PoolSupplyWorld N2KIT-LTS02 Leisure Spa Kit

Cense Q/S with Spa 56
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About the PoolSupplyWorld N2KIT-LTS02
Easy Spa Start Up Kit: Nature 2 Cense Q/S QTY 2, Spa Sticks QTY 3, Test Strips, with Leisure Time Spa 56 Chlorinating Granules 2 lbs

Alternative Sanitizer Features:

  • QTY 1: Nature 2 Cense Simple Rituals (2lb Bottle)
  • QTY 1: Nature 2 Cense Quiet Escape (2lb Bottle)
  • QTY 3: Nature 2 Spa Mineral Sanitizer Sticks
  • QTY 1: Nature 2 Test Strips
  • QTY 1: Leisure Time Spa 56 Chlorinating Granules (2 lb Bottle)
  • Nature 2 Spa Stick is not for use with bromine, sodium bromide, or biguanides

More Information

Nature 2 Spa uses patented mineral-bed technology to destroy bacteria. Its revolutionary process significantly improves the look, feel and smell of your Spa water, by dramatically reducing chlorine and bromine requirements. If used with MPS, the most recommended Spa oxidant, Nature 2 Spa becomes a complete Spa sanitizing system - the only non-chlorine Spa sanitizing option available. Managing your Spa is easier than ever. Nature 2 Spa slips into your Spa filter and lasts up to four months. Recommended by leading Spa manufacturers, the patented mineral-bed technology of Nature 2 Spa mineral sanitizer has been extensively tested and is proven to sanitize your Spa more effectively than chlorine at Spa temperatures. Compared with chlorine and bromine sanitizing systems, Nature 2 technology reduces the discomfort of eye and skin irritation, bleached out swimsuits and discourages scum lines in your Spa without the unpleasant odors associated with harsh chemicals. The completely self-contained Nature 2 Spa mineral sanitizer is easy to install. There are no moving parts. Nature 2 Spa just slips into your Spa's filter, where it works as part of your Spa's existing water circulation system to keep your water clean and bacteria free. If your Spa is equipped with an ozonator, a Nature 2 Spa mineral sanitizer will greatly enhance its performance. Nature 2 Spa mineral sanitizer is EPA registered and can be used effectively for 4 months. Best of all, it eliminates the messy and tedious chore of constantly adding chlorine or bromine to the Spa. After start-up, a small maintenance dose of non-chlorine based oxidizer is all you need. Unlike chlorine and bromine, the Nature 2 Spa mineral sanitizer is unaffected by Spa temperatures. Say goodbye to the abrasive smell of chlorine and take your Spa experience to new heights with Cense. With its oxygen-infused aromas, Cense turns your Spa into a fragrant paradise for the senses. The perfect companion for Nature 2 Spa, Cense is the only non-chlorine oxidant that offers the stress-relieving benefits of aromatherapy with a crystal clear Spa experience. Combining fragrance with MPS, the most recommended oxidizer for Spas on the market, Cense creates an inviting and relaxing environment in and around your Spa by eliminating the chemical smell of chlorine and replacing it with four exquisite scents as it leaves your Spa water cleaner, clearer, and fragrant.

Keep your Spas water at its optimum levels easily. Test the monopersulfate, alkalinity and pH levels just by swirling the Nature 2 Test Strip. This is used in very small amounts just to kill all initial bacteria. This will last you a very long time. One teaspoon to get you started and you will most likely need very little from there on out as long as you are using the MPS, or the Nature 2 Cense. This chlorine is only used to get your Spa free of initial bacteria. Specifically formulated for Spas, this concentrated granular chlorine effectively sanitizes and disinfects hot water.

Please Note: To prevent staining spa surfaces, the Nature 2 Spa Mineral Sanitizer should not be used in conjunction with any product containing bromine, sodium bromide, or biguanides. If you’d like to stop using these products and start using the Spa Mineral Sanitizer, drain your spa and refill it with fresh water before inserting the Nature 2 cartridge.

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