Solaxx REG10A Eko Klor Solar Ionizer for Swimming Pools

Solaxx Eko Klor Solar Ionizer up to 25,000 Gallons
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About the Solaxx REG10A
EKO KLOR solar ionizer is a water purifier combining the energy generated by the sun with ionizing copper and silver for powerful sanitizing.

Alternative Sanitizer Features:

  • Floating solar powered Ionizer
  • Purifies water using a natural mineral treatement
  • Suitable for pools up to 25,000 gallons
  • Dispenses copper to destroy algae and simplify pool maintenance
  • Floats on surface of pool
  • No Installation required
  • Includes: Anode cleaning brush and 25 copper test strips


Reduce Chlorine Usage

Reduce Chlorine Usage

By reducing algae, calcium hardness levels, and water hardness levels, the Eko Klor reduces the need for chlorine usage by up to 80%.
Simple to Use

Simple to Use

All you have to do is place the Eko Klor floating ionizer into your swimming pool. Once it’s exposed to direct sunlight, the device begins producing ions to help purify your water.

More Information

EKO KLOR solar ionizer is a water purifier combining the electrical energy generated by the sun with ionization. Micro-organisms such as algae and bacteria can not survive. The Eko Klor unit utilizes a small photovoitaic panel to supply electricity to two electrodes. These electrodes then produce a combination of copper and other ions which prevent the growth of microorganisms. The device floats in the pool and works when exposed to sunlight. The Eko Klor device begins producing ions immediately after being placed in a pool when exposed to sunlight, and will produce ion levels sufficient for pool purification within two weeks (depending on pool volume) provided insolation levels are sufficient. The Eko Klor device eliminate algae reduces chlorine demand. The Eko Klor will also reduces calcium hardness levels and water hardness levels by precipitating these metals onto the coil electrode.

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DAS said:
Location: Palm Springs, CA
Solaxx Ionizer
4 months ago
Have only had this product for a few weeks. I left it in the pool for 4 days and the electrode was totally covered in mineral deposits. I am now just leaving the ionizer in the pool while the pump is running and then removing it. I do think it is helping eliminate the black algae I had on the pool steps. I haven't noticed it has done anything to increase the chlorine level (I have a salt system). For me, if it helps with control of algae I am satisfied. I am interested to know how long the .. more
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Dave B said:
Location: Maumelle Arkansas
Trying this in our 22000 gallon salt water pool
4 months ago
We have only had tis for about a week now and we haven't seen a difference at all..after a week, we tested the copper level and it did not register. There is build up on the electrode so we assume it is doing something. We will retest in another week.
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