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Baracuda MX8 Improved and Better Than Ever

Since the Baracuda MX8 suction side cleaner was released by Zodiac Pool Systems, many tired cleaners have been shuffled off to oblivion and replaced by this sporty, innovative option for in-ground pools. The MX8 has a few key features that make it a favorite, including:
Wide Trax Wide Trax Tires:
Wide Trax tires give it the grip to climb walls and stairs as well as the torque to clear obstacles like main drains and return jets.
Removable inlet Removable Inlet Assembly:
Removable inlet assembly snaps over the cleaner’s intake port to give you better control over debris collection.
Flex Power Turbine Patented Flex Power Turbine Technology:
Patented Flex Power Turbine technology means ultra-efficient operation at the lowest flow rates of any cleaner on the market today.
The latest industry buzz is that the MX8 has been updated, and while the outward appearance and the sku/part number of the MX8 stay the same, the new version of the MX8 – or MX8 2.0, as we affectionately call it – was developed to give you better cleaning performance and greatly enhance the long-term durability of the cleaner.
Patented Flex Power Turbine:
The secret to the updated MX8 is the focus on its Patented Flex Power Turbine, which results in ultra-efficient operation at flow rates as low as 20 GPM. Not only does this greatly increase your energy savings, but it means that the cleaner can effectively be paired with a wider range of pool pumps, including variable speed, dual speed, and pumps with lower horsepower ratings, so you have more flexibility when you shop.
Jandy Flo Pro Friendly Note:
The pump you need depends on the size of your pool and the equipment you’re running with your setup. If you have questions about compatibility, feel free to call PoolSupplyWorld or write your question below.
Flow Rates and Installation Help:
Many of the issues that customers had with the original MX8 were caused by flow rates that were higher than the cleaner needed, which can cause issues with the gearbox and lead to the need for repeated service.
With the new MX8, Zodiac has made enhancements to strengthen the gearbox and broaden the range of flow at which the cleaner operates. Still, it’s important that you dial in your flow rates according to the included instructions when you first install the cleaner, and periodically check flow rates with the included flow gauge.
To make installation easier, Zodiac has also started including a Quick Start guide with tips to help get your flow rates just right at start-up, as well as a 4 step, non-adhesive paper ‘donut’ (pictured) on the cleaner body with basic instructions.
Have Questions or Need Support?
If you have questions about anything mentioned in this article, you’re welcome to contact PoolSupplyWorld at 800.772.0467 or Zodiac’s customer support team at 800.822.7933. You can also submit an online request with Zodiac at Request Support.
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  • gpool man

    In the Blog Resource Center for the Baracuda MX8 pool Cleaner you mentioned that the “MX8-2.0″ improved version is out now. How as a consumer can I tell for sure that I am purchasing one of the updated models? Thanks.

  • John H.

    I just purchased the older unit approximately one week ago from a local retailer. Little did I know there was an update that addressed various issues. The retailer will not swap me unless there is an actual problem. Is there anything I can do?

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi John, though there is an updated model of the Baracuda MX8, there is nothing particularly wrong with the older models. The reason Zodiac manufactured an update is because the older models had a hard time handling higher flow rates. That said, as long as your flow rate is properly set upon installation — it should be set at “3″ — your older model MX8 should have no problems. If for some reason it does run into issues, you will need to contact the manufacturer to file a warranty claim. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

  • Paul

    On the rebate form it says that the rebate will not be honored if purchased from wholesale distributor. If MX8 is purchased from Poolsupplyworld will Zodiac honor the rebate? “Rewards cards will be issued only to consumers who purchase the Zodiac MX8™ from a participating Zodiac dealer. Units purchased directly from a wholesale distributor are not eligible for the rebate.”

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Paul, PoolSupplyWorld is an authorized Zodiac dealer, and any rebate included with the purchase of a Zodiac product will be honored by the manufacturer. Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

  • Glenn

    I have had a Baracuda G3 for about 5 years and am generally happy with the simplicity and ease of maintenance. I got so tired of the conastant expensive repairs on my old Polaris and Hayward. The downside with the G3 is it does not consistently clean the whole pool well. It misses some sections. I’m interested in the MX8, but am worried about mechanical reliability a few years down the road. Is it better than the Hayward in that respect?

