Sand Dollar System
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Pentair PNSD0040DE1160-Z Sand Dollar SD40 Sand Filter with 1HP Dynamo Above Ground Pump

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Pentair Sand Dollar Filter System with 1-1/2HP Dynamo Above Ground Pool Pump and 75 lbs of ZeoBest.

Filter Features:

  • Valve included
  • Includes Sand Dollar Filter System with 1HP Dynamo Pool Pump and 75lbs of ZeoBest
  • Six-Position 1-1/2" multiport valve
  • Self-priming Dynamo pumps in 3/4, 1, and 1-1/2HP ratings
  • Unique process creates a one-piece, non-corrosive tank of superior strength and durability even in the most demanding of applications
  • Combination water and sand drain makes servicing and winterizing fast and easy
  • Unionized pump to filter connection


We've combined the highly effective Sand Dollar Filter Systems filter with the powerful and economical Dynamo pump to create this high performance system for aboveground pools. With its rugged construction, highly efficient design, and hydraulically matched components, Sand Dollar Filter Systems provides all the clean, crystal clear water your pool requires. This system provides excellent performance at an affordable price.

Start using ZeoBest instead of sand in your sand filter. Using 100 percent natural zeolite minerals, ZeoBest provides excellent water clarity, purity, and quality. ZeoBest has nearly 9800 times more square footage than sand, enabling it to filter small particles down to 3 microns for exceptional water clarity that's 10 times smaller than sand This amazing filtering media also removes the ammonia produced from dead organic material in the water, reducing eye irritation and odor. Plus, it cuts down on chemical demand saving you money on chemicals. ZeoBest is easier to use then sand. You will only need one pound of ZeoBest for every two pounds of sand your filter requires 1/2 the effort. Since ZeoBest has a greater capacity for particulates than sand, backwashing will be much less frequent. Comes in a 25 lb bag. How can you go wrong, turn your sand filter into a super filter with ZeoBest.


Simple to Operate

Simple to Operate

Sand Filters capture dirt and debris in the tiny gaps between sand particles. As the space between the particles fills up, water pressure builds. Cleaning the filter is as easy as switching the water flow and backwashing the debris safely out of the pool and filter. Sand should be replaced every 5-8 years.
Low Maintenance

Low Maintenance

Save time and energy by using a Sand Filter! Sand filters require only basic backwashing maintenance to keep them running well, leaving you more time to sit back and enjoy your clean pool.