Finalize Your SpaShield SPCROUNDRECT Premium Rounded Rectangle Custom Spa Cover with 4" Skirt Spa Cover
Now that you've selected your spa cover shape, finalize your order by entering your custom measurements and selecting a designer color of your choice. We have automatically selected the standard options of the following items: foam taper and density, number of safety locks and number of handles. Any of these can be upgraded during the ordering process to suit your preference. Our helpful Spa Order box will follow you down the left side of the page, calculating your order as you customize and allowing you to track your total cost before check-out. If you've never ordered a spa cover before, our handy Spa Cover Measuring Guide explains in detail what you'll need to know and gives helpful diagrams that will aid in measuring. For added convenience, you can print it out and take it with you when you're ready to take your measurements.
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Please enter the size, in inches, of your current spa or spa cover. In order to ensure your cover fits your spa as it's currently positioned, please be sure to follow our diagram for determining "A", "B", and "C".

"A" is the side that is cut by the fold of the current spa cover. "B" runs parallel to the fold of the current spa cover, and "C" is the measurement of the corner. If you have any fraction measurements, round up to the next inch.

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Customize your spa cover and enhance your backyard decor with one of our 16 designer colors. See any selection of color in a larger size by clicking on it or selecting it in the drop-down menu.
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Cover Models
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We use thick, closed-cell aquatic-grade virgin EPS insulating cores. These foam pads have better R-value and moisture resistance than other brands. While other brands use construction-grade foam that is 3.5” at its thickest, ours are 4” or 5” thick and available in various densities to suit your needs.
Energy Savings and Cover Protection
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Standard 4 x 2 Tapered Foam - The standard foam core features plastic wrapping that helps to prevent moisture absorption while reducing chemical loss through evaporation. If your spa cover is exposed to higher amounts of rain, humidity, and snow, consider one of our upgrades to further extend the life of your foam core. This comes standard with your spa cover.

Upgraded 4 Mil Plastic Wrap - This upgraded plastic wrapping offers twice the protection of the standard plastic wrap option and is very durable in both hot and cold temperatures.

Upgraded 4 Mil PermaLiner Wrapping - The PermaLiner wrapping offers the best protection against moisture absorption as well as chemical and heat loss. Its heavy-duty material helps to ensure that you get the very most out of your spa cover.
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These accessories will only enhance the life and value of your spa cover. For hurricane-prone or high-wind areas, we highly recommend investing in extra hurricane tie-down straps. If inclement weather is fast approaching, consider taking advantage of our expedited service.