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CompuPool Generic Aqua Rite Salt Cell vs Goldline Turbo Cell

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The CompuPool replacement salt cell for the Goldline Turbo Cell is a great solution for anyone with a Aquarite salt chlorine system that needs a new cell. This replacement cell works just like the Turbo Cell in every way, but lets take a look at what the two look like compared to one another…
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  • Michael Mann

    Before you buy a “compatible Cell” realize that technical service is NOT COMPATIBLE”. When you call goldline, they will blame the non goldline cell. When you call Compupool they will tell you they can only take your cell and test it. They cannot give you any guidance on the Aquarite powerpack. In a “nutshell” by buying a competing cell, I ified my Aquarite Tech support.

  • Dell L

    I currently have a glx-cell-15-w turbo cell. The sanitizing system is SmartPure Sanitizer II. Will this system work with the combupool replacement salt cell?

  • Anonymous

    too am having trouble with the CompuPool salt t-15 cell. I was getting eroneous salt readings and now get the screen display “hot”. This is my second CompPool cell that has worked for several months before developing problems. In hindsight I probably should have purchased an OEM replacement. The original OEM cell lasted 5 years. I am currently trying to contact someone from CompuPool. If I can’t get any support soon I will count my losses and just purchase an OEM salt cell.

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Julian, we are sorry to hear you’re having trouble with your CompuPool replacement cell. Often, when a screen’s display reads “Hot,” an internal temperature sensor needs to be replaced. We recommend contacting CompuPool directly at 1.888.989.7258 so that they can assist you in troubleshooting, or start the process to repair or replace any parts covered under warranty. Thank you for contacting us, and please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

  • Nick Karagias

    I have a T-15 goldline. If i replace with a Compupool replacement cell, will it be the new 3.0 cell?

  • John

    A Tip: When buying a new cell, keep the old cell so that in the event you get error readings with the new cell, upon installment or down the road, you can plug the old cell back in to see if this clears the error message. If it does then the chances are that the newer cell is causing the issue. If it does not clear the error then the chances are the cell is not the issue.

  • Curtis

    I purchased a CompuPool cell replacement 2.5 years ago for the Turbo Cell and it went out. the vendor I purchased it from went out of business. Can you provide me a contact for CompuPool that I can talk to regarding a replacement under the 3 year warranty. The warranty is the only reason I was will to try the Cell to begin with. Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Curtis, thank you for your question. CompuPool is based in Australia but has offices in the United States as well. The state-side contact information is (888) 989-7258 and their website is http://www.compupoolproducts.com/. Please let us know if you need anything else!

  • glenn

    I have 120,000 gallon pool with 2 aquarite cell systems. I have tested the salinity. (3300ppm) But both control panels only indicate 2100ppm. They both did this at the same time. What should I do?

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Glenn, the reason the control panels for both your Hayward Aqua Rite In-Ground Chlorine Generators (up to 40,000 Gallons) are reading 2100 ppm is most likely that, due to the size of your pool (120,000 gallons), the systems cannot operate correctly. The largest Aqua Rite system is designed for a 40,000 gallon pool, thus, in operating just 2 systems, you are only set-up for an 80,000 gallon pool, max.

      Though the actual salinity in your pool is 3300 ppm now, not addressing the need for more systems will likely continue to create issues with your current chlorine generators and could have an adverse affect on your pool down the road.

      We, and the manufacturer, recommend over-sizing the chlorine generator set-up for all pools in order to accommodate potential increases in chlorine demand due to factors including heat, direct sunlight and bather load, among others. For your 120,000 gallon pool, operating 4 Aqua Rite Chlorine Generators for pools up to 40,000 gallons would be adequate, but for optimal performance, the manufacturer recommends doubling your pool size and using 6 Aqua Rite systems. If you have any further questions or would like immediate assistance, please contact us.

  • Dan

    I purchased the grc40gh this past June. I researched, and even inquired and chatted with pool supply world concerning compupool’s customer service / and or reputation. Everything I was told was positive. To make a long story short, the cell failed 4 WEEKS AGO!!!, and when I called Compupool I was quite thrilled when the customer service rep said he’s sending a new one in 7 to 10 days. 10th day came and went and nothing came. I called again and this time I was told it’s shipping 7 to 10 days AFTER my initial call. 10 days came and went and I called again and this time I’m told it’s backordered and they DON’T KNOW when they’re getting them in. WTF!!! Let me make one thing clear, my issue is with Compupool as a company. The staff has done a remarkable job based on the info they were given. Moral of the story is, generic products are ” generics” for a reason. THEY SUCK and you get what you pay for. The money that you may be saving goes away very quickly when you have to find an alternative to chlorinate your pool while you’re waiting for a replacement.

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Dan, we’re very to sorry hear about your bad experience with your CompuPool Generic Aqua Rite (T-Cell-15) Replacement Salt Cell (and attempted replacement). If you need any further assistance with this matter, please contact us at your convenience, and we will be happy to work with you on remedying the issue.

  • Dan

    Correction… I was told after the second call it’s shipping 7 to 10 days AFTER 7 to 10 days of the initial call. This is basically a typical runaround

  • sam contrasto

    My compu pool is only 2 years old and is not shapped as the unit replacement. Do you have other sizes to fit the newer models?

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Sam, which CompuPool cell are you trying to replace? The cell pictured in this blog is the CompuPool Generic Aqua Rite (T-Cell-15) Replacement Salt Cell, but we also offer CompuPool Replacement Salt Cells for AutoPilot SuperCells, such as the SC36/DIG36. If you could please let us know which salt chlorination system you are using and the cell you are looking to replace, we would be more than happy to help you find the proper fit.

  • Dennis

    How do I know which way the water should flow. I can install it in either direction.

  • david

    used the compu pool replacement for around 6mths now with no issue, great product. Would recommend the product and love the price!!!

  • Paul

    I am getting a no water fault reading, red led comes on after 5 seconds or so. Water pressure seems fine, and water is flowing inside the chlorinator cell. Any ideas as to what may be causing this? Compu Pool CPSC Chlorinator

  • Compu Pool

    Paul, check the cell plug fitting is tight around the 3 brass terminals, these can stretch over time or if the cell plug is pulled out incorrectly. If they appear lose you can tighten the respectable with a pair of long nosed pliers or a screw driver.

  • John B.

