1 hp hayward pump, 1.5in plumbing. I have trouble with filtration crystal clear is never happened in 5 years algae is a problem or just not very clear water. It has been worse i recently bought a filtration bag for the outlet and use a dry filter aid. Do I need to change the valve? Can I add another return to help? Can I add a small cartrige filter to help? Thank you in advance.

    • http://www.poolsupplyworld.com/ Daniel Henson(PoolSupplyWorld)

      What is the size of your pool? This will help us determine the best size equipment for your pool. Assuming it is appropriately sized, we would recommend purchasing a fully function test kit, which may be one of the best first investments when it comes to pool care. Have you tested for phosphates? Another thing to consider is using a phosphate remover, as phosphates are the food for algae and are one of the prime causes for algae blooms.

    • david carpenter

      Sorry I guess that would help. 28′ round 4′ deep. I do have a test kit but not for phosphates. I will take a sample in and have it tested for that.

  • dave

    I have a customer that has two good size ponds he pumps from the lower 1 about 20 away and it then goes about 85 feet up 20 ft grade to a water fall,there is no filter he had a 3hp magnum jacuzzi pump in there the motor is shot could I just get a new motor for that pump and do you think it would work I never saw the old one work Thanks Dave

  • Elena

    I have a 12×24 pool. It holds 9000 gallons of water. My pump went out and the Hayward rep said my pump was too big (1.5 HP) for my filter ( 24 inch sand ). Does this sound correct to you ? Should I have a 3/4 pump for this size filter? The pool / equipment isn’t even a year old. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Elena

      BTW… My pressure # is right at 22. That is too high isn’t it?

    • http://www.poolsupplyworld.com/ Daniel Henson(PoolSupplyWorld)

      Hello, Elena! You sand filter is the perfect size for your 9,000 gallon pool. The pump, however, is a little large for both the pool and the sand filter. Either a 1HP or 3/4HP pump would be better suited for that setup. I hope this helps!

      • Elena

        Thank you so much ! Will a Polaris 360 work well on a 3/4 or should I go with a 1HP? My pool builder said he would come and switch it out with whichever one I want ! Thank You again for all your help !

        • http://www.poolsupplyworld.com/ Daniel Henson(PoolSupplyWorld)

          Elena, either size pump would work with a Polaris 360. Regardless if which HP you go with, just be sure to follow the steps of adjusting the Pressure Relief Valve to ensure proper water pressure for operation. This instructions may be found on page 6 of the owner’s manual here: http://edc.poolsupplyworld.com/wpdf/f1-manual.pdf

          You’re very welcome! Please do not hesitate to contact us if there’s any further assistance we may provide.

  • Becky Kuyper

    Please Help!!!
    I have a round above ground pool 22′ x 54″. It keeps going green we have the original filter with an added saltwater chlorinator running for 5 hours a night. We put 12-40lb bags of salt into the pool when we set it up 2 weeks ago. It started to turn green yesterday and now we are thinking the salt water filter was a mistake. What do we need to do the fix the issue. How big of a filter do we need?

    • Becky Kuyper

      I just looked up my filter system it is Intex 2,500 gallon per hour filter pump.

      • Dylan (PoolSupplyWorld)

        There are a few different issues that could be going on that would cause your pool to turn green. First thing we would want to do is test the water and see what the current chemical content is. This should tell us if it’s just the chlorine that is lacking, or if there are any other factors that might be hurting things. I would also recommend running the filter and salt chlorinator for a longer cycle, and if possible run it during the day time as that is when algae is most likely to grow due to the hot weather. Let me also give you this link to a blog article we have on fighting algae.


        Feel free to give us a call directly as well and we can discuss your pool in a bit more detail. Thanks!

        • Becky Kuyper

          Thanks. We checked the Chlorine levels and there was none. So we added liquid Chlorine and all is better. I think we may be switching to chlorine since the chlorinator doesn’t seem to be working.

