ZEO ZEO-3 Fiber Natural Alternative to D.E. 3 lb Bag

ZeoFiber 3 lb. Bag
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About the ZEO ZEO-3
ZeoFiber is a perfect replacement for diatomaceous earth (D.E.)

Pool Maintenance Features:

  • Safe and Natural
  • Biodegradable
  • Finer Filtration
  • Longer Filter Cycles
  • Easy to Use
  • Economical
  • Use in sand and cartridge filters
  • Great for residential and commercial swimming pools
  • NSF/ANSI-50 Approved for use in all D.E. Filters

More Information

Environmentally Safe
ZeoFiber is a pure white cellulose fiber produced from wood fiber. This renewable resource is a 100% biodegradable filtration media and a perfect replacement for diatomaceous earth (D.E.). For pool owners with sand and cartridge filters, the addition of ZeoFiber will give your pool water a more polished look and will remove oils not ordinarily filtered out by other filter media. Finer Filtration with ZeoFiber
The cellulose fibers in ZeoFiber nest together to form a highly uniform filter coating that cleans down to 3-5 microns. This is equal to D.E. and gives you cleaner, clearer water than sand or cartridge filters.

Longer Filter Cycles
Since ZeoFiber is has a low bulk density, one pound replaces eight pounds of D.E. After your initial charge of ZeoFiber you may see a shorter cycle (backwashing/recharging) due to the removal of smaller particles to achieve the higher filtration rate. Once your water is stabilized you will see the time between your cycles increase at least two times when compared to D.E. cycles.

Use Less ZeoFiber than D.E.
D.E. requires up to eight times more product (by weight) to achieve a filtration rate comparable to ZeoFiber. The filtering layer formed by the long fibers of ZeoFiber is very dense and forms quickly into a thin layer. In contrast, D.E. has irregularly sized particles that form into a thick layer to provide an adequate filtration screen.

Biodegradable, Environmentally Safe
ZeoFiber is biodegradable and non-toxic. This filtration media does not contain silica and is safe for the environment.

With the extended time between cycles you will have fewer backwashes, use fewer chemicals and spend less time maintaining your pool.

ZEO ZEO-3 Specifications



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bob m. said:
2 years ago
Write your review here being a pool owner for 30+ yrs I swore by sand until my pool guy showed me zeofiber.He said you will be amazed by the results.All I can say is 'WOW'.He was right.No more sand removal,no backwashing,enviromental friendly and great results.Thanks
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