PoolSupplyWorld PSW-NY538 Water Total Alkalinity Increaser 25 lb Bucket

Alkalinity Increaser 25 lb
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About the PoolSupplyWorld PSW-NY538
Alkalinity Increaser raises the alkalinity level to a safe range of 80 - 120 ensuring a more stable pH level.

Pool Chemical Features:

  • Includes one 25lb. bucket
  • Raises total alkalinity level to safe range
  • Stabilizes pH balance in pool water
  • Enables chlorine to work more efficiently
  • Stops eye irritation, equipment corrosion, and plaster etching caused by low alkalinity
  • Dosage: 1-1/2lbs. for every 10,000 gallons to raise alkalinity 10ppm
  • Note: Items received have the same chemical make-up, but may not look exactly like the item pictured above.

More Information

Making sure you have ideal levels of total alkalinity is important in achieving proper water chemistry. Low alkalinity can cause unpleasant eye irritation, unsightly plaster etching, and can even corrode pool equipment, decreasing operation efficiency. The consistent use of Water Total Alkalinity Increaser brings benefits such as stabilized pH levels and increased chlorine efficiency. Make it a part of your maintenance routine throughout out the swim season and you’ll have beautiful water that’s safe for you and your family.

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