  • Elwanda Bailey

    My pool is 16 X 36 L Shape and the water content is 32,000. I have two top skimmers and a bottom skimmer. My current pump is a 1 HP Super pump and has just just died. My question is, should I order a 1 1/2 hp or 2 hp? One of my top skimmers does not work well and could that be that my pump is not large enough? Thanks in advance. Elwanda Bailey
    This 1 hp pump only lasted 2 seasons.

    • Dylan (PoolSupplyWorld)

      For a pool of your size I am going to recommend converting to an Energy Efficient Variable Speed Pump. A variable speed pump will be able to provide you with significant energy savings (save $) and will allow you to run the pump at a very low speed for the majority of the day. By being able to adjust the horsepower level you can tailor the pumps output to work with your skimmers and too find the right circulation rate. I would suggest giving us a call at 800-772-0467 to find the best pump fit for your pool, but based off limited info of your pool I would recommend the Pentair IntelliFlo VS (011018) at this link:


      Give us a call (800-772-0467) and we would be happy to discuss! Have a great day.

  • Raymond Wheeler

    I have a Intex 22×52 round pool that holds 10,472 gallons of water. I have a 2500GPH filtered pump attached to a salt water system. The filter does catch some of the debris but when I get in I can skim up from the middle to bottom other things (bugs, trash, etc..) Is my pump big enough to clean this up or do I need something bigger(what size) ? I run it at least 12 hours aday and the salt water system 6 hours aday. I was wondering if a sand filter would do better (what size)?

    • Dylan (PoolSupplyWorld)

      It does not sound as if your current setup has a filter on it, besides maybe the basket with the pump? In any case a sand filter would be a good filtration option and is very easy to maintain. A good size sand filter for your pool would be something in the 19″-24″ range, the larger you can go the easier the maintenance will be. I would suggest giving one of our sales reps a call at 800-772-0467 and we should be able to ask some further questions about your pool and make a good recommendation for you. Thanks!

      • Raymond Wheeler

        It does have a filter (sizeB) on it and I clean it everyday, do not have a basket…. I can put my hand close to the intake hose but can not feel the water going into it. If I cover it you can tell the pump is not getting the water. Also the water pressure looks fine coming out.

  • Mike

    I have a 35,000 gallon pool
    I have a Hayward variable speed pump and a 4280 Hayward DE filter
    I’m looking to switch to sand and need to have a side mount filter
    What size would I need and would the 6 way valve I have work for sand

    • Dylan (PoolSupplyWorld)

      Hopefully you see my reply to your separate message in regards to the differences between the Hayward models! Based off of the information you provided I would recommend the Hayward Pro Series S310S sand filter at this link:


      Now as for your valve it more than likely will not work, but if you can provide the model number off of your valve then I can check to be certain. If you end up needing a new valve to go with your sand filter then the SP0715X62 will be for 2″ plumbing (which I would guess you have).

  • Mike

    What are the big differences between the hayward
    pro series plus
    pro series side mount
    And the s200 series filters

    • Dylan (PoolSupplyWorld)

      The Hayward Pro Series is the most commonly purchased Hayward sand filter as it does offer the most variances in sizes and valve plumbing. Depending upon which model, the effective filtration area that can be covered will vary from 2.20 sq. ft. to 4.91 sq. ft. and the flow rate that they can handled will be between 44 GPM to 98 GPM.

      Now the Pro Series Plus will be the next size up in terms of the amount of water that can be filtrated. The effective filtration area will be either 4.95 sq ft or 6.50 sq ft depending upon the model chosen. And the flow rates can be up to 99 GPM or 130 GPM. Based off of these statistics you can see that the Pro Series Plus is designed for larger applications that utilize higher water flow.

      The S200 is essentially identical in performance with the Pro Series S210S model. The only differences being that the S200 is a slightly larger filter in terms of size, And this model is actually a model that is no longer available on our website and I would anticipate that it is essentially being replaced by the Pro Series.

