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PoolSupplyWorld STVPK Salt Value Pak


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Keep your salt chlorine generator running efficiently and cleanly with this monthly VALUE kit, extending the life of your pool hardware.

Pool Chemical Features:

  • 2 Liters of Salt Water Magic Liquid (07402) - Reduces phosphate levels. Near zero phosphate levels increases the efficiency of the generator! Also reduces organic build-up in water, on pool surfaces, filter media, and generator cells.
  • 1 Liter Cell Protect Liquid (07407) - Powerful chelating/sequestering agents protect the pool surfaces from metal staining and prevents metal build-up on generator, and prevents damaging scale build-up from calcium and other minerals from forming on pool surfaces and generator/electrolytic cell.
  • 1 Package of 10 precision AquaChek White Salt Test Strips (561140A) - Precision testing for a specific, accurate reading every time.
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The Saltwater VALUE kit combines several patented technologies that have been specifically formulated to enhance and extend the life of chlorine generators. This easy to use, monthly kit provides the perfect pool water environment to allow your generator to work more efficiently, leading to longer generator life and the highest water quality possible. The Saltwater VALUE kit contains: 2 liters Salt Water Magic Liquid, 1 liter Cell Protect Liquid, 1 package of 10 precision White Salt test strips.

Salt Water Magic Liquid Adding Salt Water Magic Liquid at system start-up and on a monthly basis throughout the season ensures the perfect pool water environment for chlorine generators and provides long term system stability. Salt Water Magic Liquid removes phosphates and non-living organic contaminants from pool water, increases filter efficiency, reduces odors, waterline build-up, and optimizes chlorine generator performance.

Cell Protect Cell Protect is a unique formula containing non-phosphate sequestering agents and calcium inhibitors that work together to extend the life of salt water generators by preventing scale build-up. Cell Protect prevents metal staining and increases efficiency without adding phosphates.

AquaChek White Salt Test Strips AquaChek makes Sodium Chloride testing easier than ever. You'll get a specific, accurate reading every time, so you can ensure proper levels of salt in your water. With appropriate salt levels, you can rest assured that your pool's generator will be able to produce the correct amount of chlorine to keep water clean and free of contaminants. The AquaChek White test strip measures salt levels from 400 to 7000 ppm, and takes just three to four minutes using a small water sample. Comes with complete instructions in 15 languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, German, Greek, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish and Turkish.