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Building the Ultimate Saltwater Above Ground Pool

Salt Water Systems for Above Ground Swimming Pools have been gaining more and more popularity as an alternative to chlorine. We got with our top Above Ground Pool Specialist here at PoolSupplyWorld, Fernando, to help us build the ultimate setup.

Most Above Ground Pools are made primarily of metal components which can corrode over time. Fernando recommended going with the Sharkline Matrix Above Ground Pool model which is a hybrid and salt water compatible pool.

PoolSupplyWorld is one of the few online retailers authorized to carry these Sharkline Above Ground Swimming Pools.


Pictured above is the Sharkline Matrix pool, isn’t it beautiful?

Now that we have the right pool selected, you’re going to need some compatible equipment as well. Below is a list of Fernando’s recommendations:

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On every new Above Ground Pool installation, he always recommends the following:


Our custom salt water pool configuration is complete!

Now you can easily configure your very own salt water above ground swimming pool.


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