      If you have any further questions feel free to get in touch at 800-772-0467 and we would be happy to make our recommendation for your specific pool. Thanks!

  • Gary Moody

    I have a 3/4 hp Jacuzzi pump for a waterfall 10′ high. It’s too much volume and pressure for the little waterfall. Is it possible to make the speed variable? What would you suggest?

    • Dylan (PoolSupplyWorld)

      I would want a bit more information before making a suggestion. Would you happen to have the model number off of your existing pump? Maybe a photo of the motor as well?

      Also, what is the piping distance from where the pump would be located to the top of the waterfall? Any idea on the current GPM that is coming out of the waterfall? Variable speed may definitely be the way to go as it will allow you to find the best GPM for your specific waterfall.

      Feel free to call us as well at 800-772-0467 to speak to one of our sales reps. Thanks!

      • Gary Moody

        Product Description
        180 cubic inch strainer basket allows longer intervals between cleaning.
        Performance of the Jacuzzi Magnum Force pump Gallons per Minute vs. Resistance to Flow (Feet to Head) Horsepower 30ft. 3/4 HP 55gpm

        • Gary Moody

          Is there a way to make a pump like this variable speed?

          • Ben Blythe (PoolSupplyWorld)

            Hey Gary,

            A trick I used to use would be to insert a “T” split somewhere along the line between the pump and waterfall. One side will go to the waterfall, the other will go back into the waterfall through a different route, or into a reservoir that feeds back into the pond. The drawback to this method, is it’s not an exact science… well it can be, but I am not smart enough to do all the math that would help me get there. There will be some trial and error.

            Most fountain, or waterfall pumps, typically come with a flow restrictor to limit the output of water. This pool pump is binary though, it is either on, or it’s off. Unfortunately there is no way to make this “variable speed”, we can’t attach a dimmer or anything like we can a ceiling fan.

            Good luck, and I look forward to hearing about the results!

    • DannyDan

      You’re not likely to find something perfect and will have to use a valve on the outlet side of the pump to restrict flow. On the plus side, when you restrict the flow of a centrifugal pump, it reduces power consumption.

  • Allan

    My pool is 20 X 40 and quite deep and steep sided (it was built in 1941). Water content is extimated at 40,000 or more gallons. There are two 1.5″ intakes, one from the skimmer and one from the main drain, however, there is only one 1.5″ return line and it is a long one (100′+). The filter system currently uses a Hayward DE 4800 and a Century Centurian B848 pump. There is no heater or spa attached to this pool. This equipment seems way undersized for a pool this size, however, suprisingly, it has worked, fairly well, for a long time. To keep the pool really nice during the season, it runs 12 hours a day. I am in Los Angeles.

    The filter is falling apart and needs to be replaced. The pump was replaced several years ago and works fine. My first thought was to just replace the filter, but, go a size larger, to 60 sq. ft. Then, I started thinking, if I am getting a new filter, maybe I should look at the entire filter system. I have always hated back washing DE and chlorinated water into areas of my yard so, the first thing I thought was, I’ll add a separation tank to eliminate that problem. Then, I started seeing all this info about variable speed pumps and how much I might save in elecricity dollars. If I could save money by going to a more efficient pump, it might make sense to change it, even though nothing is wrong with the present one. As an added incentive, my local power company is offering a $500 rebate to install one of these pumps!

    My questions are: Would a 60 sq. ft. filter make sense? Should I get a variable speed pump and, if so, what would be my best choice for interms of make and model, given my water lines? Perhaps you could recommend a system for my pool (pump, filter, seperation tank).

    • Dylan (PoolSupplyWorld)


      I did get your information on to one of our account managers and Fernando should have actually sent over a quote to make contact with you.

