Polaris 280 Pool Cleaner and Booster Pump
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Polaris POL280-PB4-60Q 280 Pressure Side Automatic Pool Cleaner and PB-4 60Q Booster Pump

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This package includes the Polaris pressure side pool cleaner model 280 and PB4-60Q Halcyon booster pump and works with all surfaced in ground pools.


The high performing Polaris 280 and the dependable Polaris Halcyon 3/4 HP booster pump are now together in one convenient package. Known for its scrubbing prowess, the Polaris 280 is an automatic pressure side pool cleaner for in-ground swimming pools. It features double jets for aggressive vacuuming power that promote a faster cleaning cycle, comprehensively cleaning pools in under three hours.

Scrubbing both pool walls and floors, the Polaris 280 uses a three-wheel design for maximum traction, and includes an innovative filter bag that expands as it collects debris large and small, from leaves and twigs to dirt. The Polaris 280 works with all in-ground surface types, and includes a 31’ hose, an all-purpose filter bag, a back-up valve, and a universal wall fitting.

The 280 is powered by the Polaris Halcyon 3/4 HP booster pump, which includes the pump, flex hose and fittings for installation. The booster pump runs on 230/115V.


Traps Large Debris

Traps Large Debris

The Polaris 280 comes with a high capacity filter bag that collects and holds both large and small debris, including leaves and pine needles that can be missed by other cleaners.
Body Style

Body Style

With a three-wheel design and double jets, the Polaris 280 features a unique, reliable build that easily navigates its way across pool surfaces.
Includes Booster Pump

Includes Booster Pump

The PB4-60Q’s design is ultra-quiet, built with extra leak protection and simple volute adjustability for a superior booster pump.