    I was gettng a “Low Voltage” reading on my display which has now changed to a “No Power to Cell” message. Can you tell me what can cause this? I have the Hayward TCELL15 setup. Thanks, John

  • Compu Pool

    John, there is a great website set up for this common fault with the Aquarite/Goldline product, there is a tutorial on fixing this issue. If you go to the following website http://www.nocellpower.com/ – from my understanding this is related to the main motherboard within the controller of the unit. Hope this helps.

  • catman

    I am a pool builder, I have installed several of the aquarite salt generators over the last few years.Two of them are reading 0. I guess this means they are dead. Cells are three years old.

  • Tim

    I’ve bought a compupool cell through ebay – it also didn’t come with a manual, and it’s making me wonder – anyway it worked great for 2 months, and now I get the “hot” message. Figuring it was arizona, I cooled down the pool for several nights with the aerator, cleaned the sell, and held the button for 3 secs, but I still can’t get it to reset. I left a message with compupool and got no returned calls, there front desk doesn’t even answer. Anyone who as a quick solution – please post. thx

  • shiv

    just got the compupool cell via fedex today. Opened the box and there are no instructions included. I’m about to head out to the pool and install the unit. Wish me luck? I sure hope this goes well. Will keep you posted

  • shiv

    Ok. Follow up. I installed the compupool cell and it doesn’t seem to be an exact fit. The union fitting had a bit of a gap from the cell, it was not that big of a gap so I tightened everything up. Upon restarting the pump I saw the water begin to flow through the housing of the cell and immediately got a fast drip leak in the out flow union connection. I then turned everything and unscrewed the union. I had some plumbers tape and wraped the thread up a few times and reconnected the union. That solved that problem, at least temporarily. I’ll have to get a gasket or two to make sure this won’t be a problem. In any case I saw the generator light kick on and the cell began producing chlorine!! I calibrated the control system and realized I had a super high salt level, about 4400. The controller then read “HI” and stopped generating. This is expected, so I’m draining off some water and will put back fresh water to get the salt level back down to where the cell will begin generating again. Let’s hope for the best going forward. Does anyone know if there is a gasket I can get from poolsupplyworld to handle the leak issue?? Thanks.

  • nick

    Tim, if you are still getting a HOT message and the temperature is ok, check to ensure you are not getting any water coming from the unit and going into the area where the lead terminates with the cell. I have seen when the temperature sensor inside the white cover has water getting onto it, the HOT message appears as it is effecting the sensor. Also what is the water temperature & salt level?

  • Bob Blank

    I have a 12 year old watermaid cell that has started dying, do you have a replacement for those? Its not a self clean model but I have only needed to clean it Bi annually.

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hey Bob, We do not carry replacement cells for the Watermaid systems but you can reach them direct at 1-800-876-2027, or via email at paulfay@watermaid.com

  • poolguy

    I have an aqualogic PS4 with a T-15 cell,Inground with @ 26,000 gallons. Any issues that you know about with my system would be greatly appreciated.

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hey poolguy, we have not heard of any issues with this combo so you should be all set. Please let us know how your experience works out.

  • Carlton Hickey

    My screen say “HOT” so I read that it will not produce chlorine because the water is too hot. I have cooled the water down but the temperature reading is rising… first day it said 102*, next day 103*, then 104* a few days later and it now says 107*. I have turned off the power at the breaker thinking it would reset or something and when I turned it back on it still says “hot”. I cleaned the cell and ran cold water through it but it still says hot. Need help please!

  • Jill S

    Bought the CPSC24 6 months ago. Worked fine, until this week. Checked chlorine levels, and it’s a ZERO. Looked at control panel, and it was OFF, even when filter was running. Manually turned it on, and put in on superchlor for 15 hours. Still a 0 reading. Next day, after a few hours, panel was off and read “Non Genuine – Call Dealer.” I bought the entire system, including factory cell, from poolsupplyworld. Does this mean the cell has gone bad, or the entire system?

    • jean

      i have the same prob as jill s. so, what was the answer?

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Jean,
      The most likely cause is a loose connection between the cell & power module. If you call CompuPool at (888) 989-7258 they can talk you through how to correct this. Let me know if you have any questions! -Christian

  • nick

    Jill – it means you have a loose connection between the cell & power module. If you call the following number they can talk you through resolving the issue over the phone, Phone toll free: (888)-989-7258.

  • Justin

    I have a goldline t cell 15 that was installed in 2003. Will this work with my system and be a direct replacement?

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hey Justin, that will work with your system and be a direct replacement.

  • Bryan

    I purchased the Compupool salt cell t-15 a few months ago. It looks like it has failed as it is showing a much lower salt reading than the pool store. I called them on the toll free number to ask what I should do. They are sending out a new one with a box to return the old. Just felt like a should give them there due. That was some really good customer service. Thank you Compupool.

  • nick

    Hey Bryan, has your water temperature changed since you have noticed the problem? Sometime when you get the lower reading it is due to a drop in the water temperature. Problem is when you take it to the store in a little bottle it will warm up to at least air temperature and some times more. Salinity readings will increase in warm temperature and conversely decrease the reading in cooler temperature. If the problem occurs when you get your replacement this is what i would guess is your issue.

  • Mike M

    I am considering purchasing your generic cell to replace my current cell, the original T-15 Aqua Rite Turbo Cell circa 2002. I am running software version 1.4 in my controller; will this product work with my current setup?

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Mike, if you replace your current cell with the CompuPool Generic Aqua Rite (T-Cell-15) Replacement Salt Cell you may have to recalibrate your system for the new cell, but otherwise, the generic replacement should plug and play. Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

  • Compu Pool

    Compu Pool would like to thank everyone that has contributed in this blog. It is with this feedback we are able to ensure we can supply the highest quality product possible and a product that exceeds the expectations of the user. 2010 has seen an unprecedented demand for our range of generic replacement cells. The many features that have been incorporated to enhance the OEM product has created an overwhelmingly positive response to our replacement cells. We do not use the success of these products as an excuse for some tarty customer service or lack of information which appears to have occurred. We do acknowledge that from the comments within this blog we have added the following to every new generic cell provided: 1. Instruction manual in each box 2. Clear warranty information and toll free help line In addition, we are currently developing a comprehensive troubleshooting manual which we will have posted on this website once complete. We have also increased personnel in our generic customer service division to help increase our turnaround and help troubleshoot issues that are often unrelated to the replacement cell itself. To highlight some key features of our generic cells over the OEM product. The material used is a High Performance, Long Life Electrode, the OEM’s material is rated for 10,000hrs of operation, the Compu Pool is rated for 15,000hrs, this represents 1/3 more cell life helping you to not have to replace your cell as quickly which only saves you money in the long run (these hours of operation have been laboratory tested and verified by the electrode manufacturer). The 1yr OEM Aqua rite is only rated at 5,000hrs so will only last 1/3 of our generic replacement. All of our generic cells have clear housing for easy cell inspection and allows for visual inspection of chlorine production.