      I would definitely suggest upgrading to a variable speed pump as it is going to have many benefits for you. You will be able to run the pump at a lower speed for a longer period of time, thus cutting down your energy costs and providing longer circulation of your water. Most homeowner’s find themselves recouping the cost of the pump within a single year, or two at the most. In your case that $500 rebate is a great deal and something you will want to take advantage of ASAP. As for a specific model both myself and Fernando will recommend the Pentair IntelliFlo Variable Speed Pump (011018). The IntelliFlo pump is the leading variable speed pump on the market and constantly receives great reviews from our customers.

      As for your filter, the 4800 you have now is a bit undersized and I would agree that going up in size will benefit you. Upgrading to a 60 sq. ft. would be ideal and should reduce the amount of maintenance required, in comparison to your existing filter. Again I would recommend Pentair brand as overall their equipment has proven to be top quality, while still at an affordable price.

      If you do have further questions you can reach Fernando directly at the number he left in his quote, or feel free to ask away on here as well. Have a nice day!

      • Allan


        Thank you for your response. I did get a quote from Fernando, but it did not include the seperation tank. I want to stop backwashing pool water into my back yard, so, I think a seperation tank is the only way I can do that.

        I have a couple of questions regarding the other equipment. With respect to the filter, I see Pentair makes numerous models. Is there a reason for the FNS recommendation as opposed to, say, the Quad cartridge system or one of the other models? Lastly, with respect to the recommended pump, can I actually replace my 1 HP pump with a 3 HP pump, given the restrictions of my plumbing (having only one 1.5″ return line, in particular)? Tahnk you for your help.


        • Dylan (PoolSupplyWorld)

          Looks like we don’t currently have any separation tanks on our website for him to have quoted. I checked into it and we can get a Pentair separation tank for a price of $394.99. It would be something that ships in 24-48 hours, and it is meant for DE filters up to 60 sq. ft.

          The FNS Plus would be most similar to your current setup and would have the same backwash operation. Essentially just turn the valve, refresh the DE, and not too much more work involved. The Quad Cartridge system would be an excellent option as well, and one that I frequently recommend. In my opinion there is a bit more maintenance involved as I would recommend removing the cartridges and cleaning those by hand each time you want to clean/backwash the filter.

          While the Pentair IntelliFlo is a 3 HP pump at top speed, you definitely would not want to run the pump at that high of a horsepower. The IntelliFlo allows you to run at any of 8 RPM speeds, and in your case you would be running the pump at a low RPM to cut down on your energy costs and help prolong the life of the pump. You wouldn’t want to run the pump at a higher RPM than is equivalent with your current 1 HP pump.

  • Roberto Donio

    I have an oval pool 4.57 diameter and 1.22 deep. i need to connect it to a salt electrolysis pump, a solar heater that will be on 3 meters roof and by pass to a electrical heater to heat at night. The pool needs to be always aroud 34.5 Celsius. How strong needs to be my pump?

  • Roberto Donio

    I have an oval pool 4.57 diameter and 1.22 deep. i need to connect it to a salt electrolysis pump, a solar heater that will be on 3 meters roof and by pass to a electrical heater to heat at night. The pool needs to be always aroud 34.5 Celsius. How strong needs to be my pump?

    • Dylan (PoolSupplyWorld)

      The strength of the pump will depend on the amount of piping distance there is from the pool to the equipment pad. I would recommend purchasing a variable speed pump such at the Pentair IntelliFlo (011018). This pump will have a max of 3hp and will allow you to program the ideal speed for your setup, and switch between pump speeds to save you a good deal of money.

