Pentair 100D Tagelus Top Mount Sand TA In Ground Pool Filter

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Pentair Tagelus Top Mount TA 50D Filter
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About the Pentair 100D
Pentair Tagelus filters remove particles large and small, so small that many are undetectable by the human eye, but in large quantities make water cloudy.

Filter Features:

  • Valve included
  • Compatible with valve 261185
  • The Tagelus tank is constructed in one piece from fiberglass reinforced material to deliver unmatched strength and durability for years of service
  • Easy does it. The six-position Hi-Flow valve has a manual air relief valve and a sight glass to make inspection, routine maintenance and operation fast, easy and always safe. Pressure gauge also included
  • Tagelus filters provide years of service with only periodic backwashing to remove trapped debris from the sand
  • A special diffuser creates a uniform sand bed that consistently traps more dirt without impeding the water flow or letting it race through too fast—the result is more effective filtration and longer times between backwashing
  • Time-proven internal design ensures water is exposed to maximum surface area of sand for optimal filtration performance and more efficient backwashing
  • Flow system design also ensures maximum run times between backwashing to save you time
  • Combination sand and water drain speeds servicing and winterizing
  • Maximum Operating Pressure 50 psi
  • All internal parts are threaded for fast and easy service
  • Requires 600 lbs of sand


Simple to Operate

Simple to Operate

Sand Filters capture dirt and debris in the tiny gaps between sand particles. As the space between the particles fills up, water pressure builds. Cleaning the filter is as easy as switching the water flow and backwashing the debris safely out of the pool and filter. Sand should be replaced every 5-8 years.
Low Maintenance

Low Maintenance

Save time and energy by using a Sand Filter! Sand filters require only basic backwashing maintenance to keep them running well, leaving you more time to sit back and enjoy your clean pool.

More Information

Start with Tagelus, a sand filter that's been a leader for years. Combine it with the proven, efficient, and durable Dynamo pump. The result is a filtration and circulation system engineered to provide superior performance, longevity, and lifetime value.

Sand filters have been installed on tens of thousands of pools for decades - a testament to their performance, value, and ease of use. But not all sand filters are equal, because not all include design features that continuously flatten and level the sand inside the tank. This is the key to consistent performance and quicker cleaning cycles that keep pump operating costs low. It is also a key advantage when you select a Tagelus filter.

Tagelus filters remove particles large and so small that many are undetectable by the human eye, but in quantity make water cloudy. The reason thousands of Tagelus filters have been installed by pool professionals worldwide is their consistency of performance over time. Plus, they go about their work without making work for you.

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