  • Compu Pool

    What if I have no or low chlorine residual in my pool? One of the key advantages of the Compu Pool replacement GLX-15 cell is that the plastic housing around the electrodes is translucent so you can see the titanium electrodes. When the unit is running you should be able to visually see a cloudy / white water coming through the translucent section of the cell housing. This will confirm the cell is working. If you have tested the chlorine level in your pool and it is below 1.0ppm review the following checklist and correct any problems that exist: The pump should be running and also should be programmed to run daily at least 8 hours per day. Shortening the pump time reduces the amount of chlorine produced. The contoller “Power” and “Generating” green LED indicators should be on. Check that there is power to the controller and the switch is in the “AUTO” position. If these indicators are off and any of the red problem indicators are on, you will have to troubleshoot the indicated problem. Turn the “Desired Output” dial up–this is your primary way to control how much chlorine is produced. Check that the stabilizer (cyanuric acid) level should be between 60 & 80 PPM. If not, it is important that you add stabilizer. If everything listed above is OK and the chlorine level are low then a Super Chlorinate should be used.

  • francois

    I had question 22,23,24 I did buy a compupool replacement the system does not seem to generate now and the system says that the water is too warm or too cold to generate? temp is 86 I had never seen this issue with the previous cell even at those temp? any idea?

  • JohnG

    Finding this out slowly, thanks for the info. i finally got to talk to someone and bottom line is the control panel has a bad part and isnt supplying power to the cell. after that is fixed if i still need a cell it sounds like it will be worth the extra 100 bucks to get the genuine replacement cell.

  • Ray

    Finally got the replacement cell, and it also reads HI on salt. Now I know the salt isn’t HI. Guess we’re looking at a new controller now. Wonder how long that will take….. I’m considering sending the whole stinking unit back and getting an AutoPilot system.

  • Ray

    From what I’ve seen for support from Compupool USA, I’m not sure I would bother. Compupool USA’s support is just plain HORRIBLE!!!!! My pool guy put in a CPSC48 system, and it isn’t working correctly, and now, not working at all. Compupool was supposed to send out a new cell under warranty a couple weeks ago, and still nothing!!! Look out…you might get screwed!!!!

  • Allen

    I have an Aqua Logic ps-8 system with t-cell-15 installed in 2005. Will the compupool replacment cell work with this system since it is an older system and not a GLX-cell-15?

  • Robert

    My compupool chlorinator (6 months hold)states “non-genuine call dealer” the owners manual doesn’t mention this. Can you tell me what this means? Thanks!

    • Marc

      I am getting the same "non-genuine call dealer" message as robert. I tried crimping the connections but that did not work. I cannot figure out how to get to the maintenance menu as pool guru suggests are you saying it takes 2 people one to be at the circuit breaker and the other to be at the unit to hold the buttons)? Seems like a lot of trouble. I’ve had nothing but trouble from the unit since I bought it 10 months ago! About 3 months after I got it, it would give a false reading that there was no water flow. I finally got that stopped by covering the unit from the sunlight. Any help on this non-genuine error would be appreciated.

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hey Robert, the “Non-Genuine Call dealer” error warning is a connection error between the power pack plug and the cell itself. This can be solved in a few ways. One way is to take a pair of needle nose pliers and “crimp” or squeeze the 3 female connectors on the plug. This will give it a better connection from the cell plug to the actual cell and can fix your issue. If that does not work, then there are 2 software codes that can be entered into the system. To enter the code, turn off power at the source – (unit must be on when powered off at source) and hold “Superchlor” and “Winter Mode” buttons while simultaneously turning the power on. Continue to hold the buttons down for ten seconds and the “Maintenance Menu” should appear on the screen. Press “Select” to cycle through the options until you see CELL ID and put in the code C339A6. You should see the display change from CEL ID ON to CELL ID OFF. If this does not occur, try the code 196F34. Press “Select” until the unit displays “turn off unit”. Turn off at source, wait 30 seconds, then turn unit on. If you are still getting the same error, we recommend you contact the manufacturer customer service department and they should be able to guide you through a series of troubleshooting steps.

  • Martin

    DO NOT BUY!! My compupool salt generator seems to work for several hours, but then cuts out. I am having to manually add chlorine. I am not optimistic about the 3 year warranty, but I will post again concerning that experience.

  • Susanne

    I have the aquaria system, which I purchased in 2005. The lights on the board do not light up, however the reading shows 3500 and when you continue to push the diagnosis button it shows temp, ppi etc. Is it possible for the function lights to be off but still have the salt generator work? How do you know when your cell is dead and it’s time to replace? Thanks

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hey Susanne, we spoke to the manufacturer and they said if the lights are off on the board than that means there is no power running to it, meaning there’s no way it’s producing any chlorine – it’s probably time for a new board. These cells last typically 3-5 years and the best ways to tell if it’s dead are: Inconsistent amperage, Inspect cell light (ON), High Salt light (ON) and of course if the salt readings are incorrect.

  • Michael D

    I would love to save a few dollars, but I am concerned about two things: 1) It seems sketchy that I may need to hack into the software to trick the system into thinking it is an OEM cell. 2) What’s the answer about voiding the mfr warranty? Even though mine is past the 3-yrs, it worries me to use something that wasn’t designed to work together. Is the “UL listing” the same with an OEM or replacement cell? This is mounted to the side of my house and I don’t want to risk an electrical fire.

  • francois

    I see multiple people are not so happy and seem to have the same problem with generating light flashing and low salt even if salt level is ok

  • Josh

    I purchased the Generic Aquarite Replacement Cell 40K Gallons in July 2010. Initially the cell performed as it was suppose to; however, now I am receiving a flashing generating light, the screen states “Hot”, and the panel indicates to inspect cell. I have cleaned the cell, checked all connections, checked pool chemical and salt levels, etc… and they are all fine. I assume it is the cell as many other people on the forum are complaining of the same issue. How do we fix this issue?