  • Scott Salzman

    I have a 13000 gal. pool with only 1 return from skimmer of about 50 feet. Replaced pump with 3/4 hp Whisperflo. I have air bubbles and have double checked all fittings. I have 1 1/2″ pipe connected to a new 1 1/2′ to 2″ compression fitting which then goes into the 2″ intake of pump. I have 2″ outlet and added a 2″ check valve which I closed ever so slightly to stop the bubble problem. Is the pump too large for the pool? I got a great deal on the pump which replaced a 1/2 hp Whisperflo. Will 1/4 hp cause this problem or is it the 1 1/2 inch pipe into the 2″ adapter? hope you can help me. By the way the pressure wnet from 13 lb. to 17 lb. after new pump was installed

    • Dylan (PoolSupplyWorld)

      Going from the 1/2 hp to a 3/4 hp is generally not going to be an issue in itself. A small increase in the horsepower is typically fine, and it would be normal for the pressure to increase with the stronger pump. As for air bubbles, there are quite a few places to check for leaks.

      1) Check the skimmer to ensure the water level is not too low or has become plugged up with debris.

      2) The intake of the pump is the most likely culprit for a leak. Check for a leak there by turning the pump off and look for water dripping out of the fitting. Check the sealant on the fittings to make sure it has been properly applied, maybe reinstall the fittings if easily possible. That 1-1/2″ to 2″ compression fitting would be my first guess as the issue.

      3) Check the pump lid O-ring, the volute O-ring, pump seal, and drain plugs. If any of these O-rings have become warped or are loose then it is possible for air to enter the system.

      4) Check any other components of your plumbing system as maybe something has become loose or shifted during the swap out of the pumps.

  • kimberly watts

    We recently purchased a foreclosed home with a pool measuring 14×26, volume 12285 gallons. It had been uninhabited for 3 yrs. We’re having the pros come in to resurface with stonescapes. The ancient 1 hp motor is seized up and we’re planning on replacing it. Also one of the estimators told us our filter was way too small…it is a cartridge filter, measuring 19″ tall x 10″ across. There are 2 Jacuzzi jets in the pool, and only one inlet at the pump, 1 1/2″; outlet is the same. Can you make some recommendations on a quiet, inexpensive, yet energy efficient pump and a filter to match? Thanks in advance.

    • Dylan (PoolSupplyWorld)

      Thanks for visiting our blog page! I did forward on your information to one of my sales reps and had them email you a quote personally. The Pentair WhisperFlo pump and Clean & Clear filter are both great options and equipment that I would suggest as well. If you do have further questions feel free to get back in touch.

      Have a good day!

  • carl

    I need to pump pool water to solar panels 30 ft. horizontal and 30 ft vertical to roof will a pentair 1 hp do the job?

    • Dylan (PoolSupplyWorld)

      With a vertical rise of that amount I might recommend something a bit stronger than a 1HP. A good Pentair pump to consider would be the Challenger High Pressure Series. A 2HP High Pressure Challenger would be in the ballpark of what you would need.


      Depending upon your budget, it may be even more beneficial to go with a Pentair IntelliFloXF. This will be a variable speed pump that allows you to find the perfect speed to match your piping, and will have the necessary horsepower to reach your solar panels.

      If you have questions on either of those products then please reach out to an account manager at 800-772-0467. Thanks!

  • Pat Grecko

    I have just installed a 10×8 600 gallon jacuzzi onto a 16×36 21000 galloon pool. I plumbed everifying with two inch line except the return line to pool which is still 1 1/2 inch pipe. I have a hayward 4030 cartridge filter 425 sqft, and I am using a heat exchange that is 60 feet from pool house, so total run is 120 ft. I am using old Hayward 1 1/2 hp for jacuzzi jets, and to bring water to heat Exchange. My problem is that I bought a Hayward 2 1/2 horse pump thinking I would need it to circulate water in jacuzzi and for waterfall coming off jacuzzi, but if I dont have these two features the pressure on tank is at 32 and with them on iit’s 14. Should I return pump and buy variable speed.

  • PoolSupplyWorld

    Hi Dawn, thanks for the questions about your new pool and its missing equipment. We’re happy to help. We’ve forwarded your inquiry to our customer service and support team, and a representative will be in contact with you shortly to help set you up with everything you need. Thanks, and have a great day!

