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Waterway 212-8831 Cluster Directional Snap-In Five-Scallop Large Face Spa Jet Internals, Black

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Waterway Cluster Directional Snap-In Five-Scallop Large Face Spa Jet Internals - Black - 212-8831


The Waterway Cluster Jet Internal is a multi-body construction jet, designed to fit into any existing cluster jet body. They are smaller jets engineered for close quarter installation, usually installed in close proximity to other jets, and are ideal for precision hydrotherapy on smaller parts of the body. Cluster Jets are available in a dynamic selection of internals, including fixed direction with a 5-scallop design, a large face construction with a smooth exterior and a smooth and stainless steel ozone exterior. Waterway's Cluster Jets will renew your spa with better water streams for the ultimate hydrotherapy.


Directional/Twirl Steady Stream/Stationary Eyeball


These jets use Directional/Twirl to shoot a stream of water in one direction using its stationary eyeball giving you a powerfully concentrated massage