  • Compu Pool

    How to re-calibrate the Compu Pool Replacement GLX-CELL-15 Cell When attempting to recalibrate the average salt reading (default reading 2700-3400ppm, as per OEM spec) the pump needs to be running. If the pump is not running, the system will show “NO FLOW”, if flashing this is just a warm up process and the unit is waiting for the water to begin moving. Once flow is established the unit should begin to display the “POWER” & “GENERATING” lights solid green. Once this happens the cell has just engaged and is trying to measure the salt level. Press the diagnostic button once. The unit then gives the following: Default = what the unit thinks the salt level is due to an average of all previously recorded “instant salt readings” from all of the different polarity changes since the system was installed, or since the last time the unit was recalibrated. First the unit reads the temp, then the voltage in the cell, then the amperage, then it will display the desired output percentage, then next reading is the “instant salt reading”, or what the cell thinks the salt level is right at that moment. Then it will show “AL-X”, this just tells the technician what type of system they are working on (Aqua Rite™, Naturesoft, ect…), and then finally the software revision (r1.XX), this just tells the technician what to look for symptom wise, for instance a certain combination of lights. “Low/ check salt” and “inspect cell” are the most common lights and they are usually on together as the cell is saying it’s not sure if the problem is in fact the salt or if it perhaps has a calcium build up. So you will see: Default • temp • voltage • amperage • desired output • instant salt reading (comes up with a dash before the # to differentiate with default • product code • software revision • back to default Now moving the slide switch from “AUTO” to “SUPER CHLORINATE” and then back to “AUTO” on our control box is basically like pressing ‘enter’ on a computer. If the unit is reading 2700-3400PPM it is in the standard mode, if it reads 2.70-3.40, it is in the metric mode. If you need to change the reading, press the diagnostic button once to display the temperature. Then slide the switch up to “SUPER CHLORINATE” for a few seconds, as long as the “SUPER CHLORINATE” light illuminates, you can switch back, this should be instantaneous. This procedure will toggle between the two different settings. Also, using the same procedure, “AUTO” to “SUPER CHLORINATE” then back to “AUTO” while showing the 5th reading (if it reads between -2700 up to -3400), the “Instant Salt Reading”, this will force the system to forget all of the previous readings and it will recalibrate its self to the new readings and should eliminate the error lights.

  • Charles Riggs

    Follow up on my original post #50. I am satisfied with the customer support I received directly from PoolSupplyWorld. It took a few days longer than it should, but they have resolved my issue and I am not using an OEM cell. I am now a firm customer and even purchased a new Hayward heater from them at the best price anywhere! Comment on post 53: I think this is normal unless you clear the memory in the control unit. It apparently reports an average of previous readings. It took about 3 days before the panel readout matched the titration test results. Agree with post 54.

  • Carey Rochelle

    Having similar problems as some others: purchased through pool supply world, worked for 8 months, died. Gives high temp reading and low salt level – both wrong! Tested through Leslies Pool, came up bad. Pool supply world referred me to distributor in FL. They tell me they are out of stock and don’t know when they will get any more. It has been 3 weeks and I still can’t get satisfactory customer service. Help from the home office would be appreciated if you can help me.

  • Ron Landis

    I just replaced a T Cell 15 With the compupool GRC40GH from Poolsupplyworld. It first read low salt and inspect cell, these red lights solid red, generating light was off. I shocked and balanced the water per the pook supply co. water test, salt level was 3,000. I let it run 24 hours. now red lights are blinking (low salt & inspect cell),generating light is on. The salt level reading now is 2.7 when opening the cover. I’ve never seen this 2.7 reading before it always read in the thousands. Readings are as follows: When opening the panel 2.7, Pool temp 31, what is this?, cell voltage 25.5, Cell current 5.7, Desired output 66, instant salinity 2.6, product name AL-0, software r1.4. Any suggestions?????

  • Rick

    The change in the numbers might have changed to metric. the 2.7 reprents 2.7 thousand, the 31 is 31 centigrade. If your generator is like mine, when you move the switch to super chlorinate it might change the display on you. To check; put the display on water temperature, then move the switch from chlorinate to super chlorinate. When I do that on my generator it toggles between metric and U.S./english.

  • Wayne Toher

    I have purchased a Hayward Swimpure. I have a 14K pool inground Gunite. I cant get this unit to produce Clorine. Thw water was sampled several times and the CYA is 80, according to Goldline that is ideal. There was a high level of phosphate and that situation has been fixed by adding Phosfree three times and cleaning a cartridge filters each time. My question is while I was getting rid of phosphates does the cell go bad?

  • Thomas Cross

    Purchsed The COMPUPOOL T-CELL for my Aquarite System – It worked great for 11 days and then stopped. Even though I saved $56 I don’t think it was the same as the original. I am now hoping my dealer will allow me to change it for the factory model for the difference in price. Not sure if the COMPUPOOL CELL was a Lemon or not. I am just going to stick with the Original. Someone Told Me Hayward Products owns Aquarite now and Hayward is a giant comapany so I know they will stand behind The factory original. I have learned my lesson about Generics.

  • Pool Girl

    Have had the compupool cell replacing the T-cell 15 for about 2 months. It WAS working great. Thermostat went out already. So far, Im not having an easy time getting it replaced. Not so happy anymore…..

  • Charles Riggs

    Similar issue to #49. Bought it from Poolsupply world and it now seems to be producing chlorine at a reduced rate. Poolsupply world hasn’t responded to my emails for 10 days. I like the clear feature but I’m wishing I had purchased the original cell replacement. #44 – I don’t know how you get warranty service. No paperwork or even instructions came with the Compupool cell.

  • Jimmy Branca

    Thanks Charles Riggs #51. I have been wavering and now I have decided to purchase an OEM.

  • Jim

    What is the difference between the Goldline GLX-Cell-15 and the T-Cell-15? -Thanks

  • brooks

    have read of similar cell failures here. what is the most common cause of failure? ph level? calcium hardness level?

  • Kathy Lybnd

    I just purchased the Glx cell 15 after my SmartPure Sanitizer II died. My salt is high and I am fixing the problem. My question is the actual salt reading is not showing on the panel outside or the info box I have inside. Is there something else I need to do to be able to show the salt number?

  • John

    I just replaced my Flow Control sensor which was very easy. It only took me 10 minutes to screw it into the PVC pipe and then plug it into the panel like a telephone. It cost me $117.00 or so. It did get rid of my “NO FLOW” error but unfortunately I now get a “LOW SALT” error and it says the chlorinator is off. We had the water checked and we have 3100 PPM of salt but the sensor thinks we only have 1500 PPM. Can you tell me what causes this problem and how I can fix it? Thanks!