  • PoolSupplyWorld

    Hi Walter, determining the properly sized pump for your pool will depend on several factors, including your pool’s Total Dynamic Head (resistance to the flow created from the pump) and the water flow required for your in-floor cleaning system. A 1-1/2 HP pump may provide the power necessary for your pool, but a great pump to pair with your 400 square foot cartridge filter is the Pentair IntelliFlo 3HP Variable Speed Ultra Energy-Efficient Pool Pump. This pump allows you to adjust its speed to meet the needs of your pool, and can save you up to 90 percent on energy bills when compared to traditional single or dual-speed pumps.

    With the IntelliFlo VS, you will be able to run regular pool filtration at a very low speed, and increase the speed to meet the need of your in-floor cleaning system. The IntelliFlo VS enables you to program up to eight different speeds for up to eight different pool applications. If you have further questions about the best pump for your pool, please feel free to give us a call for immediate assistance.

  • PoolSupplyWorld

    Hi John, the Jandy AquaPure 1400 is a fantastic salt chlorinator, and while it is designed for pools up to 40,000 gallons, you may instead want to consider the Pentair IntelliChlor IC60, which is meant for pools up to 60,000 gallons. The IC60 offers similar features to the AquaPure 1400, but will be able to meet a larger pool’s chlorine demand more comprehensively.

    It is important to oversize your salt cell in order to continue to meet your pool’s chlorine demand. Many factors, including heat, direct sunlight and increased bather load, can influence the need for higher chlorine output, and the IC60 will provide more flexibility for your 32,000 gallon pool than the AquaPure 1400. The larger sized system will also enable you to run chlorine output at less than 100 percent, which can help relieve stress on your system and extend the life of your salt cell.

    The Jandy CL Large Cartridge 580 sq. ft. In Ground Pool Filter (CL580) is a reliable cartridge filter option, and can accommodate a maximum flow rate of 150 GPM. It will quickly turnover your entire 32,000 gallon pool in under the recommended eight to ten hours, and your 2″ piping is ideal for optimal performance. If you’re considering another filter, the Pentair Clean and Clear Plus CCP520 Cartridge 520 sq. ft. In Ground Pool Filter is a great alternative that also utilizes 2″ piping and accommodates a maximum flow rate of 150 GPM. Its build is sturdy and durable, sporting a fiberglass construction with a clamp ring for an extended lifespan, and it will also turnover your pool in under eight hours.

    Rather than considering a dual-speed pump, we suggest looking at a variable-speed pump, particularly the IntelliFlo VS, which is designed with eight different speeds to maximize energy efficiency. It includes a user-friendly controller interface and a built-in timer for scheduling different speeds throughout the week. These features allow you to switch easily between high and low RPM ratings, so for general filtration, you can run your pump at a lower RPM, and for applications that require a higher flow rate, like water features, solar units and pool cleaners, you can switch your VS to run at a higher speed. The IntelliFlo VS can save up to 90 percent on energy consumption, and its variable speed ability is the foundation of its energy saving design.

    If you have any further questions, we invite you to contact us for more details and recommendations on the best equipment for your pool. We’re always happy to help!

  • PoolSupplyWorld

    Hi Tay, for your size pool, we would recommend either the Pentair Sand Dollar SD35 Sand Filter System with 1HP Dynamo Above Ground Pool Pump or the Hayward Pro Series Top-Mount Above Ground 18″ Sand Filter 1HP Power-Flo Matrix Pump and 6′ Cord. Both of these pump/filter combinations will provide the pump power (1HP) and filtration capacity to more than adequately accommodate your 15′ pool, as well as an automatic pool cleaner, if installed. If you have further questions on the best pump/filter combo for your pool, please feel free to contact us for immediate assistance.

