Polaris 9300 Robotic Pool Cleaner

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Polaris 9300 Sport Pool Cleaner - F9300
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About the Polaris 9300
P93 seamlessly integrates bold styling, advanced engineering and unmatched intelligence, making it a smarter, faster way to clean your pool than ever dreamed possible.

Pool Cleaner Features:

  • Robotic cleaner for in ground pools
  • Recommended for pools up to 20' x 50'
  • Scrubs and vacuums floors, walls, and maneuvers steps and other obstacles
  • Works with all pool surface types
  • Includes 60’ double insulated floating cable
  • Comes with a transport caddy for easy handling and storage
  • Cleaner body dimensions: 17"
  • Output: 28V DC/Input: 120V
  • Available in blue only


Vortex Vacuum Technology

Vortex Vacuum Technology

The Polaris 9300 Sport uses Vortex Vacuum Technology to capture and trap over four times more debris quickly and efficiently, placing it above and beyond other cleaners.
User Friendly Filter Canister

User Friendly Filter Canister

It’s uniquely designed filter keeps your hands clean and can be emptied by simply shaking and spraying for effective debris removal. The Polaris 9300 Sport’s oversized filter canister is cleaned out less often, making maintenance easy.
Premium Transport Caddy

Premium Transport Caddy

The Polaris 9300 Sport is equipped with a premium transport caddy for comfortable handling and storage. Its transport caddy features a heavy gauge powder coated alloy construction and its convenient cord storage will have your Polaris 9300 Sport riding in style.

Polaris 9300 Specifications



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Kevin H. said:
Location: Carmichael, CA
Don't buy it
4 weeks ago
This is a terrible product. I bought one in 2012 when it cost well over $1,100. The first one only worked for about three months, then it stopped working altogether. It took over 8 months of contacting the company and the product rep before the store (Leslie's) I bought it from finally replaced it. The new one works but it isn't capable of doing much more that picking up very light debris. The biggest problem is that the cord is almost always a tangled mess so the machine usually gets trapped .. more
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PoolSupplyWorld said:
4 weeks ago
We are very sorry to hear you have had a poor experience with the Polaris 9300. Any time the cleaner does have issues we strongly recommend contacting the manufacturer directly at 800-822-7933 to see if any simple troubleshooting can be performed. If the debris that is being missed is very small (such as sand), we would recommend purchasing the upgraded Sand & Silt Filter Canister that the manufacturer offers separately.
PoolSupplyWorld said:
4 weeks ago
We are very sorry to hear you have had a poor experience with your Polaris cleaner. We have gone ahead and forwarded your issue on to the manufacturer to ensure that your feedback is being heard. If you would like assistance with any of our other Robotic pool cleaners, please feel free to give one of our Account Managers a phone call at 800-772-0467. Thank you!
Patrick F. said:
Location: Yuba city CA
If I could give it a zero I would
6 weeks ago
This piece of equipment should never have been sold to the public it cost us $1500 and only has been used a few times. Product was slow and left a lot of debris behind. We went out and bought a lot less expensive cleaner, what a waste. Polaris should be ashamed to put their name on this. If I could sway just one person not to buy this cleaner it would be worth it.
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PoolSupplyWorld said:
6 weeks ago
We are very sorry to hear you have had a poor experience with your Polaris cleaner. I would strongly recommend speaking with the manufacturer directly, 800-822-7933, if you ever do run into troubles with your Polaris cleaner. They have technicians available to walk through troubleshooting and potentially improve the cleaners performance to the point where you are satisfied with the product. If you do have any further questions don't hesitate to ask!
JAN L. said:
Location: Vidor Texas
Polaris 9300
2 months ago
This product is junk. I bought it in 2012. It worked fine the first summer, but the summer of 2013 the back wheels sheared off twice. It was still under warranty but having to take it to be repaired and wait for the parts to come in was a hassle. In 2014 another wheel fell off. I had to pay for that repair. Now today it has happened again - less than two months later. I was told by the pool rep that Polaris knows the cleaner is defective, but won't do anything about it. I am now shopping for another .. more
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Mark said:
Location: Houston TX
convenient cleaner for 6 months
7 months ago
purchased one 3 years ago. It stopped working after 1 year and was fixed under warranty. The repaired cleaner worked a year and then stopped working. The cleaner is easy to use and I thought I just had a lemon. I purchased another one in July 2014 it lasted 1 month and stopped working. I will hopefully get it fixed under warranty and then get a year out of it. Whatever I get next will not be a Polaris/Zodiac product.
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Mark said:
Location: Minnetrista, Minnesota
9 months ago
We purchased this product from a local pool supplier in June 2012. Before the end of the season, a wheel broke off. Fixed. At the beginning of the 2013 season, it just stopped working and the cycle 1 and 2 lights flashed alternately. Per owner's book, we took it in for service. Another guy was in line with the same problem. Service proved very hard to find. Polaris replaced the original, but at the beginning of the 2014 season, the machine stopped working and the cycle 1 and 2 light flash .. more
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