  • Bill

    The Compupool T-cell-15 repaclcement I purchased has different threads and different size O-rings than my Aquarite T-Cell-15 couplings. It will not work on my system and needs to be returned.

  • john c

    I’m getting a low salt reading, 2200 when check is + around 1800 when – which shuts off the chlorinator. Cleaned it and it worked for a month or so. cleaned again but didn’t seem to help. Haven’t checked the salt level but know it’s over 2200. Before buying a replacement, either TCELL15 for over $400 or the Compupool replacement salt cell, was wondering if there was anything else I can do. Seems silly to replace the cell when it may only be the salt level sensor.

  • Michael

    I have the same question as #41. I am getting a low salt reading and verified much higher readings at the local pool store. Do I need a new cell or is something else wrong?

  • Dwayne

    I’m looking to replace our T-Cell-15 with the Compupool replacement cell since ours appears to not work any longer (4 year old and same issues as 41 & 42). Since our Goldline Aquarite unit does not have an auto-clean function “built-in” we have been told to clean the salt cell in Muratic acid with 50/50 water solution and have done so a few times. 1) Is that the correct recommendation for cleaning the salt cell?. 2)If so, can you manually clean the Compupool replacement cell the same way we (using the Muratic acid solution)?

  • Jimmy Branca

    After readind these posts I still am not clear on the 3 year warranty. If I purchase a Compupool Replacement Salt Cell for my Aqurite and two years later the cell stops working what happens from there and what does it cost me?

  • John

    I am also getting a “No Flow” error. Can you tell me how to replace one of these and what they cost? I have gotten a quote of $175 for the part and $75 labor from a Hayward guy but that seems extreme for a little sensor.

  • Bill Marland

    I have an 8-year old Aquarite Electronic Chlorine Control system which is outdoors in a partially protected area next to the house. I am on my second Turbocell (less than 24 months) and I am using a dual pump (18 hours low/6 hours high) to circulate. I do not winterize the pool and actually keep it open year round due to the relatively mild winters. (Virginia Beach) My problem is twofold: 1) the electronic control center box LED display is beginning to die–ie the “9″s look like “4s”—hard to discern the numbers, and 2) the “no flow” light is now continuous–not flashing. A week ago, the inspect cell light was on, but I removed the cell, cleaned it and now the light is off. I am thinking I need to replace the control box and the flow sensor…do you feel this is an appropriate start for the troubleshoot? Would you recommend any other steps or solutions? Thank you in advance for the advice.

  • Jack

    How can I tell if I need the flow switch? I currently have the Turbo Cell T-CELL-15.

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Jack, I would imagine you already have a flow switch in place, since the system shouldn’t work without one. If your system has stopped working all together it might be the flow switch though the control system should give you an error saying the flow switch is not working. If you don’t know if you have an issue with the flow switch, I would recommend replacing it, better to be safe than sorry.

  • Jody Kirk

    This question may seem silly but I am quite the novice at all this pool stuff. I have a Hayward “swim pure” system – 40k gallon pool. Great system, love love love it….BUT, the current cell has moved on to cell heaven. I went to Leslie’s and they want $659 for a replacement cell. Do I have to buy the Hayward “swim pure” replacement or will any of these work as long as they are rated for a 40k pool? Please help – I just can’t put that kind of cash out there unless someone says I have to. Thanks in advance.

  • Tom

    Went ahead and bought the generic T-15 from you, received it no problem, and hooked it into my system yesterday, it’s working great so far! I had the same question as 27. , which way but it doesn’t seem to matter or I got lucky on the first try. Thanks for saving me over $400 if I had bought it from a local store. Everything I’ve bought from you has come in and worked as expected, top notch guys, thank you.

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Tom, Thanks for the update and kind words, we always like to hear the product you ordered are working great and we are taking care of you.

      The Hayward Salt Systems, are designed with the flow switch and cell as separate units, so the direction of the cell shouldn’t matter. Though given my OCD, the proper direction of the cell is the cord closest to the direction of the water flow.

  • Mark

    1. I did not see a definitive answer to the warranty. Is it a 3 year pro-rated or 100% replacement if the cell dies anytime during the 3 year period? 2. Is this cell rated at the full 40,000 gallons for chlorine generating like the original T-Cell? 3. Is there a way to upgrade my 6 year old control box to do the auto-reverse polarity to auto-clean?

  • francois

    my cell is dead and the one I am trying to replace is T-Cell-5 with, Aquarite, will this compupool work for me? will I still have all my system functions?

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hello Francois, Yes the CompuPool replacement cell will be able to replace the T-Cell-5. The beauty is that it fits exactly the same as the T-Cell-5 and it uses the same power connection. All you have to do is remove the old T-Cell-5 and replace it with the CompuPu Cell. It will give you all the same functions at an affordable cost. Thanks for the question.

  • Glen B

    Maybe a “dumb” question, but…does it make a difference which direction the cell is positioned on the connections?

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Glen, Not a dumb question at all. Some systems have the flow switch built-in to the cell itself, so the direction of the cell would make a difference. With regards to Hayward’s cells, the flow switch is separate from the cell itself, so you don’t have to worry about the direction. I would recommend installing the cell with the cord side being on closer to the direction the water is coming from.

  • Tom

    I have the same problem. After 5 years the original cell went bad and now I’m trying to find the best value without compromising quality. The T-15 cells at the local pool stores are $750+ so this looks like a good alternative. I found a “generic” cell on e-bay for $279 (yes it’s a T15) but I’m leary because the deal sounds too good.

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Great questions and concerns. We have not been approached by any manufactures as to warranties being voided or any issues related to these replacement cells, though if you are still under the manufacturer warranty it is important to verify whether or not the warranty will be voided by installing the product before installing any product. Given most manufactures warranties run out before or at the 5 year mark, it may not even be an issue. The Hayward/Goldline warranty on the TCELL15 is a 3 year full, same as the CompuPool, though you should verify the warranty on the TCELL15 because they also make a 1 year warranty version. To tell the difference, check out the serial number on the cell itself. A cell with a 3 year warranty will begin with a “3″ and a cell with a 1 year warranty will begin with a “1″. Also you will want to verify you are truly getting a TCELL15 and not a TCELL9, TCELL5, or a TCELL3, which all look the same but handle fewer gallons. Tom. I don’t know of any other makers of generic Aquarite replacement cells other than CompuPool and the price you are seeing on eBay is below manufacturer cost for the GRC40GH, so something doesn’t seem right. But if you are seeing the GRC20GH, then $279 would be the correct price. We would also like to point out a couple of other issues we have found with the way Hayward/Goldline is manufacturing salt cells. Starting last year Hayward began manufacturing the TCELL9 and the TCELL3 to support 25,000 and 15,000 gallons respectively. The issue is the fact these cells will only work on systems built starting in 2009. If you try to use the cell on a system made before this date, you will end up with a product you more than likely cannot use nor return. So please verify if you system would work with one of these two cells before purchasing and the easiest way to do that is call Hayward directly(make sure to have your serial number handy).

