Polaris 9-100-9030 380 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner Factory Rebuild Kit

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Polaris 380 Pool Cleaner Rebuild
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About the Polaris 9-100-9030
The 380 BlackMax rebuild kit includes everything needed to repair that old Polaris pool cleaner and give it new life.

Pool Cleaner Accessory Features:

  • Bag, All Purpose - 9-100-1014
  • One Housing, Turbine Upper - 9-100-1152
  • Three Hub Cap - 9-100-1114
  • Ten E-clip, Stainless Steel - 9-100-5107
  • Eight Ball Bearing - 9-100-1108
  • Three Tire, MaxTrax - C10
  • Two Wheel, Double-side - 9-100-1008
  • One Belt Kit, Small and Large - 9-100-1017
  • Three Shield, Bearing - 9-100-7011
  • Two Axle Block Kit, Front & Rear - 9-100-1139
  • One Trans Pulley/Drive Shaft Assembly - 9-100-1007
  • One Drive Train Gear Kit with Turbine Bearing - 9-100-1132
  • One Wheel, Single-side - 9-100-1116
  • One Thrust Jet Kit - C131
  • One Sweep Hose Barb Complete - 9-100-7008
  • One Adjustment Screw, Sweep Hose - B20
  • One Sweep Hose Attachment Clamp - B15
  • One Base Weight - 9-100-9004
  • Two Jet Retainer - 9-100-7009
  • One Water Management (WMS) - 9-100-7010
  • Turbine Lower Housing - 9-100-1155
  • Top and Base Assembly - 9-100-7030
  • Feed Pipe/Timer Blank Assembly - 9-100-7003
  • Head Float - A20
  • Sweep Hose Complete - B5
  • Back-Up Valve Kit - G52

More Information

The Polaris 380 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner Factory Rebuild Kit is an affordable investment for your automatic pool cleaner. Everything you need from E-Clip replacements that hold bearings in place, to MaxTrax tires for better mobility, all conveniently packaged in the Polaris Rebuild Kit. Rejuvenate your Polaris pool cleaner today with this Rebuild Kit.

Polaris 9-100-9030 Specifications

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Larry L. said:
Location: Oakley ,California
Polaris pool sweep rebuild kit
2 weeks ago
Excellent product. I took apart and rebuilt my old Polaris sweep many times and am very familiar with how it works. So when I found this kit on line I was skeptical but confident I could make it work. All the parts fit perfectly. The only issue I had was that the frame that screws to the housing was not with the kit. Luckily I kept my old Polaris and used it. I think you should advertise this piece does not come with the Kit. It's hard to tell from the picture of all the parts thinking it's .. more
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HJHorton said:
Location: Spring, TX
Polaris 380 rebuild kit
8 months ago
A rebuild kit for $218 essentially gives you every thing to have a new Polaris 380 The only thing that is not furnished is the frame with the serial number on it. It has no moving parts. So you end up with a new Polaris 380 for approximately $200 and 1.5 hours of your time instead of purchasing a new Polaris 380 for 3.5 times as much.
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James said:
Location: Houston, Tx
Polaris rebuild kit
8 months ago
New Polaris 380 for $218.00 compared to $700.00. Works and looks like new! Takes about 1 1/2 hrs to rebuild. Great buy!
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Jim said:
Location: Ozark, AL
Polaris 380 Rebuild Kit
8 months ago
Excellent product. Made my polaris work like new. I wish I bought and installed this last year. Fast shipping.
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Walter said:
Location: Southampton, New Jersey
This Will Make it New!
1 year ago
Great product! This will make your old polaris 380 new again. I would buy it again. Pool Supply World shipped it the same day I ordered it, and arrived in two days. Took about an hour to rebuild, very simple. I am very appreciative and the price was right.
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