  • PoolSupplyWorld

    Hi BK, it sounds like it might not be the filter and pump that are the problem, but the amount of debris that your pool collects, which would cause poor circulation and quickly clog your DE filter. To turn over your 15,000 gallon pool, your minimum flow rate would be 31 GPM, and 1-1/2″ plumbing allows for a maximum flow rate of 42 GPM. Your Perflex filter offers a maximum flow rate of 67 GPM to turn over a 32,000 gallon pool in eight hours, and therefore your existing set up is ideal.

    Reducing the amount of debris first and foremost will help improve your pump and filter’s performance, and you can do this by using an reliable pool cleaner. For example, the Water Tech Blue Diamond In Ground Robotic Pool Cleaner includes larger intake ports that allow it to easily collect large and small debris, including pine needles or debris from trees. It operates independently of your pool’s filtration system, so it will help keep large debris from clogging up your filter and pump basket.

    Handheld vacuums are another great way to pick up pine needles and other debris, and the Water Tech Pool Blaster Max Battery Operated Pool Cleaner is a reliable, easily controllable manually operated cleaner. If you have further questions about your filtration system or a pool cleaner, please feel free to contact us directly for immediate assistance.

  • PoolSupplyWorld

    Hi Dave, in order to accurately determine the horsepower you will need to accommodate your solar panels, we highly recommend contacting a local pool service technician who will be able to consider your pool size and plumbing configuration in order to recommend the appropriately sized pump. The horsepower necessary will depend on your pool size, total dynamic head and the water features you operate, including your solar system and an automatic cleaner.

    You’ll also need to be certain you select a pump that is compatible with your filter and plumbing size; filters and plumbing are rated for maximum water flows, and if a pump is sized too large, the water flow it creates can damage your filter or plumbing. If you have further questions, please feel free to call us for immediate assistance.

  • John

    Thanks for your reply. I noticed that you indicated that a dual-speed may not work well with my plumbing/filter configuration. Can you elaborate on that? Also, if you were to recommend a change to optimize my system, what would you do? I assume that my filter and plumbing are appropriately matched but are maybe not the right fit with my pump.

  • PoolSupplyWorld

    Hi John, while a dual-speed pump will still work for your plumbing, it’s best to have larger plumbing to accommodate the different flow rates of a dual-speed or variable-speed pump. If you do decide to replace your single-speed pump with a dual-speed, such as the one we suggested to you above, you will simply want to ensure that your filter is large enough to handle a dual-speed pump on high speed. Your Hayward Star C100 filter can only handle 38 GPM. Anything above that will cause premature wear and tear to the filter cartridge. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact for immediate assistance.

  • PoolSupplyWorld

    Hi Jeremy, for your new 21′ round, 52″ deep Sharkline Venture above ground pool, we would recommend the Pentair Clean & Clear 75 Sq’ Cartridge Filter System with 1HP OptiFlo Above Ground Pool Pump. This combination system is ideally designed for your pool size. Cartridge filters provide excellent filtration ability and are easy to maintain, and the 75 square foot Clean & Clear filter will provide enough filtration capacity to effectively filter your pool water while extending the time between necessary cleanings.

    The 1HP OptiFlo pump is quiet and energy efficient, and will provide a flow rate ideal for filtration and an automatic pool cleaner, should you choose to use one. If you have any further questions about a pump and filter for your pool, please feel free to contact us directly for immediate assistance.

  • PoolSupplyWorld

    Hi Don, for a 40,000 gallon pool, you’ll want to consider a much larger cartridge filter than you presently have. The Hayward SwimClear Cartridge 325 sq. ft. Pool Filter is designed to turn over a 40,000 gallon pool in well under eight hours at 122 GPM, and works optimally with 2″ piping. Oversizing your filter allows for fewer cleanings, and it also extends the filter’s lifespan considerably.