  • Walter

    How do I know the t-cell is bad or the control board?

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hello Walter, This is a tough question as it is difficult to diagnose without more information. Some signs that the cell are going bad are blue/green soapy discharge forming inside the cell, scale and mineral salt deposits building up, and chlorine level dropping resulting in unbalanced water. If you receive a message that says to no cell power then this could be caused by the board, transformer, or fuse. Most of the time it is the board. To get a more definite diagnosis I would contact Goldline’s tech support at 888.921.7665 for further assistance. Hope this helps out.

  • Joseph

    My serviceman said the manufacturer does not warrant the product if I use this replacement cell. Will this void the warranty or should I just buy the Hayward replacement cell? I need a new one for spring. The original AquaRite cell lasted 6 years. Will this do the same?

  • Larry Scott

    Time to replace the Turbo Cell on the Aqua Rite contoller. But some web site indicate a ‘new software’ package is required for new cell. Another $360 is a lot for software, is this required to replace a Turbo Cell on a 2001 Aqua Rite Contoller?

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hey Larry, the software upgrade is only required if you want to go down to the TCELL3 or TCELL9 if you are replacing it with the TCELL15 or the compupool cell no software upgrade is needed. Hope this helps and thanks for the question!

  • Todd Cantin

    Two questions. First, I do not know what Aquarite is, I have a Turbo Cell T-15 with a Naturesoft system. This looks the same, will it work with that too? Also, is the manufacturers warranty for a full 3 years, 100% replacement, or after a year if this breaks, do I have to pay a %?

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Todd, the Naturesoft system is distributed by different retailers but is manufactured by Hayward. The Aquarite and Naturesoft are the same, just branded differently. The Compupool replacement cell will work just the same as your turbo cell in the Naturesoft system and the manufacturer’s warranty covers any problems within 3 years of purchase that the cell might have. Thanks for the question!

  • Dave Ide

    What happened to Stuart Smith. Why did his not work?

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Brian, You would still need to manually clean it when scale starts to build up, as it is the control unit that has to be able to reverse the polarity to auto clean. — Dave, the warranty is for 3 years and as far as Stuart Smith, he never got back to me with the specifics of his system or what actually wasn’t working so I could not help him but I personally have one of these installed in my home and its worked great! Thanks for all the great questions, I hope I’ve been of some assistance to you both!

  • Stuart Smith

    Would not work with my Hayward system. had to return it!

  • PoolSupplyWorld

    What Aquarite system are you using? I have personally installed on of these into my Aquarite setup and its running perfectly. Let me know so we can see if we can get to the bottom of the problem!

  • Brian Morgan

    My system never had the capability of auto clean. How would this function on the Compupool Replacement Salt cell work? Or would I still have to manually clean it? Thanks

  • Dave Ide

    I have the same question as Brian Morgan. I dont have the auto clean reverse polarity function on my cell. Will it work on my system?

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      The Reverse polarity for cleaning the cell is enabled by the control panel, not the cell. If your unit doesn’t support that feature, then you will need to clean the cell manually. The Compupool cell has a clear housing and you can actually see the chlorine being produced, which makes it easier to see if the cell needs cleaning. Let me know if you have any other questions!

  • Dave Ide

    What does no flow switch mean? Does my original cell have a flow switch and how much more would that cost?

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      A flow switch is just a sensor that reads if water is flowing through your plumbing. Which model salt chlorinator do you have?

  • Dave Ide

    I have the aquarite. My flow switch is not connected to the turbo cell. It is separate and below the cell. What is the warranty on this cell?

  • John Mampe

    Purchased one from another vendor in March. It worked fine until August. Now is defective. Independent pool company tested it:tests revealed it is dead. Aqurite controller gets high temperature reading and ceases to generate chlorine. I am trying to get it replaced under warranty. Not sure how successful that will be. I don’t know that I would buy another unless I had a better idea of whether they are over infant mortality problems.

  • Kathy Lynd

    Purchase generic salt cell it immediately indicated salt was HI and would not work. Finally talk to manufacture said was a bad temp. sensor but would not know when I would get a replacement. Order another cell thru Poolworld received today and is doing the exact same thing. Can I have 2 defective salt cells now?

  • Charles Riggs

    Sorry. Typo in my post #56. Should read “I am now using an OEM cell”.

  • CM

    DO NOT BUY COMPUPOOL PRODUCTS – Purchased & installed COMPUPOOL’s Generic Aquarite Replacement Cell 40K gallons (TCELL 15, GRC40GH) from POOLSUPPLYWORD. THIS PRODUCT DOES NOT CHLORINATE THE POOL WATER. PoolSupply World does NOT warranty the product; NO papers in the box with product – any warranty or performance issues must be discussed with COMPUPOOL. Already spent the difference in “savings” not having replaced the salt cell with the Aquarite cell by having to add chemicals to maintain water quality. GO WITH FACTORY REPLACEMENT!!!

  • JohnG

    I just bought the Compupool replacement, the first one i bought showed no reading and it looked used so i got an exchange from where i purchased and now the new one gives no reading either. I completely threw the breaker to the panel then plugged everything in and then turned the breaker back on. did the diagnostic menu and no instant reading in in either menu. Any ideas?

  • Jim

    42 and 43… I have the same low salt reading. Exchanged emails with Goldline. They told me to take the cell to a pool store that has a device that can test the cell (one of their warranty replacement locations). I did, and the cell failed. I think you have the same problem. You need a new cell.

  • marcia

    My t-cell 15 is reading ‘high temp’ even though the air is 88 and pool is 79. I just cleaned it about 2 weeks ago and everything was fine. I also have a default reading of salt at 2800 and diagnostic at 2400. All the equipment is goldline.

