Polaris 65 Turbo Turtle Above Ground Pressure Side Automatic Pool Cleaner

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Polaris 65 Turbo Turtle Pool Cleaner - 6-130-00T
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About the Polaris 65 Turbo Turtle
The Polaris 65 Turbo Turtle is a pressure side cleaner that works with vinyl or fiberglass above ground pools up to 5’ deep and cleans the pool.

Pool Cleaner Features:

  • Pressure side above ground pool cleaner
  • Recommended for above ground pools up to 5' deep
  • Suitable for vinyl and fiberglass surfaces
  • Cleans bottom and sides
  • Includes 24' hose
  • Independent filter bag for easy debris removal
  • 3 hour cleaning time
  • Does not require a booster pump for operation
  • Box includes: turtle top, wheel cage, 7’ sweep hose, jet sweep assembly, all-purpose bag, float hose, quick disconnect, universal wall fitting, two eyeball regulators


Turbo Turtle Shell

Turbo Turtle Shell

Its exterior is fashioned to look like a fun, friendly turtle, complete with a green body and a blue-accented shell.
Cleaning Power

Cleaning Power

It is powered by pressurized water and uses its jet sweep assembly to kick up dirt and debris for better, more comprehensive cleaning results.

More Information

The 65 Turbo Turtle pressure side pool cleaner by Polaris is suitable for vinyl or fiberglass above ground swimming pools up to 5’ deep. This pressure side cleaner does not require a booster pump for operation. It installs in the above ground pools existing return line and includes a 24’ hose to ensure the whole pool is covered. It operates with its patented Jet Sweep assembly and is powered by the pressure that comes from your return line. This cleaner floats on the surface of your pool while dragging its filter bag with Jet Sweep assembly around the pool for a gentle and clean sweep.

The Polaris 65 Turbo Turtle uses the pressure of clean water returning to your pool to move around. This leaves both the filter and skimmer free to terminate contaminants. Its Jet Sweep assembly allows the 65 Turbo Turtle to loosen debris in corners and all around the pool by blowing water against the pool’s walls and floors and sweeps debris into its filter bag. The unique filter bag is used to remove debris before it even reaches your pump basket or filter, extending the life of your filtration system. This pool cleaner sweeps the bottom and sides of your pool in three hours or less and installs in minutes. The 65 Turbo Turtle is the Polaris 65 with a turtle shell on top of the unit.

The Polaris 65 Turbo Turtle uses the power of Polaris pressure side pool cleaners without the need for installing and maintaining a booster pump.

Polaris 65 Turbo Turtle Specifications



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Caroline W. said:
Location: Eckert, CO
Great product!
9 months ago
Great, fun, easy cleaner for the bottom of our 18' above ground pool....recommend it so far. We've been using it for about 2 weeks with a heavy usage and dusty Colorado wind and cottonwood debris. Thanks for a good product!
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Michelle F. said:
Location: Louisville, KY 40217
Love it!
9 months ago
Great product! Great company! Expected delivery was 5-7 day and it was delivered in 2. This is my second Turbo Turtle and I love it. And FYI ...It works GREAT on in ground pools also.
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john d. said:
Location: cedar hill .Mo.
polaris 65 turtle
9 months ago
this is our 2nd turtle they are a huge time savers, we love them and your price and service was great so thanks from our pool to yours we will use you again.
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Quila from Omaha, N. said:
Location: Omaha, NE
Polaris Turbo Turtle
9 months ago
This is the best product that you can buy to clean an above ground pool. I had mine for 10 years before a raccoon climbed up on the pool and tried to walk on the hose which was destroyed by its claws. Otherwise the old one is still good, I just have to replace the hose but in the mean time decided to buy a new one and use the old one for a back up. The turbo turtle is worth every penny and does a great job in cleaning around and the bottom of the pool. You won't go wrong buying this product.
+2 | -0
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Liz said:
Location: Port orchard washington
Buy this
10 months ago
I absolutely love my turtle. I bought it in 1999 and now have to replace it only because the hose broke. Because it scoops up all the solid stuff it also grabs the solid polin it has saved hours of vacuuming and flushing. You put her on in the evening and all is swept up in the morning and not thrust the filter. I would highly recommend this product.
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