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Tranquility Spas EG5 Spa

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Short Description

Let the Tranquility EG5 Spa bring relaxation and rest to your everyday life, featuring 5 seats and 30 directional jets for all the bliss you can get.

Spa Features:

  • Spa shell available in Silver White Marble or Ocean Wave Opal
  • Cabinet color available in Coastal Gray or Mahogany
  • Comes with a spa cover in Charcoal Gray or Spice Brown
  • Bucket, bench and reclining seating for five people
  • 30 directional jets with flow control
  • Built with a Balboa VS300 Spa Pack, Balboa VL200 Topside Control, and 3 multi-color LED light
  • Spa dimensions are 78" (l) x 78" (w) x 34" (h)
  • Full-rated 3HP (5 BHP) pump
  • Comes ozone equipped with Del Ozone's Advanced Plasma Gap (APG) Corona Discharge Ozonator
  • Has a dedicated ozone jet
  • Spa cover has 10" corner radius and 6" skirt length


Let the Tranquility EG5 Spa bring a wave of relaxation and rest to your everyday life. Integrating ergonomic seats for comfort and directional jets for therapy and release to tired muscles, this spa boasts a variety of truly unique features that makes it a premium choice for any home. Its bucket, bench, and reclining seating comfortably accommodates up to five people, and its spacious design employs the latest in structural integrity: its shell is made from a co-extruded acrylic that holds up to chemical exposure over years of use, with a heavy-gauge black ABS plastic bottom enclosure that offers the best in structural support. Its low maintenance, simulated wood cabinet surrounds the spa for a gorgeous appearance that adds an air of sophistication to any indoor or outdoor setting. The Tranquility EG5 Spa features a built-in ozonator from DEL Ozone and a 230V, two speed LX pump, able to circulate 230 GPM for efficient performance. A multi-color LED spa light is fantastic for accent, and 30 strategically placed directional jets bring the best in hydrotherapy to your neck, shoulders, back, and legs. The EG5 Spa is also completely user-friendly: the included Balboa M7 VS Series system and four button topside panel are premium choices that offer the most durable components available, letting you have total control over the spa's temperature, jets, and lighting.

Whether you're interested in a spa for hydrotherapy, relaxation, or both, the Tranquility EG5 is a feature-packed choice that will be a welcomed addition to your home for years to come.


Ergonomic Seating

Ergonomic Seating

Tranquility Spas was one of the first spa manufacturers to focus on the ergonomics of spa seating, and these spas offer a mixture of configurations, including Captain's Chair, Multi-Level, Bucket, Bench, and Reclining seats to suit every preference
Dedicated Therapeutic Jets

Dedicated Therapeutic Jets

Each directional jet is carefully placed to provide maximum massage therapy, and there are dedicated jets for every seat in the spa. Flow control valves let you divert pressure to jets of your choosing, so everyone can be comfortable
Quality Tested

Quality Tested

Each hot tub goes through two fully functional water tests at different points of the manufacturing process to verify that the heater, pump, jets, electrical components, and spa body are in perfect working order before it leaves the factory
Intelligent Insulation

Intelligent Insulation

For total ease of access, spray foam insulation is spray applied only to the necessary internal components, so all equipment can be reached by simply removing the spa's panel. This insulation method meets all Title 20 requirements to be considered full insulation
Ozone Installed

Ozone Installed

Each spa has a Del Ozone Corona Discharge APG Ozone Generator System mounted in its equipment cabinet. The APG System has an indicator light that makes it easy to tell when the ozone is in use or the Corona Discharge chip may need to be replaced. A dedicated ozone jet takes the place of an injector tube
High Performance Pump

High Performance Pump

LX pumps are renowned for their quiet, powerful operation. With a two speed capacitor and full-rated performance, these pumps have a 2" inlet/outlet for high flow and an amazingly high rate of quality. To date, Tranquility Spas reports an overall failure rate of less than 1% for all pumps
Balboa VS Spa Pack

Balboa VS Spa Pack

Your spa is outfitted with only the best equipment in the industry. These Balboa VS Spa Packs employ patented M7 technology to bring the highest level of component reliability to your hot tub. M7 technology includes Smart Sensors instead of pressure switches and multiple high limit safety systems to ensure all safety functions are always active. The heater tube is front mounted for easy access
Precision Fit Spa Cover

Precision Fit Spa Cover

Your spa includes a high quality cover that fits the tub perfectly, saving you on energy and chemical costs by providing maximum insulation. Each cover has an aluminum center channel that provides integral structural support. Tightly wrapped in Spa Hyde, a marine grade vinyl, the cover has a 4"-2" taper with a 1-1/2 lb foam density core and an R-20 insulation value
Eco-Friendly, Custom Spa Shells

Eco-Friendly, Custom Spa Shells

The spa shell is made of a co-extruded acrylic surface with an ABS backing for superior strength. This is significantly more eco-friendly than a standard fiberglass application
Maintenance Free Cabinet

Maintenance Free Cabinet

Each cabinet is made of 3/8" tongue and groove synthetic wood, which can be cleaned easily with mild soap and water. Made of 20% recycled plastic, these cabinets not only contribute to a healthier environment, but the material retains an even texture and uniform color