PurePLUS 50RPAM2-PK-02 Start Up/Renewal Spa Kit and Ozonator

SKU: 50RPAM2-PK-02
MCD-50 with SPA FROG
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About the PurePLUS 50RPAM2-PK-02
The MCD, in combination with complete injection, mixing, degas, and destruct options, represents DEL's advancements in ozone technology for spas.

Alternative Sanitizer Features:

  • DEL Ozone MCD-50 High-Output for Spas 110V (UR) Amp Connector
  • King Technology SPA FROG Floating System
  • Natural Chemistry Spa Oxidizing Shock 2lbs
  • Natural Chemistry pH Down 2 lbs
  • Natural Chemistry Calcium Hardness Increaser 1.75lbs
  • Natural Chemistry Spa METALfree 1L
  • Natural Chemistry Spa Perfect 1L
  • Natural Chemistry Spa Bromine Start 2lbs
  • AquaChek Red Total Bromine Test Strips
  • Paradise Scumbug Oil and Scum Remover

More Information

For customers desiring optimal water quality utilizing more ozone, DEL's high-output MCD-50 is serviceable and reliable with the longest lifespan of any spa ozone generator on the market, typically running for five years. With spa manufacturers installing the MCD-50 since 2003, DEL is now meeting the growing demand for renewal kits (9-0743-01) and replacement units by offering them through distribution.

The PurePLUS Spa Kit with SPA FROG Floating System combines mineral sanitizing technology with small amounts of bromine for clean, healthy water with reduced chemical use. The SPA FROG Floating System from King Technology consists of pre-filled cartridges that snap into a reusable floating dispenser for easy and accurate sanitization. Combine this with this great line of chemical-free products from Natural Chemistry to keep your spa's pH and calcium levels balanced and organic contaminants under control. For another great way to keep your spa clean and clear, we've included the Scumbug by Paradise. The Scumbug prevents scum lines from forming in clear spas and will absorb up to 40 times its body weight in body oils and sunscreen lotions. The Scumbug is easy to maintain and will last an average season.

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