PoolSupplyWorld SU35 Spring Start-Up Kit - 35k
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PoolSupplyWorld SU35 Spring Start-Up Kit - 35k

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With everything you'll need to open and treat your 35,000 gallon swimming pool this spring, the Spring Start-Up Kit is just the bundle you've been looking for.

Pool Chemical Features:

  • Spring Start-Up Kit
  • For use with pools up to 35,000 gallons
  • 2 quarts of Super Concentrated Algaecide Non-Metallic
  • 1 quart of Super Sparkler Clarifier
  • 1 quart of Natural Chemistry METALfree deactivation agent
  • 1 liter of Pool Magic Spring & Fall enzyme-based cleaner
  • 6 bags of Di-Chlor Fast Dissolving Chlorine Shoc
  • 50 Yellow Free Chlorine Test Strips by AquaChek
  • Note: Items received have the same chemical make-up, but may not look exactly like the item pictured above.


Give your pool a kick-start to the season this spring with the Spring Start-Up Kit made for swimming pools up to 35,000 gallons. This kit includes an opening/closing chemical, metal deactivator, algaecide, chlorine shock, clarifier, and test strips to ensure that your pool is balanced and ready for the summer months ahead. Clean your cloudy water and break down contaminants with Natural Chemistry's Pool Magic Spring & Fall. Help deactivate minerals in your water while preventing staining and discoloration with Natural Chemistry's METALfree. Defeat algae of all kinds with the Super Concentrated Algaecide Non-Metallic. Zap out all bacteria and algae with the Di-Chlor Fast Dissolving Chlorine Shock. Maintain clear and sparkling water with the Super Sparkler Clarifier. Keep your water balanced and tested with the AquaCheck Test Strips.

Use this Spring Start-Up Kit on your swimming pool up to 35,000 gallons and ensure your water is ready to dive into this coming season!