Polaris PB4-60Q Halcyon 3/4 HP Booster Pump for Pressure Side Pool Cleaners, 120V/240V

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Polaris Halcyon Booster Pump
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About the Polaris PB4-60Q
The PB4-60Q Halcyon is a 3/4HP, ultra-quiet booster pump for pressure side pool cleaners that utilizes a band clamp for easy rotation and removal.

Booster Pump Features:

  • Booster pump for pressure side pool cleaners
  • 28% quieter
  • Includes booster pump, pump stand and installation kit
  • 3/4 HP, 230/115 volts
  • For use with the Polaris Vac-Sweep 480, 280, 380 and 3900 Sport
  • Band clamp design
  • Full 360 Degree volute adjustability


28% quieter operation

28% quieter operation

Its design is ultra-quiet, built with extra leak protection and simple volute adjustability for a superior booster pump.
Installation Kit

Installation Kit

The Polaris 3/4HP Booster Pump comes with everything you’ll need for installation, including the pump quick connect retainer, Softube quick connect and six feet of flexible, reinforced pump hose.

More Information

The Polaris PB4-60Q Halcyon booster pump is 28% quieter than the classic PB4-60 booster pump and runs at 3/4HP. This booster pump utilizes a band clamp design for easy volute rotation and removal. It’s compatible with the Polaris Vac-Sweep 480, 280, 380, and 3900 sport pressure side pool cleaners. The installation kit that is provided gives you everything that you need for installation including the pump, quick connect retainer, Softube quick connect and six feet of pump hose.

The PB4-60Q Halcyon gives your pool cleaner the extra boost it needs to run. It gives the cleaner a dedicated pump that will relieve your existing pool pump of running your cleaner along with your filtration system. This extends the life of your filtration system and gives your pressure side pool cleaner the pressure and attention it needs to get your pool as clean as it can. Booster pumps allow the existing filtration system to maintain proper circulation while giving your pressure side pool cleaner the circulation it needs to run properly.

Give your Polaris pressure side pool cleaner the boost it needs with the PB4-60Q Halcyon booster pump.

Polaris PB4-60Q Specifications



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David C. said:
Location: Guilford, ct
Pb4-60q and pb4-60
4 months ago
Do not buy the PB4-60 or 60Q!!! I feel the same as the guy from Pa. I had the pb4-60 from the day the pool was installed in 2006. I bought the upgraded 380 track polaris. This is my second inground pool I had built since 2003. We built a new home and did it again!! Our seasons in CT and the Northeast are only 4 months unlike out west or down south. My pump should last 4x longer than the all year pool customers. I bought my second pump in May of 2012 and I upgrade, I thought to the more quiet .. more
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Clark J. said:
Location: Alamo Ca
Halcyon booster pump
9 months ago
Great pump! Quiet. Worth the extra dollars for the difference in sound.
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Jim said:
Location: West Chester, PA
Polaris PB4-60Q Halcyon 3/4 HP Booster Pump
1 year ago
My first polaris pump lasted 8 years, my second polaris pump lasted 3 years. Bought this pump because my other pump was screaming and was looking for a quiet pump. The capacitor went after 12 days. I was directed to polaris from pool supply world's customer service. Polaris was very difficult to get in contact with. Once I got through they told me I had to have a service tech come out. It took polaris two weeks to get a replacement pump delivered. Polaris needs to get back to the basics and manufacture .. more
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Bill said:
1 year ago
Replacement for old screaming PB4-60. Easy replacement with new fittings and hoses. Very, very happy with the QUIET results!
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wendy said:
1 year ago
I have had two fail in less than two years. Polaris honored the warranty on the first one, but when the second one failed they advised me that it did NOT have a year warranty, but only was warranted for the time remaining on the first pumps warranty (in my case seven months). I agree with the other reviewers. This pump is NOT RELIABLE.
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