Polaris 280 BlackMax Pressure Side Automatic Pool Cleaner

Polaris 280 BlackMax Pool Cleaner
About the Polaris 280 BlackMax
The 280 Black Max is the black model of the classic version pressure side pool cleaner by Polaris that aggressively cleans any in ground pool.

Pool Cleaner Features:

  • Pressure side cleaner for all in ground pools
  • BlackMax design for dark bottom pools
  • Cleans pool floors and walls
  • Works with all pool surface types
  • Includes 31' of hose
  • Requires a booster pump for operation
  • Three hour cleaning cycle
  • Classic model also available


Traps Large Debris

Traps Large Debris

The Polaris 280 Black Max comes with a high capacity filter bag that collects and holds both large and small debris, including leaves and pine needles that can be missed by other cleaners.
Body Style

Body Style

With a three-wheel design and double jets, the Polaris 280 Black Max features a unique, reliable build that easily navigates its way across pool surfaces.

More Information

The 280 Black Max is the black version of the classic blue and white pressure side pool cleaner and is designed for all in ground pools. This cleaner is powered by a booster pump and double jets, collecting debris in its high capacity filter bag. This Black Max connects to your dedicated pressure line and aggressively clean pools in less than three hours and comes with a 31’ hose.

This Black Max has an all black design to compliment darker colored pools. Its unique filter bag removes debris before it can get to your filtration system, extending the lifetime of some pool equipment. This pressure side cleaner sweeps, scrubs, and vacuums the pools floors, walls and steps. Its double jets and booster pump allows the unit to clean quickly, efficiently and with outstanding power. This cleaner is also available in a classic blue and white model.

The 280 Black Max pressure side cleaner compliments in ground, dark bottom pools while giving you the power and dependency you deserve.

Polaris 280 BlackMax Specifications



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Susan said:
2 years ago
This pool cleaner replaced an older 280 Black Max model that served my pool well for many years with only a few minor replacement parts, which I was always able to take care of myself at home. The 280 was highly recommended by the local pool supply vendor, who said it had few problems and repairs. He was right. The old one simply wore out, so it was time for a new one. I got my first Polaris almost 30 years ago and have always been pleased with the performance of their products. This was the best .. more
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Bev said:
2 years ago
If you already have a booster pump this affordable, simple, efficient pool tool is for you. This is our second Polaris (the first one lasted six years!) and arrived by ground transport from Pool Supply World 6 days from ordering on line. Every thing needed was in the box except for a couople simple tools. It took only about 30 minutes to calibrate it to our pool pressure. Other pool vacuum types do not require a booster pump, but cost more. Pool Supply World's pricing was the best I found online .. more
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