Vac-Alert VA-2000L Model Safety Vacuum Release System SVRS Suction Lift

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Vac-Alert Model Safety Vacuum Release System SVRS Suction Life
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About the Vac-Alert VA-2000L
Vac-Alert Model is a Safety Vacuum Release System SVRS designed for suction lift that detects the circulating pump suction.

Safety Product Features:

  • The perfect safety solution for every pump that draws water, including pools, spas, fountains, slides and vacuum ports.
  • Self monitoring, non electrical and low maintenance
  • Easy to install within thirty minutes an installation DVD is included with every unit it is recommended to use a pool professional.
  • Long lasting design features moisture resistant PVC, and stainless steel construction.
  • Won't damage your pump when tripped

More Information

The Vac-Alert Model VA-2000L is a Safety Vacuum Release System (SVRS) designed for suction lift applications. Suction lift in this case applies to all applications where the circulating pump suction is either at or above the level of the pool water surface. This unit incorporates a 0.170" diameter orifice opening installed below the surge tube section. This orifice opening is sized to prevent nuisance tripping of the SVRS unit caused by high vacuum surges typical of many pump start-up conditions. Some states such as Texas, North Carolina, and other places like Ontario, Canada are requiring commercial pool owners use equipment like Vac-Alert to retrofit pools and spas. Meets all requirements of the International Code Council, both the International Building Code IBC and the International Residential Code IRC. Meets or exceeds all the ANSI/ASME performance standards for safety vacuum release systems.

Vac-Alert VA-2000L Specifications


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