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Splash NC3275 SolarChlor Chlorine and Ion Generator

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Short Description

With the SolarChlor system, there is no plumbing, no electrical hook-ups, and no energy consumption!

Salt Chlorinator Features:

  • Solar Chlor turns itself on every day and works until night fall
  • High-medium-low adjustable chlorine output with LED indicator light
  • Adjustable mineral ion output with 3 output settings
  • No electrical hazards; no plumbing or electrical hookups; no batteries
  • Self-cleaning cell plates don't require maintenance, upkeep or replacement
  • Boost chlorine level by adding salt to snap-on bowl
  • Use in swimming pools, spas and water fountains
  • Save the Planet: each SolarChlor user can reduce greenhouse emissions as much as 800Kg per year.
  • Five year average lifespan


With the SolarChlor system, there is no plumbing, no electrical hook-ups, and no energy consumption! Other chlorinators consume large amounts of energy and require constant pump run-time. With SolarChlor, you can save several hundreds of dollars a year by reducing circulation time and the amount of chemicals used in your pool.

All day long, even when it's cloudy, the SolarChlor's dual patented process will turn salt into chlorine and generate charged ions to hinder algae growth. The durable, high-output solar panels provide the power to transform the salt you add to your pool into chlorine through electrolysis. Coupled with the benefits of the mineral ionization produced by a copper anode, your SolarChlor unit will provide you with the natural sparkling water you dream about. The sacrificial anode also protects your metal fixtures in your pool from the corrosion caused by salt.

Use the SolarChlor in your saltwater or fresh water pool and watch the savings add up. Since it's powered by the sun, you'll save up to 50% on energy costs by not running your pump just to chlorinate your pool, not to mention extending the life of your pump system. The savings continue by creating your own chlorine. SolarChlor efficiently chlorinates one gallon of water to 1 ppm in one second. Boost your chlorine level in salt water or fresh water pools by adding up to 7 lb additional salt to the snap-on bottom. Overall, you can reduce your chemical costs up to 80% or more.

The SolarChlor is recommended for pools up to 15,000 gals for a salt pool or 10,000 gallons for a fresh water pool. For larger pools, use multiple units.