PurePLUS Nature 2
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PurePLUS PUREKIT-04 Start Up/Renewal Spa and Hot Tub Kit with Nature 2 Spa


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The PurePLUS Spa Kit with Nature 2 Spa is a perfect mineral sanitizer pack to keep your spa water clean and healthy, naturally.

Alternative Sanitizer Features:

  • Nature 2 Spa Mineral Sanitizer 2 pack
  • Nature 2 Spa Test Strips
  • Natural Chemistry Spa Oxidizing Shock 2lbs
  • Natural Chemistry Alkalinity Increaser 2lbs
  • Natural Chemistry pH Down 2lbs
  • Natural Chemistry Calcium Hardness Increaser 1.75lbs
  • Natural Chemistry Spa METALfree 1L
  • Natural Chemistry Spa Perfect 1L
  • Natural Chemistry Spa Chlorine Concentrate 2lbs
  • Paradise Scumbug Oil and Scum Remover


The PurePLUS Spa Kit with Nature 2 Spa combines mineral technology with chemical-free sanitizers from Natural Chemistry to bring you clean and healthy water, naturally. The Nature 2 Spa Mineral Sanitizer is specifically designed to respond to the demanding environment of a spa, neutralizing bacteria and organic contaminants without harsh chemical smells or negative effects on bathers. With any mineral sanitizer, supplemental forms of sanitization are necessary to achieve perfect water balance. Instead of using a traditional chlorine or bromine, this PurePLUS kit incorporates water balancers from Natural Chemistry, a company dedicated to bringing you chemical-free solutions to crystal clear water. For fast and accurate water testing, this kit includes Spa Test Strips from Nature 2. Finally, for another great way to keep your spa clean and clear, we've included the Scumbug by Paradise. The Scumbug prevents scum lines from forming in clear spas and will absorb up to 40 times its body weight in body oils and sunscreen lotions. The Scumbug is easy to maintain and will last an average season.