Cover Type

Above Ground Winter Covers

Protect your swimming pool during this winter season with a premium above ground winter pool cover. The covers are built to last and are designed to handle the harsh winter months. Each winter pool cover uses tightly-woven, high-quality, polyethylene mesh material to prevent leaves, dirt and debris from entering your pool while blocking algae growth. Made specifically for oval and round style pools with a 4’ overlap of extra material, these covers come with 8, 12, and 15-year manufacturer’s warranty.
Round Winter Pool Covers
Above ground round winter pool covers feature heavy-duty sealed seams and UV resistant material that provide resiliency and long-lasting durability. The 12’ round pool covers are designed to last through the winter season and are made with an additional four feet of overlapped round material to provide a more secure fit.

Oval Winter Pool Covers
Above ground swimming pool winter covers prohibit algae growth and afford you the reduction of costly replacement chemicals throughout the fall and winter seasons. The 10 x 20’ covers are incredibly durable, feature heavy-duty heat-sealed seams that use UV resistant materials. They are designed to keep out debris and any unwanted intruder.

Additional Information
The strength and durability of these winter pool covers effectively reduce stretching and ripping caused by normal wear and tear. Handy wall bags are available (sold separately) that you can use to help secure your winter pool cover during times of high winds or turbulent weather. Avoid the hassle of having to clean your pool this upcoming spring by allowing PoolSupplyWorld provide you with a great selection of top-quality winter pool covers to pick and choose from.