Di-Chlor Shock 24 x 1 lb
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PoolSupplyWorld PSW-CSY410 Di-Chlor Fast Dissolving Chlorine Shock 24 x 1 lb Bags


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These 24 one pound bags make storage and dosing your fast-dissolving chlorine shock easy and convenient.

Pool Chemical Features:

  • Includes 24 convenient one pound packages
  • For use in pools and spas
  • Fast-dissolving granular shock
  • 56% available chlorine
  • Active ingredient: sodium dichloro-s-triazinetrione dehydrate
  • Dosage: 1lb. per 12,000 gallons
  • Note: Items received have the same chemical make-up, but may not look exactly like the item pictured above.


Shocking your pool or spa regularly is a necessary part of routine maintenance and goes a long way to ensure safe water that looks and smells great. Use Di-Chlor Fast Dissolving Chlorine Shock to treat or prevent unwanted pollutants, harmful bacteria, and unsightly algae.

Powerful and fast-dissolving, this shock applies quickly and may be added without pre-mixing. Its strong formula contains 56% available chlorine that won't cloud your water and is safe for use with acrylic surfaces and vinyl liners. Di-Chlor Fast Dissolving Chlorine Shock delivers fast results and doesn’t disturb your pH levels, making balancing your chemicals and maintaining clear water a hassle-free process.


Stabilized to ensure effectiveness

Stabilized to ensure effectiveness

Stabilized chlorine has been treated with cyanuric acid, which acts like sunscreen to protect against high heat and UV rays that can burn the chemical and render it ineffective. Stabilized chlorine is more effective over a longer period of time, and is perfect for use in especially hot climates or in pools that receive full sun for the majority of the day
Use as part of regular maintenance

Use as part of regular maintenance

We recommend shocking your pool water weekly during peak swimming season to destroy bacteria, algae, and organic waste that regular chlorination may have missed. You’ll always feel sure that your water is safe and ready to be enjoyed
For clean, fresh water

For clean, fresh water

While Di-Chlor has a slightly lower level of chlorine by weight than Tri-Chlor, it is pH neutral and is a great option if you find yourself working to keep alkalinity and pH levels in check. Either choice will neutralize viruses and bacteria in your pool or spa water for a clean, safe environment
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