Polaris 9300xi Sport Robotic Automatic Pool Cleaner

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Polaris 9300xi Sport Robotic Pool Cleaner - F9300xi
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About the Polaris 9300xi Sport
The Polaris 9300xi Sport premium robotic pool cleaner brings together innovative performance, unprecedented functionality and inspired design.

Pool Cleaner Features:

  • Robotic cleaner for in ground pools
  • Recommended for pools up to 25' x 60'
  • Scrubs and vacuums floors, walls, and maneuvers steps
  • Works with all pool surface types
  • Includes 70' double insulated floating cable
  • Transport caddy cart included
  • Handheld wireless remote for quick spot cleaning
  • Dimensions: 17"W x 10.6"H x 19"D


Vortex Vacuum Technology

Vortex Vacuum Technology

The Polaris 9300xi Sport uses Vortex Vacuum Technology to capture and trap over four times more debris quickly and efficiently, placing it above and beyond other cleaners.
User Friendly Filter Canister

User Friendly Filter Canister

It’s uniquely designed filter keeps your hands clean and can be emptied by simply shaking and spraying for effective debris removal. The Polaris 9300 Sport’s oversized filter canister is cleaned out less often, making maintenance easy.
Premium Transport Caddy

Premium Transport Caddy

The Polaris 9300xi Sport is equipped with a premium transport caddy for comfortable handling and storage. Its transport caddy features a heavy gauge powder coated alloy construction and its convenient cord storage will have your Polaris 9300xi Sport riding in style.
Exclusive Wireless Control

Exclusive Wireless Control

The Polaris 9300xi is designed with an IntelliNavi Remote Drive and comes with a handheld, wireless remote control that was designed exclusively for this powerful cleaner. The remote control gives the owner the ability to spot clean and reduces operation time.

More Information

The 9300xi Sport by Polaris is a robotic pool cleaner for in ground pools that delivers outstanding cleaning intelligence, performance and functionality. This robotic cleaner features a patented Vortex Vacuum Technology, a large filter canister, tailored cleaning cycles, and includes a caddy, 70’ cord, and remote control.

The 9300xi Sport scrubs and vacuums the pool floors, walls and up to the tile line. It’s all purpose, large filter canister catches medium to fine sized debris and gives you top access for an easy clean. This cleaner has a programmable cleaning cycle or two pre-set options (1-1/2 hours or 2-1/2 hours). The included premium quality caddy gives lets you move and store your 9300xi Sport easily. Unlike the Polaris 9300 Sport, this cleaner’s remote control allows you to control the cleaners every move.

With unsurpassed intelligence, custom programming, and aggressive scrubbing, the Polaris 9300xi Sport robotic pool cleaner lets you take control.

Polaris 9300xi Sport Specifications



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Tim said:
Location: Antioch, CA, USA
Cord broke then wheel broke
7 months ago
Bought this in Jan 2013. It is not good at picking up leaves from the bottom of the pool. Instead it just pushes them around and they float (if you are lucky) to the top of the pool where you can get them with a skimmer. Also, it gets stuck on the pool stairs, and gets stuck over the pool drain - where it will sit the entire time if you do not notice. It is however, better than nothing. In Sept 2014, the cord broke - cost $275 to replace it as it was not fixable. After using it exactly two times .. more
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Polaris S. said:
Location: Duarte, California
Nice Looking Piece of Junk
8 months ago
I've had this Polaris 9300xi for two years and it's needed repairs 3 times. First time the rear wheel broke off, second time the cable connector came off where it connects to the power supply, third time the other wheel broke off. Now it's out of warranty and I have to pay for the repair and parts. When it was under warranty, Polaris sent me to the nearest authorized dealer about 60 miles away. Once I got there, I was told they did not service this particular model. Had to replace the wheel .. more
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James said:
Location: Scottsdale AZ
$500+ repairs needed after 2.5 pool seasons
9 months ago
Bought this cleaner in the summer of 2011, and used it approximately once a week for 11 weeks during the summer of 2011, 2012 and 2013. Performance was average, suction is good, but it doesn't clean the steps and it gets stuck on my pool grates all the time (I have to go and rescue it about 4-5 times during a 90 minute cycle). I bought the one with the remote and I'm glad I did because without the remote this thing would be completely useless. However the main reason for this review is the reliability. .. more
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Robert said:
Location: Windsor, CT
2nd year with Polaris 9300xi
10 months ago
I can only speak for myself as I see reviews where others have had some problems. I have not. I am in my second season of use and this unit has done a great job for me and is still 100% intact. I just turned it loose for the first time this season and it easily picked up 99.9% of the whirybird seeds, leaves and other debris that was on the bottom of the pool in about 3 hours. Stairs are not a strong point and probably shouldn't be mentioned as a feature, fine debris can clog the basket screens and .. more
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Paul said:
Location: Alexandria, VA
First cleaner to actually work
1 year ago
We have tried several pool cleaners on our on ground 20X40 vinyl lined pool. Until the 9300xi the only one that worked was me! We have had it for 2 seasons and it has worked flawlessly. I vacuum any big bunched of leaves first then let the Polaris 9300xi go. The pool is finally a delight to own and minimal work. I tore the bottom rubber on the vacuum nozzle and the replacement was here from PSW in 4 days. Great machine, great service, really effortlessly clean pool. Do it!!!
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