    • Dan

      Marcia, your salt cell has failed. That’s what happened to mine. The internal sensors have gone berserk. Be careful with the salt reading as it will be off. Mine read 1700 before I realized it had failed ( consequently I over salted ). Beware of the Compupool unit, I bought the one with the 3 year warrant. Long story short, it failed after two months, and I am still waiting for a replacement ( it failed back in July ).

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Marcia, in speaking with the manufacturer, when a CompuPool T-Cell 15 Generic Replacement Cell is reading “high temp”, it usually means there is a temperature sensor failure. If you contact CompuPool at (888) 989-7258, they will send you a replacement cell, so long as yours is still under warranty. Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

  • Phil

    I purchased a CompuPool replacement salt cell last year. It stopped working this week and the control panel says “hot”. From what I have read, the sensor that detects the temperature has gone bad in the cell. What should I do?

    • Anonymous

      Phil, call compu pool and describe to them your issues. They will over the phone send a replacement unit ( assuming you have a three year warranty unit ). The only problem is that the turnaround time takes forever, “unit is on backorder”. it’s been a month and a half and my replacement has not arrived yet. In the meantime, go buy a Hayward unit while you’re waiting, for obvious reasons ( or just chlorinate it the old fashioned way ).

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Phil, when your salt chlorinator control panel reads “hot”, it may mean your CompuPool salt cell has failed. Since your cell is only one year old, it should still be under warranty, and if you call CompuPool directly at (888) 989-7258, they will likely replace it. Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

  • Jan

    Will the CompuPool replacement salt cell directly replace an Aqua Pure T-15 turbo cell?

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Jan, the CompuPool generic replacement salt cell discussed in this blog is meant to be a direct replacement for the Hayward Goldline Aqua Rite T-Cell-15. If you are looking for a replacement for a Jandy AquaPure 1400 Cell, you would need to replace your current cell with another AquaPure 1400 cell, as there is no generic replacement available. Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

  • John S.

    I purchased a home / pool with a CompuPool salt system, the previous owner installed the unit less than two years ago. The system has failed (plug shorted out at the cell). Compupool says they cannot help because I’m the second owner. Their advice is to replace the entire unit. My advice to them is stand by your products!

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi John, we’re sorry to hear about your negative experience with your CompuPool salt chlorine generator. We would be happy to help you try to troubleshoot the issue, if you could please let us know which CompuPool system you own, or, if you do want to replace your entire unit, we could help steer you in the right direction. Just let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

  • Robo

    I have had the water Tested and it a sound 3000ppm and the cell is reading 5000ppm this causes the box ti shut down. Compupool cell is cool looking, but to date I have not been able to get it to work? Always the same High salt. I have reset the salt level using the method from the Aquarite manual, but it still reads -5000ppm. I have even try running the garden hose in to the intake to see if the level declines… still reads -5000, and then shut down.. Help

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Robo, since you have already tried resetting the salt level on your CompuPool Generic Aqua Rite replacement salt cell, we would recommend trying to recalibrate the cell. You can recalibrate your cell by following the instructions listed in our blog How to Recalibrate Your Hayward Aqua Rite Turbo Cell. If recalibration is unsuccessful, we recommend contacting CompuPool directly for further diagnosis and troubleshooting. Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

  • Bryan

    I have bought the compupool salt sell to replace my old turbo cell which was no longer working. The new cell is only showing 600 as the salt level when the pool store is showing 3200. I borrowed a neighbors name brand cell and it is showing 3000. I have had the compupool people send me three new cells and all of them read around 600. I have also changed the board to see if that was the problem and got the same reading.

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Bryan, the first step in fixing your CompuPool salt cell’s incorrect salt reading is to try resetting the salt level. To do this, slide the main switch on your control box to the “auto” position, and then push the diagnostic button until “-xxxx ppm” is displayed. Slide the main switch from “auto” to “super chlorinate” and then back to “auto”, and push the diagnostic button to exit. This should provide you with an appropriate, accurate Instant Salinity reading, which should remain on your display.

      If resetting the salt level is unsuccessful, we would recommend recalibrating the cell using the instructions laid out in our How to Recalibrate Your Hayward Aqua Rite Turbo Cell blog. If recalibration does not work, we would suggest trying to speak with CompuPool technical support again for additional troubleshooting. Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

  • Michael

    I have a hayward oem system (blue essence) which is basically an aqua rite system. The firmware version is 1.4. The system came with a 20k cell (cell-5) If I replace with the compupool 40k cell (cell-15), what is required to have the controller recognize the larger cell?

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Michael, since your Blue Essence system uses a T-Cell-5, you must stick with the T-Cell-5 because your system’s software is only designed for this cell size. If you want to upgrade to a larger cell, such as the T-Cell-15, you will need to install an entirely new salt chlorinator that includes the appropriate software, such as the Hayward Aqua Rite In-Ground Chlorine Generator up to 40,000 Gallons. Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

  • Anonymous

    I had one of the compupool cells and it worked great for about 4 months. Now I find myself waiting for 3 weeks on a warranty replacement (salt reads 1200ppm lower than the water actually tests). Apparently this is a common problem with this cell and replacements are all on backorder. Meanwhile I get to spend a bunch of money on chlorine for the pool. I will report back on how this all works out from a customer service perspective soon.

    • TOM

      CUSTOMER SERVICE IS A JOKE.. AFTER WAITING FOREVER FOR USA CUSTOMER SERVICE TO aNSWER..YOU CAN SEND THEM YOUR BROKEN GENERator wrong salt reading and will return in 4-6 weeks or they send you an e-mail on how to recalibrate yourself if you have a dc clamp meter!!! what a joke..try to find someone in atlanta who can make house callsis impossible!

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Tom, thank you for leaving your feedback. Did you happen to purchase your cell from PoolSupplyWorld? We’d like to help you out in any way we can. You can leave another message here, or contact us in any of the ways listed here.

  • Kirk Schilling

    I was looking for a cheaper option for the Turbo Cell (T-Cell-15). I noted that another company on their website said that they no longer sell generic cells due to reports of circuit boards overheating. Have you seen incidents of overheating?

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Kirk, the CompuPool Generic T-Cell 15 is meant to act as a direct plug-and-play replacement for a Hayward Goldline t-cell 15, and if properly installed, it should not cause your main board to overheat. Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

  • Jeff

    Does the compupool replacement salt cell also work as a replacement for Turbo Cell T-5 ??

