Chlorine Sticks 50 lb
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PoolSupplyWorld PSW-CSC188 Stabilized Chlorine Sticks 50 lb Bucket (Tri-Chlor) 8 oz Sticks


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Keep your pool water clean, safe, and looking great with this 50 lb. bucket of Stabilized Tr-Chlor Chlorine Sticks.

Pool Chemical Features:

  • Includes one 50 lb bucket
  • For use in pools and spas
  • Slow-dissolving for extended use
  • Individually wrapped 8 oz sticks
  • 90% available chlorine
  • 99% Trichloro-S-Triazinetrione
  • Stabilized to protect potency
  • EPA approved formula
  • Dimensions are approximately 2-1/4" x 2"
  • Dosage : 1-3 sticks per 10,000 gallons weekly


Balanced water chemistry is the key to healthy, clear water that you can enjoy year-round, and the most important step is to use the right dose of a high quality sanitizer. Keep your pool water clean, safe, and looking great with these Stabilized Chlorine Sticks.

These Tri-Chlor chlorine sticks have 90% available chlorine and are intended for use with a floating dispenser or chemical feeder. This 50 lb bucket of individually wrapped 8 oz sticks deliver effective sanitizing power and rid your pool of potentially harmful contaminants.


Stabilized to ensure effectiveness

Stabilized to ensure effectiveness

Stabilized chlorine has been treated with cyanuric acid, which acts like sunscreen to protect against high heat and UV rays that can burn the chemical and render it ineffective. Stabilized chlorine is more effective over a longer period of time, and is perfect for use in especially hot climates or in pools that receive full sun for the majority of the day
Use with floaters and chemical feeders

Use with floaters and chemical feeders

These slow-dissolving chlorine sticks have optimum hardness to ensure you get the correct dosage for your pool. They dissolve completely and can be used in floaters, skimmers, or automatic chemical feeders
For clean, fresh water

For clean, fresh water

Tri-Chlor contains more chlorine by weight than dihydrate Di-Chlor, but either will work to neutralize viruses and bacteria, leaving you with clear water that’s safe for you and your family