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Let's be honest, pool ownership has a cost associated with it, so it's no surprise that we receive multiple questions regarding the differences between...

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How Long Do I Need to Run My Pool Pump? It's getting to be pool season soon and more questions are arising around swimming pools...

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We get a lot of questions about pool pumps here at PoolSupplyWorld. We hear this one on a near-daily basis during the summer: "My pump...

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Pool pump motors are located on the ‘dry end’ of the pump and convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. A motor’s main purpose is to power the pump’s impeller, which is the device that moves the pool water into and through the pump. A properly sized and well-maintained motor can last for 8-10 years. Conversely, poor conditions can cause a motor to fail after one year. Understanding some basic information about pool pump motors will help to extend its life and optimize performance.

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If your swimming pool pump is starting to run loudly or making strange noises, it might be time for a new pump motor. Though replacing a motor can seem daunting, we’re here to help you easily identify your replacement motor.

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You’ve decided to buy one of the best swimming pool pumps on the market today, the Pentair IntelliFlo. But the problem is you don’t know if you need the IntelliFlo VF or the IntelliFlo VS. With both pumps being built on the renown IntelliFlo platform, you can be guaranteed that these pool pumps are efficient and durable. The differences between the VF and the VS are in each of its features. Similarly, both pumps use the a permanent magnet motor to cut down on energy consumption and each pump operates at lower speeds, ultimately saving you money on energy costs. The noticeable difference is the control panel on each pump.