  • Mark

    I installed the CompuPool grc400gh two months ago, and the unit seemed to work very well – until about 3 weeks ago. Haven’t been able to get Free Chlorine level above 0.5 ppm. Not a big problem, but the settings have been at 100%, with running the pump 8 hrs per day. I should be seeing more FC in the pool! Water chemistry is good, CYA around 60ppm. With the see-through plastic, and can see plenty of Chlorine being produced – but just doesn’t register in my 24K gallon pool. This model is made for 40K gal pool, correct?

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Mark, if you haven’t already, manually test your water’s salt levels with test strips. Once that’s done, recalibrate your system. The CompuPool Generic Replacement Cell (3GRC40GH) is designed to replace the T-CELL15 and is for pools up to 40,000 gallons. If it still gives you issues after these adjustments, we recommend contacting CompuPool for additional troubleshooting steps. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

  • Anonymous

    I have cleaned my cell and had the chemicals checked. Everything is right where it needed to be. Salt 3300, but the check salt and check cell are both illuminated. I bought this cell from you Nov. 3 2010, is when you sent me the replacement. It doesn’t seem to be prducing chlorine.

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Tammy, when the check salt and check cell lights are illuminated on your Aqua Rite power center, it can mean you need to make sure your system is configured for the properly-sized cell, the cell needs cleaning or the cell is worn and needs replacing.

      To confirm your system is configured for a T-Cell-15, slide the main switch to “Auto”, and push the Diagnostic button until “t-xx” appears on the display. To change the configured cell, slide the main switch from “Auto” to “Super Chlorinate” and then back to “Auto” until you reach “t-15″, which is the only cell the CompuPool Generic Aqua Rite (T-Cell-15) can replace. Finally, push the Diagnostic button to exit.

      If your system is already configured correctly, check the cell for scaling, and clean accordingly. If neither of these appear to be the issue, it likely means you need to replace the cell. As cells fail, they can read a lower salt level than is actually in your pool. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us for immediate assistance.

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Tammy, please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience if you have any further questions!


    I have just replaced my salt cell with a new T-5 that I have just received from yourselves. However this new cell is giving the same error as my old one “inspect cell” flashing. It is. Configured to t-5 so any other suggestions would be welcome

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Keith, your new salt cell should be working well with your Aqua Rite system, and if the “inspect cell” LED is still flashing, you may need to reset your salt chlorinator. You can reset your system by following our step-by-step blog, “How to Recalibrate Your Hayward Aqua Rite Turbo Cell”. If the light continues to flash, you may need to call Hayward/Goldline directly at (866) 429-7665 for additional troubleshooting. Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

  • Jay

    I’ve been using the compupool replcement cell for about 3 days. Worked great at first. Now it shows 0 amperage and 0 instant salinity and not generating. Any ideas

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Jay, It sounds like it may be the board in your power center. My best recommendation would be to call CompuPool at (888) 989-7258 and have them troubleshoot the system to see if they can determine what the problem is. Let me know if I can help! -Christian

  • Anonymous

    Good morning, I purchased a CompuPool Generic Aqua Rite (T-Cell-15) Replacement Salt Cell (3GRC40GH) close to a year ago. This morning it was flashing hot, check salt, inspect cell. I turned off the unit and back on, and it ran fine for a few minutes, then back to the above. Here are the readings from my Aquarite: 1. 125 2. 24.6 +/- 3. 7.35 +/- 4. 100p 5. -2400 6. AL-0 7. 1.40 I know the water temp is only 77+/- so the 125 is wrong, and I have seen it go up to 140. I had the salt levels tested and it was around 3300/3400. Any help is appreciated.

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Mark,
      I see you spoke with our RMA department this morning and are in the process of getting your cell looked at under warranty. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help!

  • Anonymous

    I am having lots of trouble with my Gold line Hayward system. My salt reading is stuck at 2200 even when test strips show 3,000. I have recalibrated many times. I have had my cell tested twice at Pool store and it reads good. I cannot reset the “inspect cell feature” so I am thinking the Diagnostic/Meter board is bad and at less than 2300 (ie 2200) it won’t let the Generator generate. It is controlled by Polaris EOS, so I place it into “service Mode” to try and recalibrate. The cell is 5 yrs. old but tests good. When salt level is high enough (above 2700)it does generate well . Does the above make sense or is it the Main board? Also where is the Salt actually measured? In the cell?

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Douglas,
      When the pool store tests the cell they test to make sure it is generating but they don’t test the accuracy of the readings. There are two issues that I can see causing your problem. It could be that the sensor inside your cell is bad in which case you would need to replace the cell. It could also be that the board is bad. My recommendation would be to call Hayward at (866) 429-7665 and see if they can help you troubleshoot to determine which component needs replacing. If I had to guess it is most likely the cell but I’d hate to have you buy a new cell and then have it turn out that the board is the issue. Let me know if there is anything I can do to assist!

  • Steven Bret Helton

    Purchased the Compupool generic T-15 replacement cell (GRC40GH) less than two years ago (7 Aug 2011) and it has already failed. Display reads “Hot” which, according to CompuPool, means the new cell has failed. Notified CompuPool the 17th of June, 2013 and faxed them all of their required paperwork on the 18th of June, 2013. They say it “could take 7 to 10 business days” to get your replacement part shipped. It’s now day 11 and I’ve not heard a peep from these folks. I call them and they conveniently have no cells in their warehouse. My pool is beginning to look more and more like a catfish pond and CompuPool’s solution is that I should spend more money on chlorine and such as opposed to them just sending my replacement part as they should do according to their warranty. I’ll not purchase another compupool item again and I highly encourage others to consider the many documented failures this cell has had prior to making the purchase along with their lack of expediance in getting you your replacement part when it fails while under warranty. If the other folks that have had the pleasure of dealing with CompuPool are correct, it could be another two or more weeks before they get me squared away. Once bitten, twice shy…

  • PoolSupplyWorld

    Hi Nick, the Generic Aqua Rite (T-Cell-15) Replacement Salt Cell is, indeed, the new 3.0 version. Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

  • tammy

    I will look at my pool tomorrow to make sure it is set right. I have had this cell for about 18 months.I contacted compupools to see about replaceing the cell since it is under warranty, they are telling me that there isn’t a problem with the salt cell. I am trying a different pool place tomorrow to see if they will test the cell for me. I will let you know what happens, thank you for your help so far. I will be in contact with you. :)

  • PoolSupplyWorld

    Hi Tammy, please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience if you have any further questions!