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Glenn, our customers have given the MX8 mixed reviews on general performance and performance in Pebble Tec pools, but, as outlined in this blog, the manufacturer has made recent improvements to the cleaner, and as long as it is properly used and maintained, it should provide years of reliable, effective service. Also, as long as your Pebble Tec surface has been properly applied, the MX8 should not create any issues.

      If you are interested in a cleaner that can provide more comprehensive cleaning coverage, we recommend considering a robotic cleaner. Suction-side cleaners operate with random cleaning patters and may miss some spots in your pool, but many robotic cleaners, like the Dolphin Dynamic DX5 Plus, are equipped with self-learning technology that helps them better navigate and clean your pool. The DX5 Plus also comes with a remote control for manual spot cleaning of tough to reach areas.

      Another major plus with robotic cleaners is their ease of use and internal filtration system; robotic cleaners plug directly into a standard GFCI outlet and operate independently of your pool’s filtration system, which will help conserve energy and prolong the longevity of your pool equipment. If you have further questions on the best replacement cleaner for your pool, please feel free to give us a call for immediate assistance.

  • Glenn

    One more question: I have a Pebble Tec finish. Is the MX8 better or worse than a G3 for wear on the pool finish and/or cleaner? Thanks

  • doug

    I have an intelliflo pump. What happens if I accidentally set it to a higher level than what the MX8 operates at? Will it blow the gears? On my Hayward Navigator, if I run the pump at 3100 RPMs the cleaner runs fast but doesn’t break. Also, what’s the lowest RPMs the MX8 will run at? I realize every pool has different head loss but do you think it would run well at 1200 rpm, which I leave my intelliflo at? THank you.

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Doug, the Baracuda MX8 comes with a flow gauge so you can easily verify the correct water flow for optimal cleaner operation. The flow gauge should be set at “3″. The IntelliFlo’s RPM to achieve the proper flow will vary from pool to pool, but you can adjust its speed to meet the precise flow rate needed to operate your MX8. We do not recommend running it at a flow rate that pushes the flow gauge beyond “3″, as the MX8 is designed to operate best at this flow. If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t see any issue with a high (5 on the gauge) suction. Should I be concerned?

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Robert, ideally, the Baracuda MX8′s flow gauge should be set at “3″ for proper operation. If yours is higher, you should verify that the valves controlling your suction lines are in the proper position, and then lower the flow setting on the FlowKeeper Valve. Operating at a high flow can impact the performance of your MX8. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

    • Ralph

      Take it from me, you will round out the tips of the plastic gears and it will fail permanently first on one side then the other. I have always owned Barracuda/Zodiac cleaners but no more since my older MX8 has gone through several directional gear change outs I finally gave up and bought another. Unfortunatley the old saying is true, never buy the first year model until they get the bugs worked out. Zodiac lost me as a loyal customer forever.

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Ralph,
      I’m sorry to hear the MX8 didn’t work out well for you. Give us a call at (800) 772-0467 if there is anything we can do for you. -Christian

  • Larry

    My MX8 worked just beautifully all summer, now it will move about one foot and stop. The suction and rotating cleaning system is working fine. What can I do?

    • PoolSupplyWorld

      Hi Larry,
      I haven’t run into that with the MX8 before. My best guess would be that maybe there is something wrong with one of the bearings or that there is some debris stuck in the track. If that isn’t the issue you will probably need to get it looked at by a professional. Let me know if you have any questions! -Christian

  • PoolSupplyWorld

    Great question. PoolSupplyWorld only carries the updated models of the MX8, so if you order from us there’s no doubt you’re getting the most recent version. Other than that, the physical appearance and part number of the MX8 haven’t been altered between the old and new models, so you’ll want to ask directly if the dealer is carrying the new version. Please let us know if we can help with anything else!