Polaris 380 Pool Cleaner and Booster Pump
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Polaris POL380-PB4-60Q 380 Pressure Side Automatic Pool Cleaner and PB-4 60Q Booster Pump

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This package includes the Polaris pressure side pool cleaner, 380, and booster pump, PB4-60Q that gives the cleaner the power it needs to run.


Packaged together, the 380 and PB4-60Q by Polaris gives you everything you need to get your pressure side pool cleaner running in your in ground pool. The 380 works for all in ground pools and connects to a dedicated pressure line and powered by the PB4-60Q and its tripe jets. It comes with a 31’ cord and has a cleaning cycle of three hours. This pool cleaner sweeps, scrubs, and vacuums the bottom, walls, and steps of your pool while trapping debris in its filter bag. The PB4-60Q runs at 3/4HP and is 28% quieter than the classic model booster pump. This package provides you with the pool cleaner, booster pump, pump stand, and installation kit.

With these items put together, this package will help keep your pool free of dirt and debris. The booster pump gives the pressure side pool cleaner a dedicated pump that will relieve your existing pool pump of running your cleaner along with your filtration system. This extends the life of your filtration system and gives the cleaner the pressure and attention it needs to get your pool as clean as it can while maintaining proper circulation throughout your pool. The included zip-lock filter bag is what captures the dirt and debris before it can reach your pump basket or filter.

The 380 and PB4-60Q Halcyon pressure side pool cleaner and booster pump package provides you with everything you need to help free your pool or dirt and debris.


Body Style

Body Style

Its sleek and modern design is built to maneuver through your pool easily and smoothly. Equipped with three jets and a sweeper, the Polaris 380 cleans your pool thoroughly and effectively.
Traps Large Debris

Traps Large Debris

Using an independent all-purpose bag, the Polaris 380 traps large debris before it reaches your pump or filter, extending the life of your pool equipment.
Included Booster Pump

Included Booster Pump

The PB4-60Q’s design is ultra-quiet, built with extra leak protection and simple volute adjustability for a superior booster pump.