    If you’re also looking for a new pump, dual or variable-speed pumps are part of a new energy-saving effort to reduce high electricity costs caused by single-speed pool pumps, and the Pentair IntelliFlo VS is a versatile variable-speed pump that would be a great option for your pool. The IntelliFlo VS allows you to set up to eight precise speeds, ranging between 450 RPM and 3,450 RPM, to meet the needs of your pool, and it features an internal timer used to set these speeds throughout the week. You can set the IntelliFlo VS on a lower speed for general circulation, and then schedule it to run on a higher speed to power your pool cleaner, water features or anything that requires a higher water pressure.

    For more information on pumps and filters that could work for your pool, please feel free to contact us, and a customer care agent will be happy to go over any questions you may have.

  • PoolSupplyWorld

    Hi Steve, it’s definitely best to oversize your sand filter to reduce necessary cleanings and extend a filter’s lifespan, and therefore you may be interested in the Pentair Sand Dollar SD60 Sand Filter System with 1-1/2HP Dynamo Above Ground Pool Pump with 250lbs of Sand, designed specifically for above ground pools with 1-1/2″ plumbing. At 42 GPM, it will easily turnover your entire 15,000 gallon pool within the recommended eight hour time frame for strong reliability. The 1-1/2 HP pump will also provide enough water pressure for general circulation, as well as the water flow needed for suction and pressure side cleaners.

    The SD60 also includes a multi-port valve for convenience, complete with six different options, including backwashing, and the 1-1/2HP Dynamo is designed to help prime for enhanced performance.

    If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us, and a customer care agent will be happy to assist you.

  • PoolSupplyWorld

    Hi Michelle, The problem with a low hp pump and a larger filter when you are using a sand filter is that you need to have enough power to backwash your filter. We would probably recommend a dual speed pump so you can run it on low speed most of the time and high when you need to backwash. What kind of pump do you currently have?

  • Michelle

    I currently have a hayward powerflo matrix 1 1/2 hp that just started leaking from underneath – i’m guessing its the shaft seal. I have been contemplating downsizing the pump for a while now as the 1 1/2 hp seems pretty costly to operate. Would a 1 hp 2 speed sufficiently filter the water on low speed? Is low speed only 1/2 hp? I am not familiar with the 2 speed pumps. Is there a switch to go from low to high? Also i use an automatic pool cleaner. If the 1 1/2 hp is not necessary for keeping my pool clean, i would rather not pay the extra cost to run it. Thanks again

  • PoolSupplyWorld

    Hi Michelle, a 1 HP 2 speed will filter your water fine on the low speed which is 0.25 HP. There is usually not a switch you would need to wire in either a switch or a timer to automate the high and low speed. What kind of cleaner do you have?

  • Michelle

    I have the diver dave automatic pool cleaner by hayward. It connects to the skimmer and runs off the filter. Do you think the 1 1/2 hp is overkill or should i replace the shaft seal and keep it? I don’t understand how .25 hp can effectively clean a 27′ round pool, when the recommended size is at least 1 hp. What would be the turnover time on low speed?

  • PoolSupplyWorld

    Hi Michelle, The 1.5 HP is unnecessary for your pool size but will work fine if you want to just fix that one. Running the pump at 0.25 HP for more hours per day allows for slower but more energy efficient circulation so you would need to run the pump longer but it will use less energy. The goal is to circulate all your water. The HP of the pump doesn’t matter as long as you are getting enough circulation. You would need to run the pump at the 1 HP setting when you wanted to use the automatic cleaner. Let us know if you have any more questions!

  • PoolSupplyWorld

    Hi Heidi, That set up will work great for a 30′ round above ground pool! Let us know if you have any other questions and congratulations on your new pool!

  • PoolSupplyWorld

    Hi Richard, That’s an awfully large pump for a 5,000 gallon pool. Someone from our customer care team will be contacting you shortly to get some additional information and discuss your options with you. Let me know if you have any questions! -Christian

  • PoolSupplyWorld

    Hi Jon, Someone from our customer care team will be contacting you shortly! Let me know if you have any questions! -Christian