Pentair SMBW 4000 Series D.E. Filter
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Pentair 147411 SMBW 4000 Series D.E. SMBW 4060 In Ground Pool Filter 60in.

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Short Description

Pentair SMBW 4000 Series D.E. filters provide optimum filtration efficiency, easy maintenance, and longer runs between cleanings.

Filter Features:

  • Valve included
  • Unique Spiro-Mite curved grid design ensures an even flow and uniform distribution of D.E. for optimum filtration efficiency
  • Corrosion-resistant 20" diameter fiberglass filter tank is strong, durable and made to last for years
  • Filter's refined internal design minimizes flow restrictions so that the least amount of pumping power produces the maximum required flow rates
  • Thermoplastic backwash rotor seal is specially engineered to prevent dirt from entering the rotor chamber for smoother, trouble-free operation
  • Corrosion-resistant 20" diameter fiberglass filter tank for strength and durability
  • Unique Spiro-Mite grid design provides high efficiency filtration and longer filter cycles
  • Exclusive clamp ring design is proven to be safe, strong and reliable. It allows for quick and easy access to internal components
  • Durable backwash valve is unaffected by heat and cold, ensuring flawless operation under all conditions
  • 2" plumbing connections provide maximum flow
  • Maximum Operating Pressure 50 psi
  • Individually-removable grids for easy cleaning


Filtering with diatomaceous earth (D.E.) removes particles so small they are individually undetected by the human eye, but combine to decrease water clarity. But 4000 Series filters remove the tiniest of contaminants, so your water truly sparkles. In addition to exceptional filtration, Pentair SMBW 4000 Series D.E. filters feature sheet molded fiberglass tanks and Noryl rotary backwash valves for long life, dependable performance and easy maintenance.

SMBW 4000 Series D.E. filters provide optimum filtration efficiency, easy maintenance, and longer runs between cleanings. Their extraordinary dirt-holding capacity and easy cleanability make them the perfect choice for every pool.


Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.)

Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.)

D.E. is a natural substance that captures dust, dirt and debris as small as 5 microns. A D.E. filter system removes body oils, suntan lotions, pollens, dust, and even some bacteria, making your swimming pool a healthier environment.
Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient

D.E. Filter systems cut energy costs by using lower pump pressure and speeds. If properly taken care of and rinsed regularly, they can significantly reduce water use. In addition to cost savings, lower pump pressure can help prolong the life of your pool pump!
Low Maintenance

Low Maintenance

A D.E. Filter maximizes the useful filtration area. A larger filtration area means longer periods between each cleaning, saving you time on pool maintenance and giving you more time to relax and enjoy your pool.