About the Polaris 3900 Sport
The 3900 Sport by Polaris is a pressure side pool cleaner suitable for in ground pools that cleans the floors, walls and gradual slopes of your pool.

Pool Cleaner Features:

  • Pressure side cleaner for in ground pools
  • Recommended for pools up to 15' x 30', though extra hose lengths can be added
  • Cleans floors, walls and gradual slopes
  • Works with all surface types
  • Includes 31' hose
  • Requires booster pump
  • 5-liter capacity SuperBag
  • PosiDrive system
  • WideTrax Tires
  • Box includes: cleaner body, SuperBag (double all-purpose zippered bag), float, sweep hose, sweep hose scrubber, feed hose, hose floats, back-up valve, in-filter with filter screen, quick disconnect with universal wall fitting, UWF restrictor disks (red and blue)


All-Wheel PosiDrive System

All-Wheel PosiDrive System

The Polaris 3900 Sport moves with 50% more torque for better cleaning performance with its all-wheel PosiDrive System. Its reliable drive train helps it maneuver efficiently through your pool.
Easy Twist-Release Filter Bag

Easy Twist-Release Filter Bag

With its large capacity filter bag, the Polaris 3900 Sport can hold up to 5 liters extending the time between cleanings. Equipped with an easy twist-release connector, emptying the filter bag is simple.
Designed for All In-Ground Pools

Designed for All In-Ground Pools

The Polaris 3900 Sport works great in all in ground pools of any shape and size. It vacuums floors, scrubs walls, and uses its convenient sweep hose to loosen dirt in difficult areas, leaving you with a complete clean.

More Information

The Polaris 3900 Sport pressure side cleaner works with all in ground pools up to 15’ x 30’, though extra hoses can be added for larger pool sizes. This pressure side cleaner requires a booster pump for operation. It features a quick-disconnect hose attachment, powerful suction, 5-liter capacity filter, PosiDrive system, and WideTrax tires.

The 3900 Sport uses a booster pump and acts as a roving return line in the pool. This allows the cleaner to distribute clean and filtered water throughout the pool while it vacuums the floors, walls and slopes. The 3900 Sport SuperBag is a 5-liter capacity filter bag with a full-zipper and twist-release connector for easy access. The all-wheel PosiDrive system gives the 3900 Sport torque, reliability and efficiency in traveling around your pool.

The 3900 Sport is designed to give your in ground pool a sleek and sporty look while cleaning with the same power that Polaris is known for.

Polaris 3900 Sport Specifications



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Kathryn said:
Location: Texas
Terrible after first year
1 year ago
The first year I had this cleaner, it was wonderful. By the second year, it began needing repairs about four times during the year. (We do not cover our pool, so the cleaner is used every day all year). The third year, it was in the shop about every other month or more. I phoned Zodiac and because it was repaired by an authorized repair service, they had records of all the times it had been serviced. They sent me all new "guts" to put inside the casing. Even with new insides, the cleaner did .. more
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Mark said:
Location: Dallas, TX
Disappointed with Polaris 3900
1 year ago
I did not purchase the Polaris 3900 through Pool Supply World (unfortunately I didn't know about them until I had problems with the 3900). I have owned the 3900 for three years and the gear box needs to be replaced for the third time because the bearings came loose. That's how I found PSW because I was looking to buy that part at a reasonable price. I see by reading other reviews that I am not the only one having this problem. I refuse to repair this cleaner again. I have heard good things about .. more
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PoolSupplyWorld said:
1 year ago
Thanks for the review, and please let us know how the 280 performs for you and your pool!
Mark P. said:
Location: Plano, TX
Polaris 3900 Sport
1 year ago
I have had maybe two previous Polaris models the 380 in the last 25 years of my pool. I sure wish they would have designed this product back then. The 380 worked but it was high-maintenance to say the least. Belts, wheel, and whatever else was inside. But the 3900 has a chain drive and more grab out of the wheels and I just think overall a more robust design and materials. We'll see how long before I have to have any maintenance on it.
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Mark M said:
Location: Arlington Tx
Mark M
1 year ago
I have had mine for two years now and it works good after I fixed it. I had the same problem with it just wanting to go in circles. The problem is the chain falls off the sprocket for the opposite side wheel. After several times putting the chain back on and it working for a couple of days I tried something else. Take one of two chain links out and put in back together. The chain will not fall off anymore. I have not had a problem after that.
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Lynn M. said:
Location: Carrollton, TX
Well worth the purchase price...
1 year ago
We bought this as a replacement for an older Jet Vac model that had basically worn out/off its front rollers and was kind of scraping along already. We called our previous Robot - Robbie, but we decided this one was "tougher" looking, so it is Rambo instead. It does a great job getting around the entire pool. Up and Down the wall, and up the steps... at least the first step. We do occasionally see it going through the middle of the water, rather than rolling on one of the surfaces, which .. more
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