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Salt Water Systems

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Salt Water Generators are gaining popularity due to the natural clean feeling of the water they produce. They use an electrical charge to release natural chlorine,...

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When preparing your salt water swimming pool for the cold winter months there is a standard chain of events that needs to take place.This...

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Did you recently buy and install a new Salt Cell? If you have, you may have encountered a "high salt" condition. Now, you're probably...

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I often get calls from people having a problem where their Aqua Rite system is reading a different salt level than manual...

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Customers often ask me what they can do to extend the life of their salt cells and chlorine generator systems. Following these four easy...

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As swimming pool owners are learning more about alternative methods of sanitation, we are hearing more questions about salt chlorine generators. Below, we've put together...

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This quick guide is a great reference if you have a Jandy AquaPure 700 or Jandy AquaPure 1400 salt chlorinator with an error code. Using this table, you'll be able to quickly match your error code to a possible cause and the next steps to take to fix the issue.

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Most salt chlorine generators have a salt cell that lasts typically from 3 to 5 years, you should check with the manufacturer to double check the life expectancy. Most salt chlorine systems come with a control panel or a self regulating system that will tell you when the cell needs to be cleaned or replaced. Even though salt systems are lower maintenance you should still check inside your salt cell to make sure there is minimal build up on the metal plates.

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Understanding the life expectancy of a salt chlorinator cell and how to ensure they work properly in your swimming pool is easier with this guide.